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  1. Entry Name: AR-4CH Entry Pic URL: Here Topic URL (if applicable): Here
  2. My first build in over a year - not my best but still a lot of fun (especially with colours). Thanks for viewing :~)
  3. There's no size limits on your entry, but there's no subsidies for shipping it, either. It needs to be pretty clearly humanoid. Adding a bunch of legs wouldn't be okay. Sweet, got it. Thanks a bunch!
  4. Aaaaalright then, might have to get my slightly rusted gears in motion for this contest. Building a contest-worthy mech in 2 days? Yeh alright let's do it. Just checking - no size restrictions right? Like I mean I'm not gonna make a human-sized MOC but I also want to make sure that I don't get disqualified for something as small as that. And it can be in any form? I'm planning on a vaguely humanoid MOC but perhaps with a few more legs or something. Gonna be embarrassing if I can't make the deadline but it's worth a shot.
  5. ohhh what rank 8/9's do you run? Have you ever managed to summon (gasp) Heart-eartH dragon? yep! that's one of the ones i run and summon on a regular basisi also use dyson sphere, felgrand the divine dragon soldier and hieratic sun dragon overlord of heliopolisbasically the strategy is to get lemuria on the field then use coelacanth to summon 4 level 4 or lower fish from the deck, then activate lemuria to make them level 8/9 (depending on whether they were level 3 or 4 to begin with) and BAM - insta heart-earthit's fairly satisfying to say the least :')
  6. wooh, i'm on YGOpro too! I go by the name Shrek most oftenRight now I'm running a Coelacanth deck that has the potential for rank 8/9 xyzs as well as high-level synchrosas far as watching the show, i haven't really watched it tbhif anyone's ever up for a duel just inbox me and i'll be there
  7. sparkyyyyy this would've won for sure if you'd made the deadline : ((((((((lovely colours and clockwork, seriously beautiful MOC. (how'd exams go anyway?)
  8. sup everyoneboy am i glad to have finished something finally<<click pic for gallery>>all in all this one was made during a burst of MOCing inspiration stemming from just having watched Evangelion, but it is in no way meant to represent any one of the Eva units. also note: i accidentally got rid of 90% of my hollow ball joints by giving them away in a MOC made as a present for a friend a few months back c&c appreciated as always
  9. totally rad, broobviously the head is just the absolute best thing about this MOC, but hey the rest of it is pretty neat tooi've always admired the way you manage to slip tubing into gaps to make it more filled in and this one is no exceptioncongrats on tbb ; )
  10. ooohhhhhh god yes, that's a crazy good vissy remake right thereseriously i'm in awe of that head, nice shaping all round (especially with the mahri blades)i also like the fact you kept the legs relatively simple, i think if you made them any beefier it would've detracted from the visorak-ness of the MOC tbh
  11. hey it's felix

    he's here

    hey guys it's been almost a year but i'm back for some unknown reason gosh i haven't even looked at any new content on here yet and lmao my age in the sidebar is still 15, gj felix (i'm gonna need to fix up this hole of a blog) looking forward to seeing you all around, i might even post my most recent MOC in BBC ; )

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    2. <Reverb>


      Naw, it's great to have you back, hopefully with more MOCs. Hopefully this return to the Bonkles community of BZPower isn't short lived.

    3. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix


    4. hey it's felix

      hey it's felix

      also i cannot guarantee that this won't be short-lived but i hope i can stick around

  13. Alright, so I'm kinda giving up on BZP. Adios, amigos!

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    2. Chro


      Whaaaat. And I just joined, too. :P

    3. Unauthorized Autobiography
    4. Chro


      Yeah, I mean that in addition to him leaving, I just joined. I don't mean that he joined recently as well, sorry if I worded that a bit funny.

  14. " I come from the land down under, you know, the place where people ride koalas and play soccer with kangaroos"

    1. Lord Oblivion

      Lord Oblivion

      I didn't know you live in Serbia :o


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