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  1. ahh thank you for the reply!! id be interested to know if they were bootlegged! ive not seen any before, but that wouldnt rule it out! Any informations really handy! as theres not really all that much out there about the line haha
  2. Hey all! been a while since ive visited here, but figured it was the best place to ask, Ive been collecting the wheels from Roboriders (among other collectibles!) for a while now and came across the one on the right, initially I just thought it was faded or something, but on closer inspection, the eyes are blue instead of green and the yellow seems to be completely absent as well as the red being purple. All the other coloured wheels that ive got with this printing match the one on the left. Is this a known variant? or a printing error or something else entirely? thank you!!
  3. hi legolosrd welcome to the bzp (short for bzpower) comunity if you have any questions feel free to ask me!


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