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  1. ^Click for gallery^ AWW YEEEAH SPOOPY TIME I really don't think I need to explain, but it's Slender Man, the classic creepypasta character. A tall man with no face in a suit and tie, wandering the woods for who knows what reason. Complete with detatchable tentacles. First time exceeding a 2% System ratio Also no tires, pls no bully
  2. So, this is totally a demonic cyborg Deviljho, right? Either way, it's absolutely spooktacular and I love it.
  3. Anyone can build a Toa. Or a Makuta. Or a Rahkshi, or whatever Rahi you can imagine. But how many Voporak MOCs do you see out there? http://i.imgur.com/8gfXmVY.jpg I wanted to tap into his origin story with this design. Voporak started off as a regular red Steltian like Sidorak, but, through a series of experiments involving Makuta viruses and Mutation Rhotuka, was transformed into a fearsome beast with time-based powers. So with that in mind, I gave him a face more akin to Sidorak. The general idea was to give relevance to an obscure character, instead of regurgitating another revamp of a more popular character. The weapons were tough. Voporak had some weird spinning claw things sticking out of his elbows, how could I make that work? First, no spin function. Second, arm support. Third, attaching them to his elbows as a pair of support arms that swivel at the elbow. And bam, some not-so-ridiculous Voporak weapons. The legs are a total mess, I know. Instead of giving him an extra set of small arms, I just slapped a launcher into his abdomen in place of a Rhotuka. Gallery over here, though there's not much there right now: http://imgur.com/a/Vz2ut
  4. Bingo, 'tis a turtle. The weapon really isn't that special, just a common sword... The thing Don Jr. is holding is one of those lightning things from Voltix.
  5. It's been a while. I haven't posted in quite a long time, but I wouldn't miss a contest. I finished this just last night. I heard late that there was a BBCC going on, and feared I had missed it, but luckily the deadline was extended. So I had eight hours to build a decent animalistic warrior, or five, because sleep. I found that rushing and haste hinder creativity, and I ended up with something... unsatisfactory. This That isn't my entry. This is my entry; Don Toise, lieutenant of some army somewhere. The entire building process was chaotic and confusing. I found a couple of unfinished projects and smashed them together. Pieces went everywhere, and while picking them up, I decided to take a different unfinished MOC and upgrade him with the parts of the... dismantled ones. BUILDING PROCESS -I started with a plain Makuta skeleton. The shoulders extended up and over, where dozens of tiny connectors held it together. He was equipped with two layers of plated cladding on his upper body. The plain shielded arms were stuck in there to help the shelled look. The legs were originally very short and sturdy, but to make it more animalistic, an extra part was added to each side along with extra cladding. The head is very awkward and large, with random tusks with no visible mouth. The other two white spikes gave a mustachioed illusion in the prototyping stage. This has since deteriorated into a weird mask covering his lower face. - He doesn't have much of a story, really. All that is known is that his jaw was injured in battle, so he wears... that white junk with the silver thing sticking out of the bottom. His name was inspired by Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old version) and Blastoise from the Pokemon games. His title was chosen because he looked like some kind of biomechanical military dude. General Don Toise didn't give off the same feel as Lieutenant , so the latter was chosen. I'll bet you can't guess what animal he is. ^Click the picture for the gallery (when public)^ Comments and constructive criticism appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Entry name: Lieutenant Don Toise Entry picture: here Entry Topic: I'll make one later.
  7. Sorry, I just haven't been here in a while and it freaked out a little.
  8. Is anyone else getting this? I wants to see the pictures ;_;
  9. I haven't been here a while, but I heard there was a BBCC... have I missed it, or do I still have a few hours to throw something together?
  10. Back when the Ta-Koro art competition was going on, I drew this guy with a pencil and paper, and if you remember, it didn't look too great... http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/poutwuw/Contestants/vakama.jpg In June, I got a 3Ds and got Colors 3D for it. One of the first things I did was take that picture and color it to look way more satisfactory, albeit still sloppy.I present to you Turaga Vakama redone! Yes, it is a bit sloppy and I plan to redo it again sometime.This was, after all, one of my first non-paper drawings.For those of you who'd like to see the entire drawing process: Site with commenting system removed. -B6Let me know what you think!
  11. Heh, he is MASSIVE. I like the gray-green on him, and the gold kind of links him to the first incarnation of Karzahni. The arms have a curvy muscly look to them, which is cool. The wings on his shoulders look like those poncho thingies the Turaga wear. I really like it!
  12. The head is very impressive, this Moc totally reminds me of winged Terisax! Nice work! I would just suggest you make the legs a bit thicker, make him look a bit more well proportioned.
  13. Sure it's awesome, but as a set, I'm worried it would fail.It's sheer size would render it un-buyable to most people.That thing is HUGE, no one would be able to afford it!I hope it doesn't become a set.Not because I don't like it, but because TLG would lose money when no one pays for it.Still a fantastic idea.
  14. I prefer stickers.Makes me feel like I am in control of what I'm building looks like.Convenient, so you can use them for what they weren't intended for.Printing on Bricks I don't mind, but I'm more of a Technic/Bionicle guy.Printing on Hero Factory pieces I find quite annoying, because I can't use the Breakout torsos how I want.Example: Whatever I make with Surge's chest plate HAS to be electric, because of the printing.
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