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    I like peace. I like happiness. I like the color blue, and green, and black, and white, and bright transparent aquamarines and crystals and light. I like darkness. I like rain, and fog and puddles of water and the colors everything turns in a rainstorm. I like forests and trees and walking in them. I like winter and spring and summer and fall. I like Latin and Greek and studying languages of all varieties and learning how things work, and why they are the way they are. I like people and places and things who are interesting and open to new ideas. I like love.

    I don't like war. I don't like hatred. I don't like violence. I don't like intolerance. I don't like misogyny and racism and homophobia and all the other forms of prejudice and discrimination that exist.

    I think that it is possible for people to exist in harmony if they can just learn to respect each other, and that sometimes there comes a point where one can go no further than agree to disagree.

    And I don't think that it's terribly naïve of me to wish the world could recognize that.

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  1. Turns out the new masks will fit neatly onto any piece that's two studs wide with either axle or pin holes on each end. They'll lock in place if they're axle holes and swing loosely if they're pins. It's pretty neat. And thank you! The wings I got in a Chima set I picked up randomly earlier this year, but they're also in the purple Mixels.
  2. Now that I've had a chance to sit down and play with some of the 2015 Bionicle parts I got from New York Comic Con, here is a thing that uses a few of them! I was fiddling with Onua's mask and the purple/trans-purple pieces I picked up and decided to build Onepu. Except, of course, the new Pakari doesn't come in purple, so I had to figure out other ways to make his head primarily purple like it used to be. (click for Flickr gallery) Ended up deciding, after his head went the direction it did, that this Onepu is a chieftain of the village of Earth on Okoto. He wears the mask of a Skull Spider on his shoulder as a trophy of battle. Also where I realized just how few Hero Factory parts I really have. Maybe need to fix that. (Also also, hello everyone! It is nice to finally have something to post here again.)
  3. Wow so I haven't posted anything on BZP in forever! I've been drawing a lot in the last few months now that I have regular free time in my life again and, of course, eventually lots of it ended up being Bionicle. Micah convinced me that I should maybe perhaps post some of it here so here goes! (click for full view) As is generally abundantly clear, 2001 remains my favorite year and I still can't stop drawing Mata Nui/the Tohunga/the Toa/literally anything from then. One day last week I was inspired to draw the beach of Ta-Koro (the scene of, really, one of the defining moments of my childhood) so here it is! Probably I will post more things soon I guess?
  4. (this is totes a pan pun thank you for noticing :3 ) (also don't worry about the date I get excited about new comments no matter what) (you are most welcome I'm glad to be of service <3 ) it's also better than most of the skillet-based puns out there
  5. I was seriously hoping this was an awesome 'pan' pun Please tell me I'm right (edit: wow I didn't realize this was from July, now I feel like a creeper. That's what I get for not going on BZP in months…)
  6. ToM Dracone

    Mass Defect 1

    Mrow I say Colonist Ruthless Adept because that seems like an interesting combination Your name should be Bobbert
  7. THAT HAT. It makes me think of Carmen Sandiego at a gay pride parade, which is one of the best combinations of things that it is possible to have. When was that?
  8. Welcome to my life. I'll be walking through a department store and walk past the multifarious sections for women and all I can think is all of this is so pretty why don't men's clothes come in these colors/patterns/etc P.S. I miss you.
  9. One of the best moods to be in, to be sure.
  10. Happy birthday, Yanni!! :D

  11. Sooooo how ya been?

  12. I'm Yanni and I approve of this message!
  13. Fantastic! I'm so glad this all came together so well in the end, the result looks good. Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of this, again — I'm really happy to have contributed. (Also because it got me to get up and do something artistic for the first time in a while!)I also snuck around and looked at the upcoming months, heh, and everyone else's stuff looks good too. Here's hoping more people see this!I do have a couple questions about the titles my pieces ended up with, though...
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