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  1. Screen Name: Lachanu email: conndakota0@gmail.com I also want to point out that I also gave mesonak my email for this. I just wanted to make sure that you got me. So don't add my name in twice. I'm not a cheater...
  2. Happy birthday, Dakota

  3. Does anyone know how matoran reproduce, or if they even do it at all? It has never been officially anounced if they do...
  4. If you check Bioniclestory.com often you can see that they haven't added a new chapter to the serial in a while. I heard that it was because Greg had to take care of his family so he temporarily stopped. But the question is will he begin again? Just recently bionicle.com and bioniclestory.com were taken down, hence I am losing hope that more will be made. If Greg can at least finish the serials he is working on that will be great... Some info has already been leaked onto BZPower. Such as it was found out that the great being mentioned in The Yesterday Quest was Veilika (the brown matoran from 2006). This proves that greg is still comming up with ideas, but will they be officially released, or will they have to be leaked? Post your thoughts and opinions below...
  5. As far as the storyline goes it has never been announced weather meeting humans is possible (as far as I know). But What do you think?
  6. Explain you life story when you were a bionicle fan.
  7. 2001 -Gali -Onua -Tarakava 2002 -Gahlok -Kohrak -Gahlok Va 2003 -None 2004 -Nokama x2 -Vakama -Matau -Vhisola -Krekka 2005 -All Titans -Nokama -Matau -Whenua -Boggarak -Vohtarak -Gaaki 2006 -Hahli 2007 -All Barakki -All Mahri -Both Hydruka -Both Matoran -All Titans (including Karzahni) -Toa Terrain Crawler -Toa Undersea Attack 2008 -All Phantoka -All Mistika -All Matoran -All Vehicles (Including Mazeka and Vultraz) -Makuta Icarax 2009 -All Glatorians -All Glatorian Legends -All Agori -All Vehicles 2010 -All sets except Tahu
  8. In web of Shadows you can see that Roodaka hates Sidorak, and Loves Teridax. I actually joke about that when I discuss bionicle on other websites. "The only entity she admires is Makuta, and her time on Metru Nui was spent devising a means of rescuing him from his prison." BIONICLE Encyclopedia: UPDATED (Pg. 123) "And then there would be no need for a worthless ruler like Sidorak, who would wash his hands of conflict rather than dirty them with it." BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows. If you think of it in terms of high school, Roodaka is the crush girl, where as Sidorak is the Nerd who the girl has no interest in, where as Teridax in the High School Football player who the girl likes. Some say her love interest is Vakama, but remember she only was using him to get more powerful, and free her "true" love Makuta Teridax. Plus she and Vakama became enemies at the end. Plus in canon storyline, Sidorak really didn't like her ether, both want to look better than the other in the eyes of Teridax. He was just as much a servant as Roodaka. Despite this they only showed Roodaka actually "catering to his will".
  9. Obviously If you watched web of shadows you could see that Roodaka has love interests. Write your opinions here...
  10. As far as characters go, I really don't know for there are so many. However as far as sets that I own, I'd say my first set, Gali mata. Wait, so are u saying you gave them all away?
  11. My first set was Gali as a toa mata. My aunt gave me her when I was four. I was into legos and other building toys then (I still am into legos, but not some of the other stuff like K-nex) Thus I was interested in Bionicle for a few years I then got Gahlok, Kohrak, Gahlok Va, and Toa Metru Nokama. Shame I got so few back in bionicle's golden age, but I was young then.
  12. The weapons of the 2005 titans.
  13. I really like 2005. You see in 2005 there were 3 titans (excluding the combination models). Sidorak, Roodaka, and Keetongu. I really liked the weapon functions. Sidorak had a cool wrist sword, Roodaka and Keetongu both had rotating weapons.
  14. I like the sets from 2001 to 2005. In 2006 when the new Inika building system was adopted for all the sets from then on, the functions were pretty much killed off. All the Glatorian sized sets (except the visorak) from 2001 to 2005 had gears. *Toa Mata *Toa Nuva *Bohrok *Bohrok Kal *Rahkshi (not including the stars rahkshi) *Toa Metru *Vahki *And even the Hordika
  15. Well obviously my first bionicle from when I was 4. Gali mata. I got her in 2002 because I remember the Bohrok were out then. I then got Gahlok, Kohrak, and Gahlok Va. Later in 2004 I got Toa Metru Nokama. Then I went on to other lego sets until 2007 when I got Takadox of the barraki.
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