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  1. Honestly it's nice to see people still look back fondly on his work, and some comic section rep in the contest is a plus, too. I know where my vote will be going.
  2. You also seem to have yourself convinced that these LEGO Ideas and BrickLink sets will bring Bionicle back if they succeed. You seem to have forgotten that the Ideas sets are usually quite pricey, meaning mainly collectors will be buying them, so such low numbers being sold will hardly be enough to warrant the revival of an entire product line. And as for the BrickLink thing, that's already fallen through, showing us that there's not nearly enough interest in Bionicle these days compared to other LEGO products. I'm sorry, but Bionicle just doesn't have the same scale as it did in the fandom's old days. People just have more important things going on in their lives to fully care about a children's toy line as they've got older.
  3. Honestly, I'm with Lorentz on this. Remember, at the end of the day, Bionicle was always a toy line first, and a story second. If the toys aren't successful or being produced/sold any more, then they're not going to make/continue a story for it. As much as we may want it back, LEGO needs to prioritize what is actually making them money, and as it stands right now, Bionicle is not profitable. Bionicle may return one day, but it won't be G1.
  4. Stargate: The Ark of Truth OST - The Supergate by Joel Goldsmith
  5. Unfortunately no fandom is free from having toxic individuals. Not much you can really do about it, either.
  6. I kept them. Can't remember the reason why I kept them, but they came in handy for when I moved house years ago.
  7. I never knew that. Darn, missed opportunity to create an army of those spinny dragon toys they did...
  8. Gonna echo others and say 2001 to experience what it was like at the beginning.
  9. Odds of winning depends on how many people enter by the end of the month.
  10. Should also be noted that the projectiles from the Phantoka Toa (and other sets that used the Midak Skyblaster); while using the same sphere pieces of the zamors, are actually spheres of light (or shadow in Vultraz's case).
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