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  1. Happy 20th anniversary, BZPower! I am watching BZP since 2007 and than became a member in 2009 because I love Bionicle, and it’s very nice to share our interests. I hope people in this website stay being Bionicle fans, despite Bionicle and Hero Factory not being there (but I hope they will be if Bionicle wins the vote in Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary project in 2022).
  2. I hope every toxic fan will understand why AFOLs want Bionicle back when they read this.
  3. Guys. You got it all wrong about G2. G2 would not fit well because of how it performed. G1 would fit well because the Great Beings may have done something. Now, that’s logical.
  4. Hi, guys. We see that Vakama can have visions about the future. However, we don’t know where they come from and why they get into Vakama’s head rather than other people’s heads, but the events that the visions based on happened. Plus, I wonder if Vakama had known that the events of the 2008-2010 story arcs and the 2010s story serials will happen? Did he also know about the events of the 2006 story arc? Who is giving Vakama these visions? Is it Artahka or some member of the Order of Mata Nui? In G2, there is the G2 Mask of Time that allows spits wearer to see into the future. You think that the G1 Mask of Time may be a half of a bigger mask, as many fans theorize? The G2 mask is said to be the top part. It’s quite weird that Vakama is the only person to have much more visions than other characters, including the Toa Mata.
  5. Hi, guys. I have been wondering. When I look at the Toa Hordika masks, they look like various animals. Matau’s mask looks like a lizard’s head, Nokama’s a fish, and Nuju’s a bird (he does speak bird to ignore people when they are acting foolish or are trying to waste his time. Lol). The other guys are something that I have a hard time making comparisons. They look like either bears, rhinos, bulls, or tigers. What are your thoughts about their masks’ looks?
  6. I always knew it will win. Anyway, it reminds me of that Star Wars Episode 2 set in 2002. It was an amazing set during the time. Good times and nostalgia.
  7. Looks like something from Pixar’s Coco in 2017. Nice colors, anyway.
  8. They have a huge “H” on the Hero Factory building? Rocka from Hero Factory’s Episode 9 knows that H is for Hero Factory. You didn’t know that? Anyway, I’ve seen so many negative (or not realistic “realistic”) comments from many of my topics, according to BZP’s notification bell icon. You really need to try to look at the positive sides of my ideas because they are logical. It’s okay to have opinions, but you shouldn’t write so negative. No offense. We all can think of possibilities. Plus, you double posted on some of them. That’s not why we do things in BZP.
  9. Terminator’s doing okay. People still talk about it. Same with Bionicle, so my stuff could possibly happen.
  10. G2 may not be the best thing that we had, and everyone loves G1, so G1s in general can continue in some ways. I mean, look at Transformers G1 and Ghostbusters G1. Transformers has comics while Ghostbusters has third movie coming in this year (or next because of the pandemic). Bionicle and these other franchises are so forgivable that their G1s re-continued. Bionicle is a fan-favorite Lego franchise, so yes. Plus, Samurai Jack and Hey Arnold were never rebooted in 2017. They had a new season and TV movie, respectively, to finish up their stories. Would you like to have Disney buy Bionicle and Hero Factory? It never rebooted Star Wars. Don’t agree with Lorentz. No offense. It’s just that when Bionicle and Hero Factory were around, everyone, even in BZPower and Reddit, were happy and loved to talk about possibilities for the themes’ futures. They were a proud bunch of fans, and they always hoped that the themes could have more stuff then what we have now. However, when the themes ended, some of the fans were acting pessimistic. I noticed that in my topics in BZPower and Reddit. I always make these topics to keep up the good mood, but these people never listened. It’s not pretty, and I wish these guys are joking. People in social media always troll others nowadays. Are they focusing on Ninjago nowadays? Ninjago is not the same as Bionicle and Hero Factory in some ways, primarily because we are action figure fans. I emailed Lego about the situation in September 2020 and I begged it to bring back Bionicle and Hero Factory (and also, re-continue and end Bionicle’s G1 story and Hero Factory’s and have them share the same universe), so the pessimistic fans can be happy people again. Lego made a vague reply, but they love my ideas and understand how I feel. Lego also talks about Bionicle a little each year after 2016. Greg Farshtey and Faber still love Bionicle and Hero Factory. Faber also understood my feelings and pleas in Instagram and Facebook. Trust me. This year could be our chance to bring back Bionicle (and HF). True, Sodoka’s Bionicle Legends project in Lego Ideas couldn’t become a set twice, but we have Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary project coming up in 2022. Remember that it had a list of choices that are the old themes before the 2010s. Bionicle is one of them. It was one of the top choices. I bet and hope that Bionicle will be the theme that the project will be based on because Bionicle has a soul and a much larger fan base than the other choices. If that could happened successfully, I bet Lego would make our wishes (my ideas) come true because it depends on business, like you said. Perhaps that could make things a lot better for Bionicle and Hero Factory, like giving them a reasonable reboot that captures the glory days in 2001-2009. Don’t forget that Bionicle saved Lego from bankruptcy in 2001, you know, so Lego should respect that. I bet it does, and this year is Bionicle’s 20th anniversary. Lego is also impressed that fans are still dedicated fans, as it likes that fan game called Bionicle: Quest for Mata Nui. Lego never stopped a a fan group called LiteStone Studios from modifying and finishing up Bionicle’s cancelled video game called The Legend of Mata Nui. If you guys are fans since either 2001-2010, I hope you guys understand because I have been a fan since day one. I always believe in possibilities that could actually and reasonably happen. Everyone knows that.
  11. It’s very nice to hear from Faber and Greg. Anyway, happy 20th anniversary, Bionicle! It’s an awesome part of my life, childhood, and a vital part of my happiness. It has had a very good history in its life. It’s about magical and bio-mechanical heroes called Toa and their allies fighting against a villain named Makuta Teridax and other evil forces to stop them from harming the universe and their people while collecting various special objects that can help them do so. It has a lot of awesome sets, and the story is told through mainly chapter books, comics, online animations, four direct-to-video movies, the two Mata Nui online games, and online story serials. There are also video games, other online games, and guide books. Bionicle is the one that saved Lego from bankruptcy in 2001 when it happened. Today was when the first Bionicle comic book was released on July 1, 2001 in the USA. When Bionicle was wrongfully cancelled in 2010, Hero Factory came to kept Lego’s action figure category alive in 2010-2014. HF did very good, too. After HF sadly got wrongfully cancelled, Bionicle came back in 2015, but as a reboot. The reboot was pretty good. When Bionicle got wrongfully and brutally cancelled again in 2016, HF wasn’t there for some reason, and the action figure category disappeared in 2018. I am extremely sad without Bionicle and Hero Factory, and my life kind of got trashed because of their cancellations. However, they have legacies, and as fans, including me, are dedicated to it, and are willing to convinced Lego to bring them back. I hope this year is a good chance. Plus, I hope Lego will follow my ideas if the Lego 90th anniversary project in 2022 is based on Bionicle (I emailed allegro about it, and they love my ideas) and will become successful (when you click the link and links in it, please don’t listen to those guys pessimistic comments because they are meaningless jokes and that happened when Bionicle and Hero Factory aren’t here now). : I really want Bionicle to come back to my life again.
  12. It wouldn’t be terrible. It doesn’t hurt to do a shared universe crossover. I mean, look at Ninjago. It has Legends of Chima as a part of it. That never hurt. People are into shared universe these days, like Powerpuff Girls G1 being a part of Dexter Laboratory’s universe (Major Glory and his friends), Ben 10 and The Secret Saturdays (there is a crossover episode in Ben 10: Omniverse), and Rugrats with The Wild Thornberries (there is a movie about it). Please understand. I believe it’s possible if Lego would bring Bionicle and Hero Factory back depending on Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary project. Please have some hope. How would you like if I am right?
  13. You’re being negative. When Bionicle and Hero Factory were around, Bionicle fans always hope and support them, but when the themes are gone, some people like you lost your optimism, and that’s not okay. No offense. What I said is possible. Lego can make anything possible nowadays. I mean, look at Ninjago. It has Legends of Chima as a part of it. Samurai Jack got it’s fifth and final season after 13 years of hiatus. Same with Hey Arnold with TV movie after 13 years. Please understand that.
  14. It’s not too late when you can hope that Lego Ideas’ Lego 90th anniversary will be based on Bionicle in 2022. Please understand that. Maybe if it happened successful, that could re-continue Bionicle G1’s story, Hero Factory’s story, and say that both of them share the same universe due to their similarities. That’s called doing justice on those things.
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