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    I drop by here occasionally when someone on steam asks me to join a thing

    Usually though I avoid this wretched hive of scum and sjw-llany

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  1. I vote for Burnmad because I don't trust anyone with emotional instabilities that give them elemental superpowers.
  2. >Profile views: 1138. Wut. What's so interesting about my profile?

    1. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      call me when you get to 26424

    2. D-D-D-Ddude


      Yeah but still. Also sorry accidentally removed you as a friend

  3. Yes, as he thinks 16=12 apparently. Hey man, go easy on him It's not easy living in a country that uses both imperial and metric units
  4. Welcome back! Shhhhhh You saw nothing I see nothink! Your Hogan's Heroes reference is noted and appreciated
  5. Welcome back! Shhhhhh You saw nothing
  6. D-D-D-Ddude


    Let's just hope this downtime doesn't break any old downtime records.
  7. ToaD plz no Also, #24. Because 24 is the number of Jack Bauer. Well-known for killing people.
  8. I recall first starting to get into Homestuck around the time the trolls were introduced proper. There's something slightly wrong with a series that requires you to slog through several novels' worth of text before getting to what I'd call "where things get good."
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