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  1. IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi hammered away, as Sucordaj and Komisti went over the hilt. The technology was not intuitive to Sucordak, but Kanohi needed practice, and Sucordak needed to at least know the basics of assembling the whole blade. And the cross-wired Councilor had a design in mind, The Fe-Matoran hammered the metal unevenly, stretching and rounding it, pounding grains in its length. His optics closed frequently, not from a vision, but in memory. In memory of his his humble island home. The metal bent and shaped from his strikes, knots bunched up in it, it’s surface splintered in jagged bark. The metal disj took shape, forming a simple branch, a club of metallic Protodermis. “It’s … Its ready,” Sucordak nodded and carried over the hilt, slotting them together. As they locked the Lightstone glowed a pale orange, resonating with the Matoran of Plasma. “So shiny…” the Big Bruiser marveled. The trio turned to see her, and she shuffled awkwardly. Clearing her throat she said, “Oh um, sorry, got distracted. But Councilor? We are ready to go. Is Komisti ready?” Kanohi winced, he had been dreading this, but he had prepared a little. He walked to a corner and pulled out the small dagger of a Kanoka Blade. “We forged some tools for your journey. This dagger has the power of weakening, it should be able to damage armor and some foes with its corrosive powers. I am sorry it is so small, we meant to forge a bigger one but, the plague took priority.” Sucordak brought over the club, which Komisti carefully picked up. Kanohi continued, “this club has the power to remove poison, it should help if the second beast that ravaged Kini-Koro tries to defend its home. It … it forged in the style of a Toa of Iron from my village, she was trained by a Turaga of Jungle, so her constructs always resembled the plant life of the swamp.” ”I … are you sure?” ”Yes,” Kanohi nodded, “we have a club to tend to our sick too.” He gestured to the corner, where a dull rod of Protodermis rested. Sucordak had forged that one. Komisti started to object but Kanohi interrupted, “we plan to make a few more of these clubs for Tobduk-Koro, and a few proper Kanoka Blades. I will be able to make more in Toa Fehagah’s style. Please, take this one.” The Vortixx relented with a nod and started to go, before Kanohi called out, “wait.” Komisti turned and the Fe-Matoran swallowed, before saying, “make sure you return. We still need to give you your proper naming day, friend.” Komisti smiled wide before they and the Big Bruiser left, the bruiser admiring the dagger. ”Think I could attach this to my pickaxe?” ”It needs to be held directly,” Komisti explained, and the Big Bruiser pouted, even as they reached Ulkarr and the others. The Vortixx winced, they … did not expect that big a crowd. Still, this task warranted this many. They spoke up, “Has my bike been recovered, or should I fetch it?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui
  2. IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi thrust the disk into the furnace, as Sucordak stared into the flame with his light resistant optics. He watched it, lip pursed beneath his mask, before nodding “It’s ready.” The Matoran of Iron pulled out the red hot disk, and Sucordak began to hammer it over and over again, stretching it. The metal rattled with each strike— Kanohi flinched as the metal snapped. “S-Sorry, I—“ ”It’s not your fault, I was hammering,” The Matoran of Plasma sighed, “well, shall we try another disk?” ”I-I,” Kanohi winced, Sucordak was a far better disk maker, he should trust his judgement. But Kanohi, he had helped Cakama build his staff and he … he was getting better, he could pretty consistently make disks of weakening and regeneration. And he knew how to salvage mistakes. He swallowed and said, ”Are you sure? The remaining chunk of the disk is big, we might be able to make a Kanoka Dagger? I-I mean if the metal is still powered.” Sucordak paused in thought, before tapping the split chunk of metal to the ground. As a small part of the ground crumbled Sucordak smiled, “Good instincts.” ”Oh um, it’s not instincts, I just have broken a lot of disks.” Sucordak sighed, but it was too much of a hassle to disagree, and instead resumed hammering, shaping the Protodermis ”Kanohi, would you mind coming over, I could use a hand?” Kanohi looked to Sucordak who nodded, before walking over to Komisti. The Vortixx was assembling the mechanisms of the hilt. As the two of them worked Sucordak hammered, shaping and beating the former disk. The shape of a curved dagger emerged, almost like the talon of a deep sea beast. “I am ready.” The Matoran of Plasma spoke as they finished the cross-shaped end of the dagger ”So are we,” answered Komisti, as Kanohi carried the hilt over. Sucordak and Kanohi slowly slid the two together, the cross fitting into the hilt. The device clicked, before a burnt orange light glowed in a gem in its hilt. Kanohi winced, the lightstone was glowing orange because he held the handle, the element of the user shown in the stone. And though his element was passive, he remained a Matoran of Iron. ”Well go on, test it.” Kanohi nodded and struck it against one of the broken disk from an earlier attempt. The shard of metal crumbled at the touch of the Kanoka Dagger, before turning to dust. ”We did it,” Kanohi beamed. “We did. Now, we make a Kanoka Blade of Remove Poison.” ”No,” The cross-wired Councilor shook his head, “we ... we should try make two, and to try to make a full sized Kanoka Blade of Weakening. Komisti and Ulkarr are to face the Tahtarok, they will need a way to treat poison, and another weapon could help them greatly. A Kanoka Dagger is fine for a Matoran’s proportions. For a Vortixx, bigger would be better.” ”Then lets begin,” Sucordak gestured to Kanohi, who grabbed a lump of Protodemis with his tongs. The Fe-Matoran thrust it into the Fire, as Sucordak watched and Komisti began to build another handle. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone filed onto the airship, wincing as she stepped on. There was no stone here, not even earth. This vessel seemed to be completely build of metal, which made sense, but it still was disconcerting. She would not be able to feel the ground through her cumbersome feet, nor have more rock to harness. All she would have is her mask and the pebbles she carried in her pouches. She would be much weaker, and if she fell... Kardaka swallowed, Rahi and other breeds did far more with far less powers than a Turaga. She would manage. OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  3. IC Kanohi and “Komisti” - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi flinched in the middle of Sucordak hammering a disk, nearby ruining it. They … he had heard there may be more than one of these titanic beasts, but for their to be a way to create more, in the hands of the native Skakdi… Komisti spoke up, “the rain demon is dead, two of the Kaita mechs were able to kill it. But there was another one with power over an exhausting poison, and if others are created, they could overwhelm the mechs. I … I need to accompany Ulkarr, try to stop more being created.” Kanohi let out a sigh as Sucordak mended the disk, “I … if one of those beasts is dead, that is a relief. But if more can be made … I do not know however if we can spare Komisti. I had hoped to have them help me and Sucordak forge some sort of Kanoka Blade, just get the process down so we could begin making them on their own.” ”I…” Komisti stumbled, they … they could not abandon the village could they? Not after Kini-Koro fell. ”H-here is my decision. Ulkarr, you are free to go and gather what supplies you need we can spare, along with recruiting help. You still are acting councilor while Councilor NU is away, I must respect your decision. And if the Tahtarok can be recreated, we need to know and try to stop it. And if you can’t, some of the scouts say the island’s shape is rapidly changing, we will need someone to map it, and figure out if Tobduk-Koro is in danger of sinking.” ”While you prepare, Komisti will help me and Sucordak learn to forge a Kanoka Blade. Perhaps a Kanoka Blade of Weakening, since we can spare those disks to experiment,” Sucordak nodded and set aside the now finished disk, before he brought forth a few disks of weakening along with a few pieces of technology, he had gathered them in preparation for this, taken bits and ends from spare parts in the radio tower and parts scavenged from the Impact. “I have some experience with making my staff, Sucordak is our best disk maker, and Collector made their Kanoka Blade. Between the three of us, we should be able to make one. When you return, Komisti can go with you, should we have made enough headway. Once they leave, the two of us should ge able to make more.” ”A-alright,” Komisti nodded, relieved that they could go. They moved to Sucordak, and began to check over the parts included. They had plenty of Protodermis luckily thanks to the mine, hopefully they could forge any other parts they needed. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran began to use her telescopic lens on the moving words that covered the wall, trying to see if she could adapt to their motions if she tried long enough. Her Fitch power was adaptation after all, if she kept at her, her optics might become more precise, and her brain module might adjust to read quicker. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone winced, but relented, following after Klawne to the flying vessel. “Have … have you ever flown in something like this before?” Kardaka asked her fellow Turaga with a tinge of worry. She still was unfamiliar with the technology of the Ark, and to ride in this vessel through the skies, it was worrisome. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  4. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi relaxed a bit, releasing a long held sigh, “If they are willing, yes. We … we will need their help. Disks have limited use, and are at their strongest when used with force. If we can use their knowledge, and my experience helping make my Kiril Staff, we can forge something like a Kanoka Blade of Remove Poison.” Sucordak coughed and Kanohi pulled the current disk out of the furnace, before the Matoran of Plasma began to hammer it again. “It would be good to at least go over the process once, then Kanohi and I should be able to do it on our own. Make Kanoka Blades of Weakening too.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro The Big Bruiser waved after them, “Let me know when it’s time to go, I will try to help the refugees until then.” She turned and resumed wiped the poison off the refugees with her cloth, her powerful armors rubbing them aggressively. Komisti nodded and followed after Ulkarr, their steps wider and quicker. With the poison leeched from their body they found themself as energetic as before. As they walked they spoke to Ulkarr, “We cannot deprive the village of their resources, but we still may want to request to bring a disk of poison removal with us, in case we run into more of that breed of Riteborn.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran did not respond at first, still turning the disk of freezing around. She … she should do it, after all, with her mask frozen to her, she could test the abilities of her mask’s new power, see how well she could heal. And it would prevent her from loosing this wonderful mask. A mask blessed by her new friend, whose lens was built by her beloved. With a tap she knocked the disk of freezing to her head, before rolling it around where her head met the mask. The cold stabbed at her sensors, but only for a second. Almost immediately she felt her body shudder and adapt, the cold no longer overwhelming, the wound from frostbite diminished. ”T-there,” she shivered briefly as she continued to heal and adapt to the damage she had done to her head, “N-now, what were we doing?” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone flinched, and averted her gaze. “I … I had not meant to worry you. I…” she struck her arm suddenly with her Badge of Office, striking her over and over. Finally she asked, “You said this flying boat is headed to a village, where the survivors of Kini-Koro fled to, correct? I … I suppose for now I can try to secure the refugees housing.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  5. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi let out a long held sigh, as Sucordak interrupted as he hammered a mostly rounded lump of Protodermis, “We have just about finished two more disks as well.” Kanohi winced and went back to focusing on holding the budding disk firmly. As he did he said, “I know, he already has a lot of sway. He put me in charge of Po-Koro after all. But … it’s worth investigating exactly what kind of person has that kind of influence. If he has ulterior motives, then all of us may be in … in trouble. Sorry I … unchecked power is, it’s what led to the League, and the destruction of our old universe.” He paused, “That can wait though. Has … has Komisti, the former Collector, have they been spotted by the way? I know they went to guard the portal to the village, that was some time ago.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro The Big Bruiser, “Oh, um, sure, I guess we do need to figure out where the giants are coming from. What happened in Kini-Koro by the way?” “We were fortunate.” Komisti let out a sigh as the poison was leeched out of them. They stretched their limbs, their energy returning, before adding, “The gigantic mechs that were unlocked by the victims of the NUVA doors, two of them were able to fight the rain demon. They were victorious, the monster is dead.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran nodded, and gestured towards her disk of remove poison. Telepathically they answered, “I more than understand. And thank you for asking me if I would want to have this wonderful illuminated mask, instead of just pushing it on me. I trust you.” The mask was so wonderful, the slight hum, the warm glow, the way it hugged her face, she felt the urge to use her disk of freezing to freeze it to her head, so no enemies could deprive her of this wonder. That was a very tempting offer, she had a strong enough disk of freezing, and the mask’s power would let her recover from frostbite. Yes, why should she not freeze it to her head? Maheika pulled out her disk of freezing, turning it over in her hand. Why, with a few taps, this glorious mask could not be separated from her. And the telescopic lens, the one Vokarda made her, it would be contained in her as well. That … that could only be a good thing. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone bowed, leaning on her staff. “I … still do not know the way to the portal, however. If anyone of you could direct me, I would appreciate your assistance.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend You can always delay telling her so she can’t get herself killed yet.
  6. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi shook his head as another disk was hammered into shape, “The truth of Stannis is not the priority right now, first we need to help the poisoned refugees. But we will need to learn more. If Stannis is like Ulkarr, w-we need to be aware that Matoran could sacrifice people to him for additional power. I … don’t want to believe he would accept those deals, but we need to know what he is capable of. Especially because for anyone he desecrates he would become their master.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Komisti nodded, “I … I suppose you are right.” They were still a bit dizzy from the poison. They did not believe the toxin was directly lethal, just physically draining and exhausting. And if Komisti was going to try to … prevent more gigantic beasts from being created, they would need to be at their peak. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran dropped her disk as Two infected Kas. She … she knew Sorilax was strong, but he and his children could desecrate at will? Without consent? That … she did not know about illuminating masks, but she had assumed it was same rules as Desecration. Could … could Sorilax illuminate anyone he chose? And he had asked her permission. And given her such a wonderful shimmering mask too. She smiled and bent over to pick up her disk. As she held it she remembered what Sorilax had said. If they need to depower Kas, the Disk of Remove Poison he gave her could do it. Not that illumination was poison, it was a gift. It must be like how medicine and poison can be the same substance, just in different doses. Mahrika shook her head, Sorilax was asleep as was Kas, apparently now in a psychic duel. She would need to guard them with two. Gripping her Kanoka she readied herself to fight, should the Vahki or any other threat approach. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru just to check, do we have elemental powers back? Because otherwise, Kas’s new upgrade won’t affect all that much … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone winced, “I know I would likely not survive, but I … I should still try. Too many have died on this island, we should not lose more.” They closed their optics and shuddered, she cannot, should not abandon her duty to the living. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend … IC Minions Avka and The Big Bruiser - Tobduk-Koro Avka hurried away, they had to find more help. In the meantime the Big Bruiser approached Ulkarr, “Um, hi, is something the matter?” OOC: @Toru Nui
  7. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi for once did not panic, just let out a sigh as he continued to help Sucordak forging the disk. He did not seem to respond, and for a moment, Suvordak was surprised at how calmly he took it in. Did he trust Stannis so much that the concern did not even impact him. Finally the Fe-Matoran spoke up, his voice aged beyond his years. “The Aspect Ulkarr expressed similar fears, he suspected the necklace Stannis gave me was at least partly made of the essence of an Aspect. And Stannis has been a bit irrational recently, flipping from his old worship of Mata-Nui to openly dismissing him. And I spoke to Sorilax, he seems to hate his breed. And he specifically tried to warn us from infecting our masks. I do not think he would ally with Ulkarr. Ulkarr seemed angry at him, Sorilax spoke to me using a sphere of silence, excluding Ulkarr from the secrets he shared.” Kanohi and Sucordak continued to work and he continued, ”And to speak of the Muaka in the room, it is hard to dismiss the fact that I am a poor leader. I panic easily, I lack experience, I cower from difficult choices. But Stannis in his wisdom still put me in charge of Po-Koro, without consulting the villagers. I would be a bad leader, but I could be a … a useful pawn. When Stannis first met me, I was almost a worshiper of the Toa. Easy to manipulate for a legendary Toa.” He sighed as the disk finished forging, before Sucordak began work on the next, “Councilor NU, Toa Knichou, Sorilax, and Ulkarr all distrust Stannis and believed him to be an Aspect. They could be wrong, but … it does need to be investigated. At least to discover exactly what had made so many different people all come to the conclusion he is an Aspect. It may be a misunderstanding or manipulation from someone else. I will add, Sorilax and Vulimai confirmed that Aspects can possess people they have desecrated, it’s possible Stannis might now be a puppet of an Aspect. We have not seen much of him since the Impact, we do not know all his actions.” Kanohi had been debating this topic for some time in his head, for once he was vaguely prepared for this topic. Though his heartlight still pounded all the while. OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Komisti was never the best at reading the expressions and behaviors of others, they were still trying to unlearn every toxic lesson Cia taught them. Even now, they struggled to mourn that accursed island. So even if they noticed Ulkarr’s pleasure in the Admin dying, they did not recognize it. ”I cannot say I am too haunted if the Admin does pass. They are far too nonchalant about the radiation of the NUVA door. Yes, the Kaita mechs defeated a Tahtarok where even the Taku failed, but … the changes it did to Atamai and Arkius…” They shook their head, hopefully if the Admin did die it would not be volatile, with Tobduk-Koro so nearby, they dreaded to think what would happen if the ruins detonated. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran readied her disk. She had not yet felt the barrier binding her Flame Sword diminish, which meant it’s elemental power was still bound. She was not at full strength. But Kas was a Toa, without his element, he could only rely on his Mask of Quick Travel and any weapons he carried, like that strange tubed tool. She was used to not having an element. He was far more weakened. As she held her Kanoka at the ready, she telepathically spoke up to Sorilax, “Ignika, I do not recognize the word, but I believe it means Life. This must be what brought you here. Kas’s mask is a powerful mask of Quick Travel, he can teleport himself along with another person. I do believe he has a few other Noble masks too. What do you suggest we do?” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone flinched at the mechanical being with her mandibles, staggering under her own weight. There was indeed a Riteborn on the island, but the conjugation, was there more than one? And even if there was only one, it was already attacking a refugee camp? The … the people… She had her penance to perform. Planting her staff firmly on the ground she managed to croak, “I … I need to go to Kini-Koro now then, I cannot waste more time. I have … have to try to rescue anyone caught in the chaos. Try to mend their homes. I am just one Turaga. Tell me where is the portal.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend … IC Minions Avka and The Big Bruiser - Tobduk-Koro Avka watched as the poison oozing down the Matoran’s face suddenly was drained off of them, sucking into the disk. The village had remove poison disks? That was a relief, they could treat the survivors of Kini-Koro now. Though, how long would a disk holdout trying to heal a whole village? In the meantime they spoke up, “We have a problem, the Admin, it says someone is trying to kill it, fro, inside the Aqua Sphere. If it’s destroyed,it could damage Tobduk-Koro, and we will lose the weapon against the rain demon. We need to do something.” The Big Bruiser stared, “I … do we even have a way to fly that high? I guess there is the Taku, but they were in Kini-Koro when the … Rain Demon attacked. And some survivors claim a second giant beast was there too, hurling poison.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  8. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran followed after Sorilax and Two, her hands gripping her Kanoka and the hilt of the Elemental Weapon on her back. She felt the glow of her infected around her eyes, felt Vokarda squirming in her chest. She was as ready as she could be. As she followed after the Aspect and his Rahkshi, one last thought brushed against her. Telepathically she reached out to Sorilax and asked, “I … earlier I think you were wary of speaking around the Admin, but I noticed you were disturbed by how alive those Vahki were. What exactly was strange about them? I do not wish to upset you, but I would like to know in case there are some of them up ahead.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone bowed low, “I am sorry we could not meet in better times, Nixie.” As Iradra began to speak up, approaching, Kardaka winced. Not in disgust, though she was wary of how many Matoran, Toa, and Turaga were here. It worried her that she had not seen many of the slaves that had left on the Ark. Had they died in the crash? Or been wiped out millennia previously, and that was why the Ark crashed. But again, that was not why she winced. She could not judge them, she could only judge herself. And she was wary of interrupting. Still she mustered her strength, “Excuse me, all of you, I have heard there is a portal to a large village called Kini-Koro here. Do any of you know where it is located, so I can inform them that Ko-Pou must be evacuated and ask if they know anything about Energized Protodermis.” She turned to Nixie at that, she had not forgotten that the afflicted Matoran would need a more long term solution to their sickness, and that they would need to know how the mutagen leeched into the Matoran. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere Mahrika nodded, she had suspected he had lost his Kraata power, but to lose his element too? Beyond the dampeners? That was horrifying. He had been twisted by the Admin and she … she had not known if the Admin truly deserved to die, but how it twisted Sorilax, not only that it wielded power over the biology of people, but that it tortured her new friend, it should be stopped. Still, it appeared Sorilax was not helpless, even without his element or Kraata power. Speaking of Kraata power, Mahrika had never … her mask had always mattered to her, it had been one of the few relics of her old life with Vokarda. Her beloved had crafted her telescopic lens after all. But now … her whole mask felt … right. It’s radiant glow hummed like a sweet melody, the vibrations tickled her like Vokarda massaging her spine. It felt so light, and hugged her face so tight. It was … Sorilax had given her such a gift. She could never let this go. Never. Mahrika stared off in a daze, before Vokarda prodded her. Blushing she tried to telepathically respond, “Alright. Let’s … let’s face this Admin. And stop it from deleting more of Matoran culture, or ripping other people of their elements or their natures.” She gripped her new Kanoka of freezing in her left hand, but kept her right on her Flame Sword. If the elemental barrier dropped, she would want to be able to switch to his best weapon as soon as possible. In the meantime she felt her left arm begin to shift and her systems rerouted into it, making the limb stronger. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone winced then shakily nodded as Nixie approached, “Hello, I … I am sorry for trying to herd you and your fellows when you were sick I … I should have been better. I will strive to serve better from now on. May I ask what is your name?” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend … IC Minions Avka - the Ruins of Stone The Av-Matoran winced how … how were they suppose to get to the Aqua Sphere? How was anyone to get there? The Taku? Could a Toa of Air go that high? A mask of levitation? A mask of flight? Maybe a Kraata ability? They … they did not know what to do. They … they should seek help. The Akiri, they would seek him out, he was only a Fe-Matoran, but he was appointed by a Toa, and at least he wasn’t a De-Matoran. If they could not find him, then they would search the refugees for Vulimai, then contact Ko-Pou. One of them must know how to proceed. Avka spun on their heels and ran out of the ruin, heading towards the big crowd of refugees being cleaned off. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere Mahrika closed her optics she had a choice to make. The power of Life would be a great gift, and might even help Brother Tuakana. It would show how far she had come, and really show how she could trust Sorilax. And it … maybe Vokarda could … between adaptation and life… But … Quick healing might be more useful in a fight, what with all the Vahki. None of these disks could heal her, remove poison would help her medically, but not regenerate her organic Protodermis. And even though Sorilax might be able to heal her, the fact was with him weakened she should not distract him further. It did not help that she did not know the abilities of Life. Quick Healing, she knew roughly its abilities, but Life, it replaced Darkness, it was a Kraata power never before known. She could ask but … the Admin would likely be listening, if not watching. Finally she touched her chest, pressing against Vokarda. Her beloved was the answer. She had to keep Vokarda safe, their lives were bound together, if Mahrika died, so would Vokarda. And Quick Healing would keep her alive. She looked down and spoke in a hushed tone. ”I … with the Vahki guarding this place, I think the Admin might be allied with them. I … I do not want it forever, but I think I will need the power to heal more, at least for the moment.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru the die is cast
  11. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran was lost in thought briefly as Sorilax explained his power, both taking in the realization that he was a stronger aspect than her brother, and also wondering why Vokarda had kept thumping her. It seemed to happen every time she said “I,” but why— “Oh um, forgive my rudeness. My name is Mahrika.” The spirit of the ocean. She shook her head in awe, “I had not realized you were so strong I … I do not think I could take in a Rahi’s heartlight, unless it was a dying pet. I want to save lives, not power. But to be able to adopt four lives…” Mahrika swallowed, “We do need to prepare for danger though. And ... I ... to share in the power of life you have, to have sway with Life ... if it is ... you may des— Illuminate my mask.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru sorry for the short post, at breakfast. In hindsight though, the quick healing might be more useful in the coming fight.
  12. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran paused, switching out her old disk for the new Kanoka of Freezing. It was a six if she read the engraving right, that had to be double the power of her old one. And while the first disk she looted off a dead Vahki, this disk came from a friend. She also stored away the disk of weakening, remove poison, and regeneration, all of which were level five disks. But she did not put away the disks of shrinking and her old level three disk of freezing. Instead she offered them back, saying, “It might be good for you to have some disks too, in case the next room blocks more of our resources.” She swallowed and averted her gaze. She … she could not count on Tuakana here. No offense to her brother, but she did not think they even could teleport to her in an emergency, only possess her. And they might not want to leave that strange body behind. Finally she looked to the floor, saying, “Sorilax I … I think we have stumbled onto something important. Something dangerous. Deadly. I do not … I do not know if our friends are safe. I … worry for Ollem, he was the first person I met since my home was destroyed. My first friend outside of Vokarda. I … I worry if he … he could be k-killed, and I don’t want to lose him.” Unable to met the strange Aspect’s gaze she said, “My beloved Vokarda was dying in a Skakdi raid, all those millennia ago. I … everyone in the village was dead, no one was left to help. But my brother came. And they offered to preserve her life in mine. They told me they sought to one day overcome death. We agreed out of desperation. And they saved her.” ”Ollem I think is mad at me, I think he knows I have kept secrets from him. About … Vokarda. But … I don’t want him to die. And I don’t think … I don’t think my brother will come in an emergency. They can be slow to respond, sometimes taking millennia. They are more active now but … I don’t think they will come. I … if Ollem somehow is near death will … will you help me save him? I still can carry one more life. And I … I trust you. With … us.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
  13. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran readied to follow after Sorilax, gripping her Kanoka. It was a weapon that still worked at least. Her sword however still felt cold to the touch, at least for now. And Sorilax seemed … louder too. His footsteps carried more weight, his spines scrapped and scratched. He … was his Kraata power of Silence affected? She briefly shuffled her sword before stowing it back away, her body could still adapt to her weight. She was not utterly helpless. Was … was his Kraata power weakened when he sunk into that room before? Mahrika massaged Vokarda, wary. She … she had never really fought before, when Rahi had attacked in her time of isolation, she had relied on swimming away or scaring them off. But if Sorilax was weakened… She cleared her throat. “Before we continue, um, my sensors may betray me, but I hear clinking sounds coming from your child. Did … did Two bring Kanoka disks with him?” If he had, and if there was a disk of freezing, or some other kind of disk that could be used offensively, then Sorilax would be less disarmed. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Minions Avka - the Ruins of Stone The Av-Matoran stumbled. The Admin was under attack? But it … it kept the village safe, it had given them a new home. They … if the Admin died, would the Stone Ruins be destroyed? Would the rubble or explosion damage Tobduk-Koro. They shuddered, their mind remembering the raid, how little their light bolts had done against the Skakdi with their disgusting leathery skin. And then the flood, and the rain demon, and Kini-Koro was being destroyed now too… There could not be another Po-Koro. Avka optics radiated as they searched about underneath their desecrated mask. Their hands crackled with a fiery light, “Where is the server room?” They had not seen it in the stone ruins, and they had patrolled the ruins many times. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC Kanohi - Tobduk-Koro Kanohi held a pair of tongs, thrusting another piece of Protodermis into the furnace. He waited while Sucordak stared at the flames, his eyes tokk in the glow of white hot fire, studying the lump of metal. After a time the Matoran of Plasma called out, “okay, pull it back out.” The Fe-Matoran obliged, and Sucordak began to hammer the lump once again. As the Protodermis was molded, Impressionable approached. “W-what is it?” asked the Councilor, jerking the tongs around to look at the Vahki. ”Careful!” warned Sucordak, and Kanohi winced. As he held his arms straight again, Kanohi tried to be calmer, and spoke as steadily as he could, “Councilor NU is alright, that is a relief. I was worried … when Kini-Koro was attacked…” He shook his head. ”Put it back in.” Kanohi nodded and thrust it back in. As he waited for Sucordak to tell him to pull it back out he asked, “What news does Councilor NU have? I … does she have news of the Tahtarok?” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC “Komisti” - Kini-Koro Komisti nodded, pausing, “I … fear I may get distracted if I return to Tobruk-Koro. I will try to focus, this isi portent, but … perhaps I should stick around you, so you can help me keep on track.” If they returned to Tobruk-Koro, they might get tempted to recommit to the task Kanohi had asked of them before the rain demon attacked Kini-Koro, forging Kanoka Blades. Forging those weapons certainly could help the village, but it would be useless against a Tahtarok, only the giant machines seemed to challenge them. But they had pledged to help. The Tahtarok took priority but … hopefully Ulkarr would help them focus. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui … IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran ran to Sorilax, looking him over. “Are … are you—” but then he spoke, and she relaxed, at least a little. Swallowing she said, “I … I am no medic, but if … I will try to help if there is another backlash.” She returned to the mask and removed it, before the group inserted the masks once again , now in the order of Red - White - Yellow. As she inserted her mask Mahrika braced herself, just in case she felt the repercussions this time. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru … IC Kardaka - Ko-Pou The Turaga of Stone swallowed, and offered a hand to her fellow Turaga. Though she was wary of Klawne, as well as wary of Turaga as a rule, she seemed disturbed. And ultimately it was not Kardaka’s place to pass judgement. After all she had done, all her breed had done, her only action should be to serve. That was her Duty. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Vezok's Friend … IC Minions Avka - the Ruins of Stone The Av-Matoran with the infected mask heard the sound of shattering glass as they returned to the Amaya Circle. They sprinted in, crouching in the sand and shakily grabbing the broken pieces of the Diamond. “They can break?” they thought to themself. It … the cold that drifted through Tobduk-Koro had faded too. Whatever the Diamond was capable of doing, that was lost to them now. Was it because they had left the Diamond in too long? Maybe … maybe it was because Collector was unworthy, a conniving Vortixx whose story corrupted the circle. That … that must be it. It must be their fault. Right. Right. It had to be. But as much as they tried to convince themself of that, it was hard to believe. Especially when the Vortixx’s story resonated with the Amaja Circle at all. Avka cleared their throat. ”A-Admin, I … what happened to the Diamond? What happened to the story I told?” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator … IC The Big Bruiser - Tobduk-Koro The Steltian Bruiser meanwhile got to worth with Lawful, wiping down the Kini-Koro refugees to try to soak up the poison. Her big hands were not the most delicate, they winced and recoiled from her rough wiping, but gradually she helped clean them off. OOC: @Toru Nui
  15. IC Mahrika - Aqua-Sphere The Desecrated Ga-Matoran nodded, and carefully slid the mask back onto the pedestal. Though she could not use this mask, she had saved it over the other noble mask. Vokarda, when she was a Matoran, she had wore a Noble Mask of Concealment, while Mahrika remembered nothing significant of a noble mask of strength. Her choice which to keep had been clear. She … she should ask Sorilax about Ollem soon. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Eyru
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