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  1. I kept them. Can't remember the reason why I kept them, but they came in handy for when I moved house years ago.
  2. I never knew that. Darn, missed opportunity to create an army of those spinny dragon toys they did...
  3. Gonna echo others and say 2001 to experience what it was like at the beginning.
  4. Odds of winning depends on how many people enter by the end of the month.
  5. Should also be noted that the projectiles from the Phantoka Toa (and other sets that used the Midak Skyblaster); while using the same sphere pieces of the zamors, are actually spheres of light (or shadow in Vultraz's case).
  6. Now we wait until someone finds a normal, yet rare symmetrical version. :v
  7. FFXIV (shocking, I know). Patch 5.5 came out and that conclusion to the Sorrow of Werlyt questline was just... dude...
  8. Some of the people complaining about the delay on Twitter apparently don't care about it not being finished and just want the game now, but then they'd just go and complain about it being unfinished if TT Games DID release it now... there's just no pleasing some people, is there.
  9. I swear Greg must have had an entire wall covered in sticky notes with responses for the off-chance someone managed to predict something.
  10. Felt like going back and playing Portal 2 yesterday. What I wouldn't give for a third game, but alas... Valve... :v
  11. Oh Lego Universe, you were taken from us far too soon...
  12. "The Black Wolf Stalks Again" - Masayoshi Soken
  13. You've made a few threads in this section regarding purchases so just so you're aware, we do have a Buy/Sell/Trade section that is better suited for these kinds of threads. You may have more luck for future inquiries there (there won't be any need to remake this thread there though, as it will likely be moved by staff).
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