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  1. Do you wanna be my girlfriend~~~

    1. Lielac



  2. I'm sorry for not being online a lot. I've just been incredibly tired so I only used energy on sites where I knew I could find the people closest to me.

  3. i've been cycling through a few movies recently which consist of: the hunchback of notre damefrozenles mis (both movie and 10th anniversary concert depending on whether i want a decent confrontation or to play Spot The Blagden)herculesrent (final performance on broadway, which i don't know if i prefer to the movie or not) however, i watched mask of light a week or so ago which was great. i've missed it a lot and the only time where i wasn't happy was when vakama said "paradise" due to an argument (more like a debate, i didn't storm out and leave my laptop on the floor like when she insulted the fish) my girlfriend and i had about whether he said "paradise" or "island paradise". "island paradise" does roll off the tongue better though, in my opinion. wait do bootlegged musicals recorded on broadway count as movies though because i've watched the original cast of next to normal twice in the past few days. i relate so easily to diana and natalie that it's kind of scary. i want to play natalie so badly but that's likely. (exit sarcasm mode)
  4. yep, i photobombed a few at the last con i went to tpbm is not straight/cisgender
  5. Hey Neelh, could you PM me a picture of your mask of Clairvoyance? I'm kind of freelancing on Dov's sprite shop and I noticed that you'r sprite isn't complete yet.

  6. I did write something, but it never posted. My current typing is incredibly slow due to paunkillers and the internet in hospital works as well as if it was powered by an olympic snail. Just please edit it. it's kind of important
  7. Guys, I wrote 306 as waking up and following 7725 around before anyone else woke up, and I'd appreciate it if you could edit your posts to be like that. I sort of have a problem with passing out right now.
  8. Kay guys I'm going to hospital now for a while. Look after 306. Don't add any massive plot twists.
  9. Please note, it's almost always unwise to go by such advice, as that's coming from your personal tastes, Neelh; GG's tastes may be different. I always advise watching from the start and judging for yourself. And I don't know where you get that the pilots (I assume you mean season 1? -- usually "pilot" means simply the first ever episode of something, not plural) are awful, but to each his own, I guess. I suppose that is so, but I'm just taking notes from the fandom. They're quite different from the main series, which is great. Season 1 also refers to Rise of the Snakes, which is confusing, so we use 'Pilots' to refer to the first mini-series because it wasn't a full season, 'Rise of the Snakes' to refer to what can also be referred to as 'Season 1' or 'Season 2', and 'the last series' to refer to... Well... But back to the main bit of the topic, we basically have Bionicle, just in a couple of different forms as Ninjago and Hero Factory. It's close, but the differences make them individual and not a plain copy.
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