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  1. Another interesting thing about the Nuva is that they sometimes use their elements as one would a limb, e.g. Gali has been known to make fists out of water and punch stuff, Pohatu does the same with stone. We haven’t seen Toa from other teams do this as far as I recall, so it may be unique to them. So my guess is that Hydraxon not only trained them in hand to hand combat, but used it as the basis of elemental attacks as well. Another explanation is that, depending on how you imagine the Toa Mata looking, some or all of them may not have had proper hands before they became Nuva. Gali may have just learned to use her element as prostheses for mundane tasks and later realised she could throw punches with the same trick.
  2. The Toa Mata would, courtesy of Hydraxon, they would be professionally trained for all kinds of combat. The Metru... no martial arts training, they were all promoted from non-combat professions. Onewa, Whenua and Nuju could have had a small amount of training from Lhikan, but given the timeframe I imagine the priority would be on training use of mask and elemental powers. The Mahri are a mixed bag. Jaller, Kongu and Hewkii- yes. They all had some military experience and would be prepared to fight armed or unarmed. Hahli and Matoro- Not conventional combat training but both played Kohlii professionally. I personally headcanon that the Turaga deliberately selected Matoran they thought were likely to become Toa for the Kohlii teams, and the training that comes with it is composed of skills a Toa might need ( e.g. staying focused balancing on a pole? Actually useless for playing kohlii, but the mental discipline it cultivates can be useful for someone with powers.) So there is likely to be something that translates to fighting skills. Nuparu- nope. Whenua did NOT see that one coming. Sorry dude.
  3. I headcanon that the Spear of Fusion can be directed by the user’s intent for both fissions and fusions. Vezon was a total accident made without any particular intent, so he got a very random assortment of traits. Vezon did threaten to split the Toa Inika into their Matoran and Toa selves, and if he’d zapped them with that intent, that may have been roughly what he got. Then again, it could just as likely be that fissions are always random, and Vezon was just rambling about nothing again. As far as you fic is concerned though, it can work however you, the author, wants it to and still be pretty close to what we know of it in the canon.
  4. https://books.google.com.au/books/about/The_Real_Toy_Story.html?id=H9kSRbYITlYC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button&newbks=1&newbks_redir=1&redir_esc=y This one here, published in 2007. That said, it has been over a decade since I read it, so I could be misremembering something I read elsewhere as being from that book. Apologies if that’s the case. I no longer have the book so unfortunately I can’t check.
  5. A book I read called “ The real toy story” ( published before Bionicle G1’s end) also alluded to the story team allegedly having 20-30 years worth of story sketched out, so I’d say that lends some weight to it. At the very least, the rumour has been around a long time.
  6. What if Umbra’s eyes are how he uses his power? As in, a sort of laser targeting system. He focuses his eyes on a trajectory, then projects a beam from his eyes which is followed by the rest of him in light form. This probably happens too quickly for other beings to observe, but projecting his path a second before he takes it would prevent him suffering potential hazards while in light form. Running into a prism, for instance.
  7. Matoran. It costs nothing to be respectful. When it comes to cultural appropriation, the difference between acceptable and unacceptable depends on the norms of the culture being referenced or borrowed from. Using Japanese names or aesthetics is generally considered fine, as there is a high degree of cultural exchange between Japanese and Western cultures. With Maori, and some other cultures, the knowledge and language are considered cultural intellectual property, and use without permission is not only a moral but also legal violation. I’m honestly surprised Lego got to keep words like “Toa”, and I’d be fine with it if they changed those names in a hypothetical future reboot.
  8. The physical body is transported and repaired as much as needed, which in some cases may require significant rebuilding, hence the “ new body” phrasing. But they do need a body to work from, beings who have been disintegrated cannot be revived. Presumably they need the brain or CPU ( whatever contains the being’s essential information) more or less intact to be successful.
  9. To be fair, Rex having any kind of friend or crewmate apart from the raptors would alter his arc significantly since he’s obsessed with the idea that he doesn’t need friends. The only way around that would be if he doesn’t actually consider Takanuva a friend or even really a person, just a big cool robot he found, and Taka eventually rebels from being treated that way. But it is delightfully ironic that they were going to have Rex, this guy obsessed with his hardcore macho image, pick up a Toa for his crew, and who does he get? The one with actual literal friendship powers. Who sparkles when he uses them. That alone could have been comedy gold.
  10. On the Island of Mata Nui, the red star resurrections most likely didn’t typically happen (Jaller being the possible exception) since it was designed to teleport beings from within the MU. Therefore, they would have to have some ritual for dealing with the dead, probably involving burial, (and they most likely had forgotten that bodies “normally” disappeared after death.) That said, yes, I know it’s a retcon, but not too much of a stretch to justify their comments in context.
  11. In the book, the Matoran speculate that the Toa’s body may be buried nearby (though we now know this wouldn’t be the case given the Red Star thing). They don’t know that the Toa died, but they do suspect it. And it’s on a path leading out of Metru Nui, so it stands to reason that it was left by a Toa that came from Metru Nui, i.e., a Toa Mangai. We know they probably didn’t come from the other direction given that the path leads to Kharzani. There are other possibilities of course, we don’t even know for sure it came from a Toa, but this is a pretty reasonable deduction and probably the most straightforward one.
  12. It’s not a huge stretch to assume that the matoran-making facilities could be moved or recreated on Sphereus Magna. The question is, who decides to make new Matoran, and why? If a Turaga commissions a new batch of Matoran, is he responsible for them? Do they still have a duty to work for him? Are they allowed some time to “grow up” and explore possibilities before they’re expected to choose a career? Also, the Makuta claimed that Av-Matoran had a higher chance of becoming Toa than other types, so the future of the Toa population is actually looking very... bright. ... I’ll see myself out...
  13. Yes, poor Greg who was definitely not cackling evilly to himself as he typed that response.
  14. This probably goes in the same category as “Can Takanuva turn invisible”. It’s a logical extrapolation of their power, but for whatever reason doesn’t appeal to Greg or could become too overpowered. My headcanon on such things is that they’re both possible but so inefficient they’re not considered practical outside of being a cool party trick. E.g. Takanuva could make himself invisible but it takes about five minutes to set up properly and the illusion breaks if he moves. Good for ambushes but not much else. The Toa of Sonics could amplify and redirect a sound he made with his mouth, but it’s just so much easier to make the exact sound you want from scratch out of elemental power. A Toa of Sonics who had met a Klakk could probably recreate its scream, but wouldn’t use his mouth to do so. That said, Toa tools can be made from all sorts of mundane objects, some of which might use both the mouth and hands to channel power. Say a Matoran musician was holding a flute when he was transformed into a Toa, and the flute grew into a musical staff that can be played to make different sonic effects. Or maybe a Matoran sports coach was holding a megaphone...
  15. It would make a lot of sense for him to have a boxor given that he lived alone and far away from the Koro. He could scout for early signs of Bohrok on Ussalback, but get in a boxor and be ready to fight if he had to. I have to wonder if Onu-Matoran found Pakaris particularly fashionable. Or conversely, if they were the Matoran least concerned about their looks, and Pakaris may have just been the easiest mask to produce on Metru Nui so they just got shipped in bulk to Onu-Metru. I suppose they could also be to honour Onua, or perhaps had some superstition of good luck attached to them.
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