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  1. I love the storyline! It’s one of my favorites because of the story, characters, comics, chapter books, music videos, online games, new building system for action figures, the characters, Bionicle Heroes, and of course the Kardas Dragon. I am not fond of the play sets or the lack of a Bionicle direct-to-video movie, but yes. I also remember when I was in the theaters, there was a commercial for Toa Inika. That’s what made me love Bionicle more (and that was what makes me believe that Bionicle and Hero Factory should have a live-action cinematic universe). Anyway, I have this: Plus, as much as Lego should really do something tor celebrate Bionicle’s 20th anniversary, I would like Lego to also celebrate Bionicle Heroes’ 15th anniversary (remastering and remake the game to make it much better would be nice).
  2. The two videos, including this one, are connected somehow. There is a good reason why we have those gold ninja figures in this year’s Legacy sets. There’s a statue that looks like that samurai dude from the first video, and the statues in the first video look like the Ninja’s Golden outfits in the second video, both of these videos show Golden energy because of these things.
  3. Hi, guys. You know, Brickheadz is a popular thing with Lego these days. I’ve seen many Brickheadz, as they promoted for many licensed themes, like Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars. Even The Lego Ninjago Movie. There’s one thing, though. How about Bionicle and Hero Factory? True, Hero Factory wasn’t as impactful as Bionicle, but it is best known for some things, like keeping the action figure category alive in 2010-2014 and introducing the CCBS. Well, if HF were to have Brickheadz, Bionicle has to come back and have Brickheadz because HF is basically there for Bionicle (not to mention that it’s similar to Bionicle and thus should share the same universe as Bionicle G1). I think that could be possible. If I would want Brickheadz for Hero Factory, I would want all nine Alpha 1 heroes (2010 forms/2012 forms). Maybe also Von Nebula and Black Phantom. What about you?
  4. Hi, guys. You know, Brickheadz is a popular thing with Lego these days. I’ve seen many Brickheadz, as they promoted for many licensed themes, like Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars. Even The Lego Ninjago Movie. There’s one thing, though. How about Ninjago (as in the TV show)? The show is successful and famous, and it’s much better than the movie. This year is its 10th anniversary. It would be nice to see Lego do that kind of treatment for Ninjago that way. If I would imagine Brickheadz for Ninjago, I would imagine all six Ninja would have that treatment. Maybe also Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, and the Overlord. Maybe with Legends of Chima and Nexo Knights, too. What about you?
  5. Hi, guys. You know, Brickheadz is a popular thing with Lego these days. I’ve seen many Brickheadz, as they promoted for many licensed themes, like Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars. Even The Lego Ninjago Movie. There’s one thing, though. What about Bionicle? Bionicle is famous and successful in its time, too. This year is its 20th anniversary. Lego should really give something like that for Bionicle. There is a guy in Lego Ideas who made Brickheadz for Bionicle, but I don’t know if it can have 10,000 supporters on time: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b2d13635-4c8d-41a8-930d-15b40e98293b . If I would imagine Brickheadz for Bionicle, I would imagine the Toa Mata would get that treatment. Maybe Makuta Teridax, Mata Nui (Glatorian Legends and Great Spirit Robot), Takanuva, and Ekimu. Maybe with Hero Factory, too. What about you?
  6. Would you look at Toa and Hero Factory Heroes as superheroes (I also believe that Hero Factory is a part of Bionicle G1 in a way because they are very similar and many people treat them that way)? Because they act like them. They also are robots and have powers like robotic superheroes, like Vision from Marvel and Mega Man from Mega Man. Happy National Superhero Day to them (it’s two days, but yes)!
  7. It’s okay, but I wish the movie could have noticed more on the other Ninja other than Lloyd. Plus, Lord Garmadon should have been cured, and Lloyd’s power is obviously Energy. Plus, the sea creature army. They’re pathetic. We didn’t even need that silly cat to be in the movie, and I wish the movie is much more connected to the other Lego Movies because it is a Lego Movie. It’s not a MCU Netflix show. I looked at two unknown people’s imagination. I always thought that the movie could have been a good template for other Lego-made (as in non-licensed from other IPs) themes to have their movies, like Bionicle, but I have mixed feeling on that silly movie. It’s a bit disappointing. The plot is kind of wonky.
  8. Well, Ninjago’s Seasons 8-10 is a bit similar to the movie. That’s one thing I can think of other than the movie-inspired redesigns of the characters in the show.
  9. This is amazing! Excellently done, dude!
  10. That’s a bummer. Well, good thing that he left out the Bohrok Online Animations, so we know where the game could have gone, despite the fact that Vakama is still talking with Whenua. I would imagine the game to be based on the 2002 and early 2003 storylines, with the Bohrok and the Bohrok-Kal, because of the animations presented in there.
  11. Faber always keeps fans to be fans by using Biovival. It’s a cool thing because we love Bionicle, and it makes pessimistic fans from thinking about G2’s disaster. Hey, we can forgive Bionicle and Hero Factory for how hard they try. Faber does seem to relate to this when he was talking about Hero Factory: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/universal-lego-hero-factory-robots-movie-328785 I once asked Faber in a comment in one of his Instagram posts if he had ever thought about Bionicle G1 and HF sharing the same universe due to the similarities. He Liked my comment. Anyway, it’s rude for what the fans are saying about Faber’s intentions. It’s like what I said in my first paragraph.
  12. Hi, guys. Well, you know, our favorite villain, Makuta Teridax, has an interesting way of having names. In 2001-2007, he is always called Makuta or the Makuta while he is said to be the Great Spirit Mata Nui’s spirit brother. The “the” part was suspicious because it sounded like “Makuta” is a species name, kind of like “the Rhino” from Marvel. In 2005, it is revealed that Makuta is also called “the Makuta of Metru Nui” because he actually has a species called “the Makuta” and “the Makuta of some place” is a title for a Makuta who is assigned in a certain region in the Matoran Universe. Icarax was the first Makuta to have his name revealed, and it happened in 2007 before the Makuta of Metru Nui said him, Antroz, Vamprah, Chirox, and Mutran in Into the Darkness serial in 2007. In 2008, it is revealed that the Makuta of Metru Nui’s real name is Teridax, or Makuta Teridax because the “Makuta” title is like saying “Mister” for the whole species, as this is to distinguish him from his species because every member of the species can be called “Makuta” by most of other people in the MU. People in Metru Nui and the island of Mata Nui keep calling Teridax “Makuta”, and Teridax represents his whole species because he is their leader. The word “Makuta” is also treated as a bad word because Matoran suffered from the Makuta species. Despite Teridax’s revealed real name, people keep on calling him “Makuta”, even after he destroyed all the other Makuta but Miserix. In 2015-2016, there is a guy named “Makuta”, who is considered a rebooted version of Teridax. You see, saying “Makuta” is like saying “malice” while “Teridax” is like saying “terror” or Thanos from Marvel (Teridax and Thanos are sort of similar). I don’t get why people did a backlash on the real name. People keep on called him “Makuta Teridax” nowadays because of his species. So, what name do you prefer to call the Makuta? For me, Teridax, because it explains why he was called “The Makuta”.
  13. Using instructions. My mom has a thing against combining sets, so she wouldn’t want me to make MOC’s. I’m fine that way.
  14. That’s a huge lie the reviewer did over there. >:( Well, I wish there is a review that said something like “Hero Factory is a nice successor to Bionicle”, and “It’s a nice addition to Bionicle”.
  15. I don’t speak Japanese, but it’s cool these guys are able to translate the game.
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