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  1. OOC: finally we are out of Le-Wahi IC Kanohi - Ta-Wahi - the Charred Forest The trek out of Le-Wahi had seemed endless. The burnt trees scorched by the recent fire had stretched far to the north, blending with the fiery landscape of Ta-Wahi. Kanohi hardly was aware that they had crossed the border, until he realized all around the trio was black volcanic rock. The Charred Forest differed from the trees of Le-Wahi who had been caught in the forest fire. This was a stain on the land, the result of a battle between the Matoran and the Makuta, long before even the Toa Mata arrived on the island. Long before Kanohi washed up on the shore. For centuries the jungle had not regrown, no new plants fed off nutrients left by the charred trees, the cycle of life had ended. It was eternally a jungle of ash. Kanohi shivered at this place, fidgeting with his bracelet. Now that Hakari and Lapu knew some of the Telegraph language, Hakari in particular seemed to be a quick learner, they might realize Kanohi was repeatedly clicking the simple prefix “Ta” from his bracelet as an unsteady mantra. After all the Element of Fire strengthened him, visions were easier to have through it. But fire also brought fear, pain, confusion. Some visions were horrific memories, of Aurax’s death, or of the false Makuta’s torture burning into his optics and roasting his voice box in a monstrous attempt to harvest prophecies from the Fe-Matoran. Other visions were of nonsense, like Stannis being an ancient undead possessed by something like the Makuta, Nichou being a Toa of Iron who had donned the Mask of Creation, and Mata-Nui being a barren landscape. Reality was distorted by the flames, he not only saw glimpses of where might happen and what haunted him, but what never could be. The cross-wired vigilante kept fidgeting and clicking this mantra to himself, his right arm practically clenching the bracelet. The inferno that rocked this jungle had long diminished to embers, but he could still feel the glow of fire on him. Still could hear snatches of that cruel Matoran who thought himself the Makuta, and Kanohi’s visions a resource to exploit. Ta. Ta. Ta. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly Setting the scene
  2. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - To Ta-Wahi Kanohi spent much of the journey scribbling on his tablet and clicking his bracelet. He could not grapple easily in this charred forest, but he could at least spend the longer time spent walking trying to teach his comrades what his clicking meant. He would write down simple notes on the Telegraph language of the Matoran, and demonstrate them with his bracelet. Basics like the alphabet, and some simple words. He … liked to be chatty with people, give a lot of details, but maybe it was best he keep messages short in emergencies. Keep messages in a crisis simple, like “bad” “good” “run” “help” “no” “yes” “me” “you.” It did not make him happy, if he only spoke in short bursts, would folks think he was not smart? A savage fool who spoke in disjointed words? But he … but saving lives was more important. But he had to prove he had value. Still, he … he could not let another Matoran like Aurax die. Everything he could have been, everything he was, it all had been cut short. His destiny wasted. So he continued to try to teach his two taller companions. And all the while he tried not to look at the charred trees, the remnants of the jungle that had been ignited in a fury. A fury hehad been helpless to stop, only managed to try to save a few lives. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly You two okay with our next post being in Ta-Wahi? And I figured this made sense as something we could do en route.
  3. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Heading towards Ta-Wahi Kanohi nodded and begab to climb down the tree. As he moved the burnt tree cracked, it’s charcoal bark crumbling beneath him. He winced, he was not the most adapted to scrambling up or down trees, but grappling could easily— With a crunch a branch snapped beneath him, and the vigilante tumbled down. Immediately his fingers squeezed the trigger of his Volo Lutu Launcher. The hook went wild but caught a low branch, and as he fell he lurched to the side, swinging to the branch. His arm aches from the sudden twist, before the branch crumbled. But now he was close to the forest floor, and he safely tumbled to a stop in the mud. Kanohi shakily stood up, his body aching and his arm sore. The charred trees were too fragile now, he could not grapple from them for the moment, plus his body ached too much to barrel through the canopy even if the trees were strong enough. So instead he shook himself free of ash and mud, his masks rattling like chimes in the wind. Then with a step he began to walk down the blackened forest towards Ta-Wahi. As he walked he still fingered his Volo Lutu Launcher’s trigger, the device still crudely attached to his right arm. Yes its uses might be limited given the environmental destruction, it still was his main tool, and it could only help to be prepared. Who knows what they would face as they trekked northeast? OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  4. Finally got all the parts I needed for this OC. Basically this is Hau, my backup character in case Kanohi dies, if I introduce them, they would be inspired to become a vigilante by his heroics. And as you might guess by their color scheme, my intent is that they would be a Lesterin of Fire with dwarfism. Spent their whole life on Mata-Nui thinking they were a Ta-Matoran, only when Act 3 started some memories returned and they realized they were a freak of both for both a Lesterin and a Matoran. So Kanohi being a “cross-wired freak” but still a hero would really inspire them. Again, I think I only will introduce them if Kanohi dies. Still, wanted to share the pics.
  5. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp Kanohi shook his head violently, his masks rattling. His cheeks burnt like the embers of the forest, his face heating up for the metal to glow a faint red. Thankful he wore not only a true mask but a wooden mask atop his mask, hopefully his embarrassment and shame was buried deep. Regardless he nodded to Hakari, almost bowing from the motion. She … she was nicer to him than he had earned. But hopefully one day, he would prove he was not just a useless cross-wired freak. That he could help the island. In small ways, but he could still help. The Fe-Matoran vigilante paused, before grappling to the treetops. A chunk of Le-Wahi had been burned away, destroyed by the element of Fire. But the jungle would recover, and new trees would gain nutrients from the ash of old trees. Life would recover. And more to the point, Kanohi could see something. The fire had spread from Ta-Wahi, and now with much of the jungle burnt away, he could see farther with his optics. Less obscured his vision. The black rock of Ta-Wahi was visible like a stain on the Earth. He knew the direction to go. He banged on one of his masks like a drum, trying to draw the group’s attention, before pointing towards the region of Fire. Grappling might be difficult with some many charred trees, but now at least they would not need to circle the volcano as tightly. They could cool low the trail of the forest fire to Ta-Koro. And maybe as they trekked that way, Lapu could try to speed up the forest’s regrowth. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  6. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp As Kanohi landed atop a tree, the branch crumbled to ash. He tumbled down but hooked his feet around a lower branch, slowing his descent enough to fire his Volo Lutu Launcher again. Where once the sudden fall might have made him drop his gadget, thanks to him attaching it to the arm brace it hung to him regardless of his grip. The vigilante hurtled to the treetop, stumbling onto a branch. He swayed, he liked the balance of a Le-Matoran, but he used this opportunity to look about. The fire was dwindling down, the rest of the swamp was too damp, or too spaced apart. The swamp edge resembled Ta-Wahi, the forest reduced to charred, blackened skeletons of trees. He heard no baying of Rahi, there were no chirps of bugs, no rustling of leaves in the wind. A dead landscape.Kanohi closed his optics tightly, trying to shut out all this destruction. He knew Fire was not evil, he even knew the flames released nutrients that had been trapped inside older trees. That the burnt soil would inspire new growth. It was a part of the cycle of life. But the smell of fire, all this death, it left his heartlight unsteady. And he could still see Aurax dying in the embers. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  7. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp Kanohi was of the Element of Iron, he had enhanced endurance compared to the other breeds of Matoran and could endure more physical abuse. But even the weakest Toa dwarfed his physical fitness, his chassis still dented under blows. That was why he had donned this armor of masks, to give him protection. But even with his armor, this many blows jarred him, weakened his concentration. And the fire, he almost wanted to shut his optics rather than see it. He grappled nearly blindly, his head pounding as reality was a blaze. Aurax stood above the flames, standing tall and proud, before he drifted into the air, suspended by the sharp prongs of a Rahkshi staff. Lubricant and coolant gushed from his wounds, his gold was tarnished, his armor dyed a sickly blue by his fluid, he slumped against the staff as his heartlight sputtered and faded, yet still he towered over Kanohi— Then Kanohi felt a tendril grasp him, and his optics were wrenched from the vision. A vine had caught him, helped catch him as he started to fall. Was … was it … no, this was not the parasite, this was Lapu, helping stabilizing his swinging. The vigilante blushed beneath his masks he … he was glad he had these powerful allies to help him. As he took a breath his optics caught sight of something in the inferno. A Mask of Strength? Why was that there? No, it was a shell? But was it a Shore Turtle or a Fikou? …It was worth the risk, if it was a Shore Turtle it would be too slow to escape. He grappled into the blaze arm outstretched, hooking the creature. He wrenched it from the earth and tumbled with it, careening through the burning woods. They landed with a thud, though Kanohi quickly swayed to his feet. It had been a Shore Turtle, hopefully it was a bit farther from the heart of the fire now. Kanohi grappled back into the inferno, but it … it felt different. The trees were blackened now, but the flames, did they seem to be diminishing? Was it running out of fire, so to speak? OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  8. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp Kanohi’s body ached as he hurtled into branches, the shards of sticks and twigs shattering on impact. Debris fell to the ground, their fire snuffed out by the collision. It was a crude method of extinguishing flames, but without a Toa of Earth, Water, or Air, it at least was a strategy. He had to do this, Ironically some of the fallen flammable wood he snapped off actually extinguished some of the fire below, disturbing the smaller flames and burying them. Of course the exposed fire soon fed on them and reignited, that was no solution. The vigilante flinched as he slammed into another tree, the force of his body exploding the branches and driving splinters into the gaps in his armor and chassis. His pistons shuddered and his gears strained, and his hull pulsed in pain. The smoke was bad too, he meant to install some sort of art filtration system in his wooden mask, but he needed to first study pressurized canisters and filters, and he had few to tinker with in Le-Wahi. He was beginning to hack worse than ever, and in the fire reality was starting to blend. He could see a barren island, a colossal severed head crashing into it, hurling tidal waves of dust across the landscape… He was briefly brought out of the visions bury a shriek, some of the Brakas were slipping through the gaps in the blaze he had bludgeoned, they were escaping the flames. He … he was saving lives. Maybe they were “unimportant” Rahi but they … they still deserved to live. They mattered to each other. Kanohi … he had to keep going, keep saving lives. He … they mattered. These beasts mattered. And if they mattered, he … he had to save them. He had to prove he was a hero, he had to be useful. Because he … he had to prove he was useful. That he had value, Funny, if Nichou or even Hakari did something like this, he would desperate try to stop them, warn them against this self-sacrificing self-harm. That they mattered too. That they had nothing to prove. But well … that was different. Dece was just a cross-wired freak. Kanohi … Kanohi though. Kanohi might be cross-wired too, but he … he could prove his value. And he would. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly someone is unhealthy
  9. Wow, love the creative use of Rahkshi parts, this is a great mech. I love the sense the design gives that this is effectively a Boxor made from a Rahkshi instead of a Bohrok, it’s even got the color scheme. Thanks for sharing
  10. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp The cross-wired vigilante had just finished locking his Volo Lutu Launcher’s barrel’s back in place when he heard Hakari’s words. He looked up to see Okuo flying off on his Kewa, disappearing to the south. Le-Koro, what did they need to tell— And then Kanohi saw the smoke pouring from the forest, spreading rapidly from the East. It’s birth was close to the border of Ta-Wahi, and they were already close to the volcano. A forest fire. Kanohi, he had not lived in Le-Wahi long, but he still knew the plumes of a blaze well. Some travelers complained there had not been enough rain, that the Mangai had been flexing. He was not sure, he only washed up on Mata-Nui a short time ago. Not very recently, but enough that his first friends period had been Stannis’s Companions. He did not know a time Le-Wahi was not like this. Kanohi began to hack out coughs as Rahi fled past. He could feel the wall of heat crashing against him like a tsunami, feel the smoke flooding his optics. He swayed he … he could feel tendrils of embers coiling around him, stuffing themselves down the gaps in his armor, puppeting him like that horrific parasite— What do you see? Then he heard a cry of help. He stumbled and clutched his mask as he continued to wheeze, before firing his Volo Lutu Launcher wildly. It smacked against the ground and recoiled into his launcher. He shook his head, trying to shake away the melting world around him. He … he knew Fire was a d-danger, he knew it. It was why he had been sure to treat his launcher and his armor to prevent them from burning. But he still was flammable. And the flames fed his visions, and in this inferno, he was overwhelmed. B-but there was that cry again. It was an Ash Bear cub, wailing for its mother. And there were other Rahi too, cries of a troop of Brakas gagging on smoke, of even a mighty Muaka surrounded by flames. Was he … was he seeing these things, or was his foreseeing them? He … he couldn’t tell. But either way he … he had to help. Helping was all he could do, it was his value, it was how he proved he mattered. And these Rahi they … they mattered too. Helpless, they needed someone to support them. Maybe it should be someone who also mattered little. Still hacking and his optics wide, Kanohi fired his Volo Lutu Launcher again and grappled into the blaze. He tried not to focus on the smoke as he hurtled through the canopy, before spreading his arm wide. His outstretched hand snatched a young Brakas caught in the flames, grasping her by the scruff of her armor. He swung her into his arm as he took in the sights of the troop cap outgoing, the nearby trees were ablaze so the Rahi could not leap to them. He needed to put out at least some of the fire. But … how? Then he felt a twig caught in his armor. He looked at it, twigs always snapped off trees when he grappled, he was not meant for the trees. But … if he could break twigs… Kanohi swooped over to a Brakas and offered the youngster before charging at some trees. With a crash he barreled into them, but this time it was his intent. burning branches splintered from the impacts, haired smushed from the collisions, he was trying to smother the flames with his body. He was only a Matoran, unworthy of being a Toa, of being a Companion. He had to try something. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly
  11. Incredible, the use of Bohrok torsos as legs is a great idea. The Rock Lion looks powerful and muscular, and the mane’s fiery tendrils break up the silver color scheme to great effect. Thank you so much for sharing.
  12. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp The cross-wired vigilante blushed beneath his many masks, and paused to write a quick message. His circles were a bit sloppy, he was a little self conscious about the attention Okuo gave him. ”I am trying to repair and improve my Volo Lutu Launcher. The trigger can sometimes get stuck, and if I cannot grapple and there is a nearby predator or a forest fire, I won’t be able to help anyone, let alone myself.” He hurriedly went back to tinkering with the mechanism. Its … funny, he did not know his past, he had washed up on the island as amnesiac as Hakari must have. Had he been an inventor in the past, an engineer? He had an instinct for tinkering, one of the first things he had done on Mata-Nui so long ago was build a spear. But instinct wasn’t the only reason he knew how to fiddle with a Volo Lutu Launcher. Nichou had taught him how to shape wood, Aurax had taught him of mechanisms and machinery. Yes he had gotten experience tinkering and scavenging devices lost in the jungle, but they helped him understand. Poor Aurax. The visions Kanohi had seen, the Rahkshi, the suddenness, the wrongness, the unfairness, it was haunting. Aurax should have been destined for more than to be killed by a Rahkshi medic. Still, as awful and cruel as it was, there was nothing that could be done about Aurax’s fate now. He was dead, his destiny cut short by the Makuta. All Kanohi could do was mend his Volo Lutu Launcher, and hope that the next time a Rahkshi tried to abruptly stab a Matoran, he would be able to grapple over and yank the villager out of the way. OOC: @ARROW404 @Onaku @Snelly
  13. Polished up some art of Kanohi’s current look to be my avatar.
  14. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp It was honestly more than a little inspiring how Hakari seemed unfazed by the ordeal with the parasite. Seeing a noble Gukko puppets by pulleys and strings of vibes, roses growing from its beak, probing for prey, searching for the glow of Heartlights, she could have been infested. And she could only focus on how pretty the Keea was. Kanohi … he was only a Matoran, she outclassed him in any term of power, but after he had neglected her in the fight … he did not want this carefree Lesterin to suffer. He wanted to protect her, her and all the people of Mata-Nui. He couldn’t let anyone else get infested. The vigilante shook his head and heard an unfamiliar rattling along with his wooden masks clanking. He looked at his still partly disassembled Volo Lutu Launcher … he could not help anyone if it was not perfect. The Fe-Matoran began to get back to work mending and modifying his grappling hook, readying it for the journey ahead. OOC: @ARROW404 @Onaku @Snelly
  15. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - The Edge of the Fau Swamp Kanohi dipped his head to Itachi, this changed somethings. For one thing, they might actually be able to go the right way now. Or at least go the right way sooner than they would have otherwise. And with an aerial view, they may be able to spot danger far in advance. The Fe-Matoran vigilante turned over his tablet and pointed to the ‘yes’ he had carved into the back, before clicking his bracelet to say “Itachi will be big help. Thank you both for guiding us.” Hopefully they could make up the time Kanohi’s bad sense of direction may have cost them, and reach Ga-Koro in time to stop the Lesterin. Still, there was a danger here, and Kanohi might not have been clear. This was important, so this time he wrote with the graphic stick, “I am not sure if I was clear, but the parasite was able to control a Gukko, pull its wings and beaks from within like a puppeteer. It did not know how to fly, and its optics could only seem to see light sources not detail, it just flopped about wildly. I do not want anyone else possessed by such a thing. So do be careful for both your and Itachi’s sakes.” He … he could not stomach the idea of a Matoran or another bird being puppeted. Not after he abandoned Hakari in her time of need. She survived, but clearly from his dreams, it haunted him. OOC: @ARROW404 @Onaku @Snelly
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