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  1. GenCon, eh? Looks like I have an excuse to visit the Art Show in the exhibit hall this year. Thanks for sharing this information! This is awesome!
  2. I'm currently playing through this with a friend and we've decided that these are the most polite Bohrok ever! The Pahrak waited to attack the guards until we got the disk from the Charred Forest! They waited to cross the bridge until we finally started to lower it! (That is all in jest, of course. Very nostalgic and very cool! )
  3. So long as we're not making money from it, I believe we are in the clear in terms of copyright laws. (Especially because the books are not being produced anymore). That's not how copyright works. Though the internet as a whole seems to have this mentality that copyright only applies to money-making circumstances, it is incorrect. To site the books themselves (well, City of the Lost anyway; too lazy to find my books atm): "No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher." Though, to be fair, I wouldn't expect Scholastic to pursue copyright infringement on an out-of-print book that's not coming back into the print unless Bionicle gets VERY popular in the next few years. (Edit: Fixed the second paragraph to make sense)
  4. This is worth coming out of Lurker Land to say: YAY! I'll be extremely thrilled if they treat this as some sort of continuation placed in the distant future, but I'll still be satisfied if it's a reboot (...well, maybe... depends...) but I'm optimistic! -Lewa Krom
  5. Or maybe we're all just overthinking it? If you look on the second page of Glatorian #5, it is shown that you can easily see the maze from above. (I would post a pick, but can't find any on the web ATM) -Lewa Krom
  6. Well that's the final nail in the coffin. RIP Bionicle. I'll be waiting for your return. -Lewa Krom Edit: Also - and this message is directed at Lego - I'm still waiting. Until you bring back Bionicle, I'll continue not purchasing your products.
  7. What would determine the time that Velika chooses for the Toa to die?
  8. Wow. I never noticed that. I think you're completely right. (Though, BL was about the legendary Mask of Life, but yeah, I agree).
  9. The audience of today probably hasn't changed much in tastes from the audience of 2010. Just sayin'. And Bionicle was able to appeal to the audiences of 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 as well. Personally, I would expect them to continue with Spherus Magna given that Greg is still being allowed to build onto that world. Regardless, I don't care as it is almost certain IMO that Greg would be writing it. Let's Keep Bionicle Alive, Lewa Krom
  10. Aren't there already PDF versions available of the comics for free? I would much prefer they release the actual books. EDIT: Not exactly complaining. Just confused as to how they expect to make much money like this.
  11. Greg only wrote one of the three stories for GN10 and sold it to Papercutz so he doesn't have rights over it anymore. (Unless they reverted back to him since then or something)
  12. I'm not sure what to say. I was going to talk about my first campaign and how I learned not to railroad the players and how I now try to go the path of running it by the seat of my pants. However, in my experience, you need to have built some sort of intuition about the system to do that easily. My best advice (and there's dozens of blogs with tons of advice; this is the piece that I wish I had been given from the start): Don't plan your adventures completely out. Identify the simple things you need prepared, but don't railroad your players. The more you are able to conjure at the table spontaneously, the more fun it will be for you and your players. I would recommend Mike Shea's The Lazy Dungeon Master for more stuff regarding that. I guess the only other thing I'll say is this: My first session I ever ran for a game was for my brother's birthday. We were ALL new to the game (D&D 4e) and none of us had ever played any tabletop RPG before. It was a blast. Looking back now having MUCH more experience: That was a TERRIBLE adventure and I would be ashamed to run that now. But everyone had fun then. Your session may go completely terrible. If it does, it gets better with experience. Oh, and my final recommendation: Don't let your group grow above 20 people. It's a nightmare. -Lewa Krom EDIT: ESPECIALLY if it's your first time playing the system: read the Pathfinder equivalent of the Dungeon Master's Guide. It will give you a very good picture of everything.
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