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  1. Ic: Keitara (whoops) The Av-Toa looked more sheepish than a herd of mahi. With a thought, she called down the cloak and brightened her light globe. "Waveahk? Didn't expect to see you here as well! Wow, it's a proper reunion!" Shouldering her weapons, she looked to both, smiling. (OOC: @Void Emissary @Toru Nui @Keeper of Kraata
  2. IC: Keitara (Uh oh) (Recommended listening: Deadly Flourish by Ghost Data.) Kei was immediately on guard. Her lance weighed heavy in her hand, and she slung her shield from her shoulder. Focusing herself, she bent light in a cocoon around the three, hiding them from view. It was a moment's thought to dampen her miniature sun to better disguise their movements. Sunset crimson glinting off of her toa tool's blade, she looked to Irna and Tekmo. "Both of you stay close. The bubble's not as big as I'd like." (ooc: @Void Emissary @Toru Nui
  3. IC:Keitara (Dubiously directed) "Hmm…" said the Av-Toa, frowning in the direction Tekmo had pointed. Swamp vines and sickly trees blocked the view, but the path aas travelable and seemed, to her reckoning, about as good a way forward as their initial planned movement. "Well… It's a communal decision, but I don't foresee pursuit being too great an issue. Though as for the safety of travel…" She looked to the two and shrugged, "Best I can reckon I'm an engineer, not a navigator. My poetry's not that great either, come to that. Irna's a good tracker though, and Skorm knows Muaka's limits better than I ever will. I'm just here to belt things until they start whirring again, really." She was reluctant to mention her true desires, or the odd, half-remembered dreams that had been plaguing her. She wouldn't lie to Skorm or Irna, at least not knowingly, but Tekmo was less of a familiar face and the longer Kei was about in the world the more precious what few secrets she did have felt. "So… With any luck things should be moving again soon. I'll check in with IV and see if they have any updates or recommendations if Skorm hasn't already. Would you like me to bounce ahead and alert him that you're here?" (OOC @Void Emissary @Toru Nui
  4. IC: Keitara (montage time) Kei stopped for a moment, hand resting against her cheek where Irna had kissed her. Then, warmth spreading through her like wildfire, the Av-Toa slung herself out of the Muaka and began her work. Allowing her intuition to take the wheel, the alleged ex-Ghost shifted the chassis' hard-mounts to the suspension, adjusted the craft's legs to move more easily across swampy terrain, and finally pulled a block of slick plastic from a pocket sewn into her cloak. Using infra-red light to heat the block, Kei made several impromptu gaskets around pistons and camshafts in hopes that intruding water would be deterred. Crossing her fingers, and squinting slightly in the fading daylight, she hauled herself once more, grease-stained and utterly contented, prepared to haul herself up into the Muaka's cabin. Her audio receptors picked up incoming voices. Grabbing her lance and shield from where she'd left them propped by the door, she dropped as silently as her frame allowed into the swamp water. Conjuring a globe of pale luminescence, she cast it upward and turned to face in the direction of the sound. Her eyebrows shot up, and she exclaimed "Irna! Welcome back." She waved to Tekmo, smiling. Wading as quickly as possible, she stowed her weapons across her back and made her way to the pair. "How was the journey? Are you both okay? Sorry for the light, I felt it was better than fighting with my vision impaired. Don't worry, it's harmless. I've been practicing." (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway . Please let me know if I got anything incorrect or glossed over anything, I haven't been able to catch up yet but didn't want to leave you hanging...)
  5. IC: Keirara (Flustered gal) A violet tinge crawled beneath Kei's kanohi as she stared pointedly at Orm. She still wasn't sure what to make of Skorm's entourage, especially how, well, forward the Shadow Toa could be. Yet… he was still part of Skorm. The aspects that in his combined form made the Twi-Toa charming and even outstanding in Kei's mind seemed exaggerated in his fragments' personalities. Also she was indeed very self-conscious of the fact that her crush's head (well, half of it at any rate) was resting in her lap and she couldn't decide if she wanted to stroke his head or clock him. She followed Irna's lead and politely extricated herself from beneath Orm, shooting Sko a slightly apologetic look as she did so. "Right. I'll get out there and strip the panels off. Glad to hear that you tw- three will be all right looking after yourselves as far as radiation goes. I'll… I guess I'll focus in on getting the Muaka repairs finished with Goofus and Gallant here. Just… be safe, Irna" (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway
  6. IC: Keitara (I'M WAKING UP/ I feel it in my bones/ enough to make my systems blow…) (Recommended Listening- Her Mortal Coil by Ghost Data) Kei lingered for a moment handing the shafts to Irna. The warrior seemed genuinely touched by the offering, which filled the diminutive Av-Toa's chest with forge-warmth. She turned around when Skorm mentioned their location. Closing her eyes, her newly honed senses almost let her taste the sharp tang of ionizing radiation in the area. Part of Kei was surprised that the energy had lingered so long in the area. Without physical fallout she'd expected it to have dissipated. How... interesting. And potentially disastrous for an unprotected warrior venturing into the exclusion zone. Kei was surprised by another thing: the energy wasn't painful. She felt uncomfortably warm, but nothing like the sickening burning of before. The ambient energy was, after all, only a high-frequency version of light. Perhaps when her body wasn't generating the toxin she was... resistant to it? Perhaps even slightly energized? But that didn't help Irna, and she didn't have a way of generating a healing Rhotuka on command. And while she might be able to draw the energy from her friend's body upon her return its vicious damage would already be done. "I can feel it, too." said Kei, knowing without asking that if she could sense it, the Twi-Toa before her must as well. "Not sure Irna treading through all this alone would be a good life decision. Fascinating though, really. Elemental energy itself must be lingering in this place. Like inside of a Toa Stone. If this procedure could be reproduced in a controlled setting then a thermal power source-" The engineer cut herself off, blushing slightly. "S-sorry. I... I know this is my problem. Um... Skorm, do you know if... well, I created this mess. Do you think I might be able to re-absorb any of it? Not that I'm keen to spend any more time on my back-" Kei's cheeks flushed wine-dark as she realized the unintended implications of this but she plowed on "but working in these conditions would be equally detrimental, unless you went Doublemint and we shoved Orm in here under a lead blanket. Also... I did this. This entire area is toxic because of my inexperienced blundering. And I promised that Turaga I'd do something about this." (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway
  7. IC: Keitara- Hates to see her go (Soundtrack- Nuclear Winter continues) The engineer looked to Irna. She felt a tightness in her chest, and bit back her knee-jerk response of insisting she accompany the warrior. Irna was a skilled hunter, and if any of them were to brave this swamp she would have the best chance of success. Also, she had the feeling Waveahk might kill either her or Skorm if they were the ones to show up. Her especially, given how she'd pumped the amphibious being full of countless milirems on their last encounter. After a pause, she said "Of course. But, um, if you do…" Reaching once more behind the seat, she drew forth a canvas-wrapped bundle. Unrolling it revealed a set of ten metal arrows and a small satchel. Each arrow had a groove carved from its barbed tip, and the ends held flights made of resin-stiffened canvas. "The bag of sand is to mix with your oil. I… thought that way you could fill the channels with it. Give them a bit more punch. They're not protosteel, but they should do a bit of damage against an armored opponent." As Keitara spoke she shifted her gaze to the side slightly. "I know I've spent most of my time helping Skorm with the Muaka. I felt… well, I wanted to do something for you as well." (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway
  8. IC- Keitara (hovering) The Av-Toa peeped over Skorm's shoulder like the dusk sun over the horizon. "How's everything handling?" she asked eagerly. She'd helped Skorm and IV with the repairs and was as eager as a youngling to see if the system was functioning properly. (OOC: @Conway @Keeper of Kraata
  9. Recommended listening: Nuclear Winter by Ghost Data IC: Keitara (Giving thanks aboard the Muaka) Noticing the Zyglak warrior's discomfort, Kei reached a hand out and gently rested it on her biceps. "Irna… thank you. Thank you both for coming with me. I know… I know it was a big sacrifice to leave Metru-Koro. The fact that you're doing it in no small part on my account…" The engineer drifted off, staring at her electrum-shod feet. "I'm so grateful." Raising her gaze once more, there was a familiar glint of steel in Keitara's violet eyes. "Also… don't worry about the swamp. I'm not the same Toa I was the last time." Reaching to the side of her seat, Kei drew forth her lance. Before leaving Metru-Koro Kei had sought out just one item: a set of old forge hammers, soot blackened and heavily used. She'd spent two days straight at an impromptu forge cobbled together from sandstone and sea coal, heating and shaping the shattered remains of her beloved weapon. Her heart had twisted at the fused and shattered components that suggested the weapon had once been able to fold and convert between shapes. But the damage was too severe to repair. Salvaging what components she could for the capacitor bank, Kei beat and folded the splinters of the lance's shaft together. The protosteel was shot through with veins of faint gold from melted contacts, but she'd determined this was only a surface imperfection and didn't impact strength. Having her Toa tool repaired by her hand felt like she'd forged an anchor. She wasn't carrying a stranger's equipment, it bore her marks. She could recall every moment spent before that forge, working her creation, quenching it in the sea. The feeling of absolute pride as elemental light once more played along its length. For the first time since arriving on Zakaz she truly felt like a Toa. (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway
  10. Suggested listening: Starry Eyed by Ghost Data IC: Keitara (en route to the Kumu Islets) The nice thing about chutespeak was that it was exceptionally liberating to curse in. Usually the slang followed a set pattern, fusing related ideas into two-part descriptors. A large, out-of-control fire became Badflame, uneven terrain without proper lighting became falldark. It was exceptionally useful shorthand for an engineer. The curses, however, were nearly random and often caustic enough to eat paint from a ship's hull. Kei found herself thankful for her armor's rigidity as she levered her finger out of the flywheel, which itself seemed undamaged. Had it been crushed around her fingers she doubted anybody on the island would have the tools to extricate them, save perhaps Toa Knichou. Signaling to IV to gun the Muaka's motor, she used her power to rapidly flash a white light over the timing assembly, checking if the marks were moving in synch. Keitara may have been a creature of light, but she'd come to realize that she never felt truly happy unless she was elbows-deep in some kind of mechanism or building a circuit pathway. Her nimble hands were small enough to delicately manipulate components even in armor. She'd begun examining her own suit in her free time after repairing her lance as best as she could. Freeing some twisted metal and heating a couple of slide tracks to free them up had led her to discover a useful feature of her gauntlets: namely that they could slam forward into any surface she struck before ramming back home. She'd demonstrated this by punching a neat, u-shaped gash into a large stone, much to her companion's surprise. Kei scrubbed wind-launched sand from her visor as she worked to seal up the vehicle's engine cover. The desert had not been terribly kind to the vehicle, but she should be running smoothly now. Her cloak snapping in the wind, she crawled inside of the Muaka's seating compartment. "The engine should be in time now!" she shouted above the gale. "And I can top up the lightstones if we need to. How much further do you reckon before we reach cover?" (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway The game is afoot! Lemme know if I should amend anything)
  11. NOTE: I added a feature of sliding wrist armor, currently unused but perhaps useful to give my tiny warrior some melee ability without her powers, and so I'm re-submitting her here. Keitara Element: light Mask: emulation (shaped like a golden Metru Hau) Faction: Metru Nui refugees Race: Desecrated toa (light with illumination kraata) Illumination Kraata Ability Stages: 1. can dispel shadows in its immediate vicinity. 2. touch becomes mildly painful for beings of shadow, comparable to an electric shock. Description: Keitara is a slightly short Toa of Light with innately gold and ivory protosteel armor, a ahield with a bladed top and a rhotuka launcher that can fire elemental energy drawn from her body, though expending too much can leave her severely weakened, and a collapseable spear capable of reconfiguring between spear, scythe, rifle and storage forms (surprisingly this idea dates back before RWBY). Currently the lance is badly damaged, and is locked in its spear form. She is friendly, outgoing, and slightly headstrong, yet can work well with others. Due to the events specified below, Keitara is currently unaware of her desecrated status, or even of the concept of bonding with a kraata. Additionally, her loss of memory has hindered her elemental control. Kei has a curious mind. She delights in building and mechanical apparatuses, and would happily while away an entire day repairing or constructing an object or tool. Her past as a Ghost was the perfect outlet for her, even though the discovery of her true nature caused a stir. She can act as a battery for weapons, which powers her lance and rhotuka shield. Her lance can fold up, be used as a rifle or scythe as well, and its blade is coated in a superconductive material that can absorb elemental energy, store it in a bank of capacitors, and re-release it in eather a focused beam or a scything fan of power. However, overuse can cause damage to the spear's circuitry and its simple program will lock up or disengage this ability if too much power passed through in this manner. It also acts as a standard focus, like any Toa tool. The armor on her lower arms is mounted to a pair of strong springs, allowing it to slide forward and snap back into place when delivering melee attacks. In addition, as an Av-Toa the exact coloration of Kei's armor can vary. In her case this partially tied to her mood, and also to various factors relating to her elemental powers. Currently Kei presents as having dull-gold, silver and off-white armor with indigo-violet eyes. This shade also extends to her elemental light. Kei has developed deep feelings for both Skorm and Irna, rapidly growing towards love for the pair of them. Background: Keitara was hidden amongst a group of Fe-Matoran craftsbeings during the Av-matoran diaspora. Uncomfortable with her more masculine build, Kei scavenged materials over the course of a year and in one day rebuilt herself, using only knowledge of biology gaines from speaking to a few ga-matoran biologists and her own crafting abilities. As she was perfectly functional the next day, this got the attention of the Nynrah Ghosts who quixkly snapped her up with an apprenticeship. During this time Kei was able to indulge her inventive side, working on progressively more and more complicated projects. However, due to an incident involving a Toa stone power cell she discovered her true nature as a Toa of Light. The incident resulted in the exile of her teacher, but she was allowed to stay in exchange for providing protection and a Toa-sized guinea pig for future projects. Keitara died in the attack on Nynrah, holding the line in a suit of experimental exo-toa armor while the island was evacuated. It is currently unclear how she is currently alive, though it would seem that an aspect had a hand in her revivification. Powers: At this time, standard Toa of Light powerset:light bending/camoflauge, laser light, blinding flashes which she can use as a diatraction. Additionally, she was desecrated with a highly unusual kraata strain: Illumination. Kei also has a highly intuitive mind, especially when it comes to problem solving or mechanical matters. Occupation: Keitara is currently allied with Metru-Koro, with especial loyalty to Skorm, Irna, and her newly re-discovered mentor Toa Knichou. Flaws: Keitara's weakness is her naïvte. Aside from the core and Nynrah she has been few places, and acts more like a matoran than a toa at times. But she is fiercely loyal, and hates taking life. She wants to make things different here. She wants to save everybody she can. She afraid of the dark. Also, she has difficulty with social situations which often culminates in her either becoming overanimate and excitable or quiet and withdrawn, depending on her mood. Depression can threaten to de-rail her completely, but the faith her new friends have been putting in her has helped lessen this a bit. (MOC by Click)
  12. IC: Keitara (exhausted) The Av-Toa was leaning heavily on her improvised staff. She attempted to focus in on the airship, but her eyes remained cloudy. "I… 'm not sure…" Kei forced out, as a wave of dizziness overtook her. "...'s… large…." Kei's powers had felt drained when she arrived in Metru-Koro the previous morning. Over the last twenty-four hours she had used them nearly nonstop, especially in the darkness. Starlight was holding her together, but the exertion had sucked the Toa dry. With a clatter the stave fell to the ground as she collapsed, her cloak shifting to cover her feverish face. She fought for consciousness as her head spun, but could feel herself losing the fight. I can't protect them, she realized as the darkness closed in. I… there's nothing I can do. I'm sorry, Skorm. I'm sorry, Irna… "I'm…" she rasped, "...so..r...r...y….." The darkness wrapped her mind like a cloak, and the Toa fell unconscious. (OOC: @Conway, @Keeper of Kraata)
  13. IC: Keitara (Something wicked this way comes) Something prickled at the back of the crafter's mind. It took her a second to tie this to her elemental powers. Slowly and painfully turning her stiff neck, she saw… Fire. Or the glow of it. It was too faint to be the raw burning she had at first feared, so the settlement likely wasn't ablaze. But… Leaning on her shield for support, Kei reached for a pile of rubble and withdrew a longish piece of relatively straight metal. It hummed faintly in her hand, not taking well to the slug of power the Toa sent through it from her failing reserves, but it would do for a few strikes at least. Her power would probably have given out by then, if a fight were on its way. It wasn't her trusty lance, whose shattered remains were still slung across her back, but it would have to do. "Something's… coming," she said, leaning on the improvised tool. "Something … or someone. I sense light. Firelight, and it's getting brighter. I… I don't know what I can do" she finished hollowly, a note of defeat in her voice at her fading power. She needed rest, or daylight if nothing else. She was worried she was about to find out if one could become a turaga from exertion alone. If it wasn't for a faint pool of warmth spreading from the symbiote clamped around her mending spine, she felt she'd have run dry of power already. (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway, @Smudge8)
  14. IC: Keitara (Who do we have here?) Kei gently rested a hand on the Twi-Toa's shoulder. "Got it. Just… be careful, okay? After all we've been through today it'd be a sick irony if a building collapsed on you." She smiled wanly, then turned her attention to Irna. Immediately she could tell something had changed in the Zyglak's mannerisms. She seemed stiff, as though shocked by something, and before her… Kei's stomach dropped to her boots. She hadn't paid full attention to the figure Irna had been talking to- Mazor, was it?- until now. As soon as she did some tiny sense in the back of her mind clawed for her attention and she felt the kraata on her back convulse slightly. Every living being had a spark within them. A star's heart, beating and lit. But this figure… ...was a shell. The light was there, but it was a faint afterglow. The figure was nearly a walking husk, armor tattered, organic components dessicated yet still shifting the shambling figure about. Something inside her screamed, and she was struck with a sudden… vision? memory?... of a swarm of tattered forms writhing and screeching, scrabbling against her armor, dragging on her limbs, pulling her down, down… She snapped back to the present, the vision fading and she focused back in on Mazor. ''H-hey, Irna, is… is everything alright?" (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway, @Smudge8)
  15. IC: Keitara (sleeby macguffin lady hours) As if a spell had been broken, the adrenaline finally fully left Keitara's system. The full weight of the last 24 hours hit her like a footstep from the monster tahtorakh. "I… Skorm and I had a bit of a rest earlier" said Kei, somewhat shyly. "It was nowhere near long enough. I think that sleep may be best." Kei paused, looking back and forth between her companions. She found it odd that they could have become so important to her in such a short time. But now her heart ached at the idea of being separated from either. "Skorm," she said, softly. "Irna. I… I know I'm only one being, and not exactly well-trained in my current state. But… I swear on my own life that I will do whatever I can to help preserve this island. For all of us, not just the matoran." Letting out another squeaking yawn, the Av-toa once more met her friends' eyes. The certainty of that morning still had not returned, but the determination burning in Kei's soul was plain to see. (OOC: @Conway, @Keeper of Kraata)
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