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  1. Another year to sit back thinking, 'Gosh, I'm old!' I love this movie. I don't know which I enjoy more- Mask of Light or Legends. Mask has that wonderful dark atmosphere and sense of hopelessness, but Legends has heart. Not that there aren't memorable characters in Mask- they sealed the popularity of Bionicle for years to come. But Vakama's band always struck me as real people you could bump into. Like Takua and Jaller, they had a natural chemistry that wasn't perfect and ebbed and flowed with the mood. I appreciated that they were written to clash rather than work, and it wasn't all solved with easy fixes and feelgood moments. That isn't how life works, and we don't tell children that through media anymore. They grew together over time, and I wish we would have gotten more opportunities to see that on screen and pages. That and Matau. Flamboyant goofball. Every good guy side needs a likable team jerk- no faction is perfect.
  2. I had the most terrible time picking my three. Since moving back out of the college dorm one and a half weeks ago, this has to have been one of the most difficult decisions presented to me. So many wonderful ideas! Even if none of my personal picks make the final cut, I know that some great ideas shall be set into motion, and have high hopes that those authors who are not chosen may have their chance to shine in the next choosing.
  3. These are some intriguing ideas indeed! Teridax toothpaste sounds like a unique way to build up a technical firm, and Heroes' personal lives sound like a fun path to explore. Also, Von Ness' acceptance of bribes, as well as Aldus' involvement make a lot of sense. Poor, poor Nex and his sudden non-existence. I've had this sneaking hunch for the longest time that Von Ness/Von Nebula is not the only member of the Wave I villains to have once been associated with Hero Factory. Most of the criminals of that era whom the Heroes arrest seem to hold some kind of personal record with Stormer, and seem well acquainted with his presence. I know that someone on DA did a strip a quite a while ago about Corroder's past with them(Which I've sadly never been able to refind), but to me Xplode was always the more likely candidate as he seems to have a particularly strong disliking for Stormer, and a deeper desire than the other secondary villains to see him downed. Granted, this is mainly for the purpose of establishing that Stormer is quite talented and has been at his post for a long time in the lives of young heroes and citizens alike, but it still struck me as an interesting turn of events that could have been exploited. Secondly, the cool-headed portion of Splitface's two personalities was also a Hero. Here's where things get really murky in my own personal territory, more like fan fiction and less just straight theory. I have this pet thought that once upon a dream, the 'Hero' side of who would become Splitface was a condescending and unpleasant, but outwardly popular team leader at Hero Factory. He had a tight-knit and talented team, but only about four of them, himself included, were ever recognized for their efforts. Amongst the forgotten was a lowly demolitions expert who, despite his knack for strategy and seeing the big picture, was constantly the butt of everyone's jokes due to his position. But with the rise of new up-and-comings such as Preston Stormer, the team was forced to share the spotlight and even work together with others. Actually run missions with rookies?! How humiliating! Or at least so thought the team leader. And what was worse yet- this 'Stormer' fellow actually took the time for the losers in the group. Meanwhile, the demolitions expert felt hopeful; here at last was someone who would listen and understand, someone who might be able to stand up for those crushed beneath the limelight. Things seemed to be looking up... But a mission gone awry changed everything. The demolitions expert gave advice- the ground was too unstable, he said, and no one member of the party should go after the criminal without backup. The team leader, in his typical fashion, ignored this and ordered the demolitionist to plant explosives throughout an exposed quaza mining site that ran straight beneath the villain's lair. Furthermore, he split up the team, which included the rookies Stormer and Von Ness, in order to comb the territory more effectively. He found the crook, a battle ensued in the lair's lab, where the combatants were surrounded by illegal chemicals and caged mutations of the local wildlife, and in the heat of things the leader ordered the explosives fired, thinking they were safely out of range and hoping that the sound would throw his quarry off. The demolitions expert, who had laid the charges with hopes of preventing another argument between them, but not anticipating their actual use, protested, climbing down into the mine to deactivate them. But a member of the team freshly returned followed the insistent cries of his leader, and activated the explosives, igniting the mine with the demolitionist still inside. The aftershock tremors shook through the unstable ground, and the lab was torn asunder, all of its chemicals and equipment enveloping Hero and villain alike. The two beings were merged, becoming Splitface. The demolitionist, meanwhile, unbeknownst to the crew, survived the subsequent fiery cavein and remained conscious long enough to see the team leave without him, without even bothering to search for him. I imagine one of the last conscious memories he retained was of a young Stormer simply walking away, without a glance in his direction. In the mine he lay, exposed for an uncalculated amount of time to the raw quaza and other elements lodged there, some of which bore naturally explosive properties. Gradually they warped his physical form, as well as his mind, and he too began to change. Crystals charged with unstable energy grew from his body, and, left alone in the dark with nothing but his anger and frustration to keep him company, he chose to blame Hero Factory and his former bastion of hope, Stormer, for all that had happened. Why did they do nothing to protect the lesser Heroes from the abuse they suffered beneath their peers? Why did no one even bother to search for his remains? How could Hero Factory, a beacon that shone outwardly for hope and good, be so deceptive and hypocritical of its own teachings within? When he at last did manage to gather his strength and crawl his way to the surface, he vowed to wipe out the cancerous plague that was Hero Factory, or at least be as big of a thorn in its side as he could manage. Taking the name Xplode as a mockery of all the cruel jokes at his expense, he outfitted himself with new armor and began a lasting reign of sabotage and thievery across the galaxy, earning a reputation as one of the most wanted criminals still roaming. As he viewed Stormer as a sort of physical manifestation of the Factory's hidden evils, a broken promise tempting others with its lies, his acts became more of a personal vendetta against the Hero, and he sought to destroy him at every turn, partly as a demonstration, a cutting of one of the snake's many heads, and partly for personal revenge. Stormer, simply doing his duty, continued to suffer through it, simply bringing the maddened mutant to justice again, and again, and again... Also, is it just me, or is Mister Makuro awfully prejudice about why he tosses someone out of the Factory? I mean, wanting to at least try to fit yourself with a quaza core, or chickening out in a major fight are not reasons to be labeled criminals and banished from the immediate galaxy. Sure, being discharged is one thing, but sent packing from the planet? Accepting bribes and being in on villainous schemes would surely be of much more merit than simply,"Oh. You messed up. Now I give you zee boot!" Because if some of these fan cannons are not true in one way or another, I'd also hazard a guess that Mister Makuro is not the wise, benevolent leader he seems to be. Tossing someone out into the far depths of space with a restraining order is not how to deal with psychological problems in your staff!
  4. "You know, that little reboot of yours is doing pretty great in the box offices these days." "Aaaaugh! Don't remind me! Lucky guy- he's all CGI-animated. He doesn't get endless letters of complaint about 'rubber suit syndrome'.
  5. "My 'Italy' costume is almost complete...but I think I overdid it on the hair gel a little. That curl is out of control!"
  6. I must respectfully and most heartily disagree. Greetings, fellow Bionicle musical enthusiast! I feel you have an excellent start here; classical theatrical music patterns, jumps, and tempos, good lyrics and a strong, lovely voice. I would harp a bit on the microphone quality and the use of human allusions (IE 'damsel in distress'), but I know from personal experience that microphones are difficult to begin with and especially rough on theatrical-level singing, and the stylization of the lyrics is definitely up to the person writing them. What's important is that you have excellent foundations, and have actually written songs. Do you have some way of playing and recording instrumentals for these songs? Also, it's best to ensure that they are sung in keys good for your voice. For the most part they flowed well, but there were a couple points that sounded a tad high. Still, all in all, practice really does make perfect, even on the stickler notes. I am definitely keeping an eye on this project, and can't wait to see more of it! Is there anything you would like contributed aside from feedback?
  7. I find it simply fascinating that you also possess parents who were at one time highly opposed to violent toys as well. I always loved action figures and weapons as a child, no matter the age, but wasn't permitted to bring even sticks from the back yard into the house. If I recall correctly, Bionicle was really the first ever 'action figure' type toy I owned. In spring of 2001, I recall seeing a large cardboard display of various Toa- Kopaka, Pohatu, and Onua, I believe. I thought they were video game characters at the time, and while they looked amazing, I dismissed them as non- toys. Then during the summer, I saw my first actual canisters in a Wal-Mart somewhere out of town and was instantly enthralled. From the moment I lay eyes on him, Onua Mata was absolutely perfect. I loved his large claws and his tribal-esque mask reminiscent of a bowling ball. And even though I never dared ask my parents for anything moderately related to action-oriented toys, I just had to have him. I begged my family incessantly, but of course being sensible, level-headed people, they said 'no'. Yet it was a torment they would learn to endure; every trip to a department store, I would inevitably wander down the toy aisle, and every time the same request would be raised. Looking back now, I don't know how they survived my constant pesterings until December 25th, but when I opened up my packages that fateful Christmas Eve, I was greeted by the sight of both Gali Mata and Onua Mata as well (I opened Gali first and was flabbergasted and confused until Onua's canister saw the light of day a moment later). So I suppose that Gali and Onua are both technically my first Bionicle...but you can be certain that I assembled Onua first.
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  9. Hi there! Just dropped by to thank you for your very kind comment on my story,Broken. I really apreciate the feedback!

  10. stopmotions* to be made. Take care! -Salutes-

    For the glory of the Colony! All Predacons,Attaaaaaack!!! -Rushes off to work on her projects-

  11. clear* plastic. It's so flimsy!

    Anywhose,congradulations on the Hot Topic! You totally deserve. What a great thing to do...giving everyone a chance to explain the origins of their screen names and a place to arcive all the different aliases people here have taken over time! -High fives-

    But I must now be off. There are MOCs to be built for art projects and sto

  12. Hi there! I appologise for being so late to respond,but thank you so much for your kind response on my story! It's not my best work(Which happens to be a Beast Wars fic still in progress),but I think it turned out half decent for a random drabble that I concocted loosely based around real events.

    And yes,Ignika limb sockets are TERRIBLE! >.

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