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  1. Think it's been years since I posted... I still check the site every day for some reason, though. I imagine Su-Matoran having bright neon-sign-like colors, especially blue, green and purple in addition to the usual orange. Or maybe stellar colors like red, yellow and blue.
  2. I admit I wish we had gotten a continuation but I understand how that wouldn't work. I'll try to be open-minded about this reboot, while still treasuring the old continuity. I hope that the new continuity eventually becomes as rich and intriguing as what the old world of Bionicle had grown into. I think that's what I'll miss, all that established canon. Not that starting from scratch is all bad, but I can't help but be nostalgic, and I also wish that we hadn't been left hanging on the final serials of old Bionicle.
  3. I think I asked Greg about what Kraata and Rahkshi were made of and he said Rahkshi armor was metallic antidermis. I thought I read somewhere that the Golden Armor wouldn't affect gaseous, evolved Makuta, so maybe it only affects organic antidermis.
  4. Since the BZPRPG is over, how would you like to join the Fallout RPG.

  5. But what if someone lost his or her mask? And the Toa Hagah had new masks forged for them, didn't they, probably before Kanoka were invented?
  6. Rahi actually means something like 'creature not like the Matoran', I think it might be literally 'not-us'.
  7. Interesting. Was that referring to all Matoran or just the population of Metru Nui/Mata Nui?
  8. According to BS01, Keetongu hid on Metru Nui after his people were wiped out by Visorak. That was '1300 years ago', so around 300 BGC. That's definitely not prehistory. But since only rumors were known about him, those rumors could be twisted into legends of him being seen long ago.
  9. Do we even know if they have vocal cords? And even if they do, their overall height doesn't necessarily mean they have small vocal cords.
  10. Keetongu was described as being hidden since the Time Before Time, when I think it was only a few hundred years. So I think it's just a colloquial term for 'a long time ago' or 'who-knows-how-long ago'.
  11. Spiriah, yes. I forgot about Spiriah. The Raid on Artakha was much later, and when news of that got out it was clear they were evil. I'm not sure that was common knowledge, though, but at least the Order of Mata Nui knew about it.
  12. I read that as they never had the qualities of true heroes - Krika said: "It's because you are what we could only pretend to be, once upon a time -- heroes who do good for no reward." So even if they had a good reputation -- which they didn't always -- I guess some of them would be jealous of the pure goodness of Toa. That doesn't seem to be something Makuta like Teridax and Icarax would be concerned with, though. It's just one reason for the Makuta to be resentful. If Makuta are by nature selfish, I wonder if that would bother Krika more than others. Since he seems less evil, maybe he tried to fight that nature while Makuta like Teridax embraced it. It wasn't just the Makuta against the League of Six Kingdoms. The Brotherhood had its own armies, and Toa did fight alongside them. That is a good question though. Clearly they weren't unpopular enough for the good guys to see them as bad, but we know that the Archives Massacre left them feared and distrusted in Metru Nui. Good find, I didn't really think much of that quote. Maybe it has something to do with the Brotherhood's bad reputation in Metru Nui, but I think it's also just her going mad with power. Like, 'I can enforce order, we don't need the Brotherhood anymore. Watch how easily I can get rid of them, muahahaha!' He was probably up in Mangaia. That's another good point. It seems more like Teridax to manipulate the Matoran and their war to bring about the best outcome for him. The Mutran Chronicles makes it sound like that was the first and last action taken by the Brotherhood to stop the war. I guess Teridax just wanted to send a clear message without any leniency or fooling around. Well, even if Miserix was left in command of the Brotherhood, he would still be second to Teridax in such a case. And that would be different than being second to Mata Nui, who didn't interfere much, because why would Teridax want to take Mata Nui's place unless he wanted to use that power? I think 'abuse' is too strong a word. The Makuta were a powerful race and organization, they weren't being kicked around. Unfortunately, we don't know much about the other people in the Matoran Universe and what they thought of the Makuta. But like I said, they weren't disliked enough for the Toa or Order of Mata Nui to see them as evil and depose them. You make Miserix sound kind of like a coward that's too afraid to do anything but accept his lousy life. I guess that's what Teridax wanted the other Makuta to think. Really, though, Miserix was right in the end. Teridax did lead the other Makuta to their deaths, and although he succeeded, his reign didn't last long. So, I think you're exaggerating how unpopular the Makuta were. Some probably had a fearful respect for them, maybe some scorned them even early on in history (like those who would rather have the League of Six Kingdoms still around), but they weren't the victims you seem to be portraying them as. They just didn't get the recognition they felt they deserved. However, you did give me an interesting idea... What if Teridax deliberately tarnished the Brotherhood's reputation, so his brothers and sisters would be resentful and willing to aid him in his Plan? He didn't care about the other Makuta, and wouldn't care about what his subjects thought of him as long as he was in control.
  13. Well, he also didn't pay enough attention to the Makuta - not until they made their move. It's also possible (as far as I know) that the Barraki just made up the whole background of being ordained by Mata Nui. But that's just baseless speculation, and assuming that's actually their origin, it's not unlike Mata Nui to overlook the ambitions and morals of the beings inside him.
  14. We've seen pictures of Matoran from Artahka and the Southern Continent and they don't appear to have Metru builds.
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