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  1. all the first generation mask are cool, so i'll just mention the one i like aside of themwhich is:-toa mahri's mask, except for volitak and garai, i didn't really like them-toa phantoka's mask and onua mistika's mask-kualsi-the 2008's ignikayeah that's alot
  2. I don't really have much to say here as this is a simple MOC, it's good though, the design is nice and well detailed, although i don't think that tire around the body isn't a good idea, you don't have any chains ?and yeah agreed with onewa7 about the waists, and this guy really need some hands and legs, other than that the MOC is great, especially the weapon, i like the fact that you use noble mahiki, the mask shape fits really well with the matoran
  3. Overall i see thi is a very good MOC, i like that chest design which make him looks really good, the whole MOC itself is really well greebled and detailed, looks really good, those blue armor on the sides of his head somehow make him looks really awesome and manly, and it's been awhile since i see that old styled noble matatu used in MOC so it really give a good lookWeapon, i think is really good, i like that schyte which fits him really well, and the idea of making that bowgun-styled zamor launcher is geniusThere are, however, some part that i think need great improvement, i have two major complain here, first, the belly looks really skinny and too long, perhaps you can fix it, the chest and lower body is already good, and the secong the lower arms needs bulking, the shoulder is already good but the lower arms look small compared to other part of the MOCSome other minor complain that i have is the haus sticks out a bit far if you look it from the side, but again it's just a minor problem, i like that wheeled feetSo overall, it's a really great MOC, awesome job
  4. This is one awesome creation with one awesome spine, the idea of using that bendable stick (or whatever you call that piece ) above the original rahkshi spine is really great, perhaps if you were to change those axles to something with sharper end it will be better.The body overall is okay, i pretty like it, the things that bug me are the hand looks kinda blocky for me, maybe making it look more organic will help,and you might wanna fill that gappy space on his elbows, the upper legs are good but the feet, just like hand, look kinda blockyThe tail is okay but can be better if you make it a bit longer and turn it to the other side so it's poiting to the back, not a big problem thoughOverall, it's a great creation, and btw i don't think you have too many black here, the color distribution is good, awesome job and keep MOCing
  5. thanks guys, what's wrong with the legs if i may know ? honestly it was my favourite part
  6. ^^^^click to enlarge^^^^hey guys, got a new MOC here, it's actually been finished since about a month ago but i just have the time to post it now, a red mechanical robot unit, with shoulder mounted cannon MOCpages Flickr BrickshelfC& C are welcomed
  7. and i thought this topic is dead alreadymeh, good thing it hasn't thanks, it was inspired by furno's bike yeah, takanuva's ussanui, and furno's bike, and also some other several vehicles, i based this think on many stuffs thanks, yeah i make it looks rather organic than technic on purpose actually if you look at the riding pics, it was removed, it didn't fit the guys well when he was riding, thanks anyway
  8. this is awesome, wings make it looks really cool, and i always love vahki :Danyway, although it's just a simple toamod build, you've made it really well, that claws remind me of exo toa, which is very nice, and perhaps if you could make the body bigger or bulkier it'll be much betterand try to take pic in a plain background, so it can be seen better,, and try to add some more color maybe red to match the vahki's head ?
  9. agreed with Fsnorglepuff about this guy being looks really similar with matoro mahri, and i actually pretty like the idea of using that mata bodym, but as what fsnorglepuff(typing this name is a pain) said, it might be better if you don't rely on the inika build, maybe do some costum build or something, or if you still want to use it try to costumise it a bit, add something to cover that empty place below the mata body and on the upper sides of the mata body too.as for the arms i think it looks a bit too long, maybe use other pieces as lower arms ? and you might wanna bulk the legs a bit to make it betteranyway, nice job on this , although needs improvement, but still nice
  10. tohunga was the species name before they change it to matoran in 2003(if i'm not wrong),but at the time they were still called tohunga, all the matoran character sets released were still on their weakened form, so some people still use the term tohunga to refer to the matoran's 2001/2002 weakened form/buiild
  11. somehow it looks nice, although basically it's only a toamod build, but it looks really nice, i like the idea of using that vezon's head as shoulder, although it looks a bit big, but still nice, and the use of that corrupted hau make it alot better, and that whip is nice too, maybe if you were to make the toros a bit longer and the belly a bit thiner it'll be better, IMO at leastanyway nice job on this guy
  12. i'll say you're one of the few MOCer who i know have been using modified pieces in a very good way, it's really alot of improvement from the previous one, you really did a good job to the mask, and the overall body design, and the proportion is just awesome, especially the belly partso, overall, awesome job, keep MOCing
  13. tohunga, somehow it sounds nicer to mebut i still use the term matoran when speaking with another Bionicle fan
  14. i don't really have much to comment here other than awesome costum feet and nice way to put the zamor, which has been said by many others here, my additions are i love the way you made that costum limbs there, flows really well, adn if you want to you can add something to the head, since it looks kinda empty, maybe small horns or something ? other than that i think it's a great MOC
  15. I actually didn't intend it to be a water-specific vehicle, gahlok didnot only move on water right ? but still anyway that's a pretty interesting idea, thanks
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