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  1. A single, expensive collector's set that not many people will be able to afford will in no way show LEGO that there's enough demand to put time, effort and money into bringing back an entire theme that has already had one underperforming revival in recent years. Bionicle had it's time, and interest in it has waned since. It's time you face reality, this won't bring back Bionicle. Hero Factory even less so.
  2. The DMC Delorean is the other one, famous for Back to the Future, infamous for being poorly made. :v The Titanic was also constructed in Belfast, and we all know what happened to that.
  3. Ah, a true connoisseur. My answer is the same. Trying to get as much work on finishing relic weapons done as possible before Endwalker drops. So many FATEs... @___@
  4. Ahhh, one of the two most infamous vehicles constructed in my home country of Northern Ireland, forever immortalised as a LEGO set.
  5. Aye, 2007. Never had any issues with my Keelerak, it was only once I got Hahli Mahri and later Ehlek that the problems began. Also had issues with the dark blue sockets from the 2008 Gali Nuva...
  6. Well duh, they come apart very easily. :^)
  7. Nuparu at least has the benefit of being an Onu-Toa, so he could slap people a bit harder than the others. :v
  8. Oh I got my 12 year spinny...


    I've been here 12 years.  .___.

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Happy BZPBirthday! Would you have believed this day would come back then?

  9. Not a case of him claiming it as his own, but posting other people's art IS against the General Art rules (which is where something like this should normally be posted by the creator themselves). From the General Art rules:
  10. The Rahkshi heads were way more irritating to remove on the Rahaga IMO. At least with the Rahkshi you can poke a beam through the hole in the top to push the socket off.
  11. Wonder if these LEGO sets will attract the same lot of people who were screaming nonsense about Zavvi selling stolen Transformers stock earlier this year. :v
  12. I've never heard that term. Toa Olda would be a cool name for a team if there was an island called Olda I suppose. Maybe something for fanfic writers to consider.
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