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  1. Depends on the type of set. For small stuff like the Toa Mata/Nuva or Matoran the 'block' hands look great, everything else later on realistic or build hands look best.
  2. Reminder that if you really want this set, you can buy the old one a lot cheaper the the new one.
  3. I think it's very unlikely we'll see a third generation of Bionicle, at least in the near future. In ten or twenty years? Sure. I don't think stores are willing to waste anymore money on a brand that sells pretty bad. Do i want it to come back? Definitely, at least in my current financially situation. But I could lose my income a week from now and be forced to live with the necessities.
  4. I was going make a comment about the incoming genwunners, but I know it's not gonna spiral.
  5. No one knows for sure beside Lego themselves. But I think it's safe to say it was their poor marketing and the general lack of interest in buildable figures.
  6. Welp, it's been fun. Time to disappear from all Lego forums again until something interests me enough to come back in a few years.
  7. Does anyone know how Technic (vehicles, Mind Storm, etc.) does these days? I can assume they do significantly worse than what Bionicle might be doing, and they don't cancel that line.
  8. When Bionicle was first revealed at SDCC, they showed off all the solid gold masks including the Mask of Creation. After they gave away most the masks, the MoCr just vanished and was never mentioned since.
  9. It's been a while since this topic updated. What happened?
  10. I've seen great improvements ever since I started drawing pixel art, even more so than I did with regular digital art. Oh, and BZP's activity has been shrinking dramatically as of late.
  11. That seems kind of arbitrary. I was about to ask why Matoro wasn't part of the Toa Mahri before, until I saw someone else already did. If anything, he should be higher than the other Mahri. If we are going by Toa Power (as opposed to Elemental Power), there really doesn't need to be a list. All of the things we have seen Toa Power do (revive Matoran from stasis, create Toa Stones, become Turaga, etc.) could be performed equally by all Toa, except maybe Toa Hordika. Making a list of how powerful individual Toa are would have the Nuva at the top, for being biologically superior to the other Toa, followed basically by everyone else equally. Going by just how well any Toa could handle themselves in a fight, it really can't be said, and it is doubtful the distinction could be made by team. I'm discounting both the Golden Armor and Nui Stone from my thought process, because they could hypothetically be used by any Toa. Wasn't the Golden Armor made specifically for Tahu?
  12. I want this. I want this. I want this. But 350$...? I'm going to have buyers remorse like no other, but this looks really awesome.
  13. I honestly can't wait until next year to see if Bionicle is getting cancled. I'm getting reaaaal sick of all this Detective Doom junk that's been going on in the past few months.
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