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  1. They're, like, alright, but I'm not getting excited over these until they make Jar Jar. Then it'll be a day one purchase.
  2. jeff now you should get lord of spooky scary skull spiders, he is nice.
  3. A live performance of "(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away" by Andy Gibb. The man was a pretty great live performer.
  4. whatever happened to when you wanted to change your name to walkatrout here's some ideas, jeff -jeff -andy gibb -holy kev! -nice meme -droprah62
  5. peter capaldi jeff. peter capaldi is so cool. you should shrek him out he is the greatest ever
  6. OMC Walkatrout OMC Evilgax OMC Rocks Mr. Baumann or just Jeff
  7. Thracia 776

    Dan Vs.

    dan vs was such a great show second best show on the hub doesn't stack up the aquabats
  8. remember when this used to be the omc theme song? i try not to
  9. Thracia 776

    Regarding Lists

    who cares about mspa what about the valve fandom how active are we
  10. Thracia 776


    don't be ungrateful jeff. your parents worked hard for that nex 2.0. you should appreciate it.
  11. but jeff you were just blogging about how the mail failed you a few pages ago
  12. but jeff, trans-green iron man heads have been around since the part was introduced and what are you talking about tru's prices, i got the 2015 paconicles for list price, that means tru's prices are always reasonable, right?
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