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  1. Hey there, just stopping by to tell you I like that cartoon style Matoro you made!

  2. Well, thanks, my own style is suppose to reflect a more organic sort of feel a little bit like the original three movies, but if it were more an animated cartoon. As for the head... well it's probably not the most perfect perspective, but technically he's suppose to be looking 90-95 degrees to his left if you were looking at above and his back was still facing south. I'm not 100% on the exact volume of his mask is in the style I am using, if I were to turn it in the correct perspective, unless I modeled a 3d head and mask and turned it in the correct angle to make sure. Because I don't normally draw from that angle. But the same can be said about pretty much the rest of his body as well. Especially the legs, I just drew them too long in the sketch and didn't notice until after I finished coloring. I dunno, my neck can move like that. It looks nice, I especially like what you did with the Cordak. Yeah, I think I can turn my head like that too, but it would be uncomfortable for a long period of time... lol But there might also be a perspective issue too in the drawing, but I don't know for sure. It was a quickly drawn artwork, so it does have technical mistakes. I liked how the Cordak turned out, and the barrel of the gun was a little more abstract in the compared to the rest of the drawing which seems to fit I think with the style.
  3. I haven't been on here for a very long time... but I just drew this today on my Wacom pad, and it's not my best drawing, but hey it only took about 2 hours. I don't even care to fix his legs that I drew a little too long... but oh well. lol I was also listening to this Undertale soundtrack while drawing, it's from a surprisingly good rpg. "Hopes and Dreams" and "His Theme" made me think of Matoro, and his story. Anyway.I've been going through a lot the past several months, and it's been pretty hard, but haven't drawn anything in a long time. So it's good to feel nostalgic, and reminds me of a much... simpler time. Well, I guess enjoy this little bit of artwork everyone. http://doubleshadowx01.deviantart.com/art/Matoro-Mahri-584086967
  4. I recall most of my drawings were based off the 2005 storyline, even though it was never considered the best story, I did like the concepts of it though, and the powers of the visorak were actually some of the more interesting, but many of the concepts weren't explored very well, and the movie was the weakest in my opinion. The concept art of these were because I actually owned all of the playsets minus the largest one, because it was too expensive. So that's why I liked to draw them, also because I really liked strategy games like Command & Conquer series at the time, so I imagined the visorak to have enough different units for a game like that, but I had no way of actually making a mod of something like that, and still don't. lol The toa would have a lot of Rahi units on their side, and more hero units (the toa and rahaga), while the visorak would only have like two hero units (Roodaka, and Sidorak). Oh yes Dark709: the movie, it was of the best fan made animations of Bionicle at the time, and I always enjoyed the scenes with Sir Pickles and Mr Zimmwad. Unfortunately, I don't think I have any surviving pictures of Malice Borg, but I could draw one of him if you really wanted me to. lol Likely a softer lead, I'm thinking 2F? Actually a lot of my early stuff was drawn first with a H2 and then I darkened the lines with just a normal pencil or a mechanical pencil... because I didn't really know how to use any of the other kinds of pencils at the time, and I've always hated working with B pencils, because they always break so easily and make a smudging mess. But now I actually know how to use them properly now.
  5. I was going through a lot of my old drawings, and I decided to take pictures of them and share them, well at least the ones dark enough to see them. I have tons more, but these ones seem to look the best on my old camera. I also edited them by increasing the levels of darkness on them so they can be seen better. Plus it made a cool bronze effect making them look like forgotten cave drawings. Most of these drawings are just concept art, while a few are fanfic characters The gallery to my old drawings is located here. (Also, feel free to look at my other artwork here.) Here is an example of some old concept art: I actually liked many concepts and ideas from 2006, but I was never satisfied with the movie or how they explored them in the story. Anyway, enjoy my old artwork, which to me is quite nostalgic.
  6. Nice, reminds me of Legend of Korra a little bit. My version of those two was a little too controversial as I remember. lol But still the better unofficial couples that actually makes sense.
  7. Ok so in this topic when you mean "ship" you mean friendships and/or relationships? Because it seems pretty vague, since there are obviously more bromances than any actual gay relationships that some of you seem to be hinting at? Which is expected I guess since most fans do have their own take on a character (no matter how wrong they may choose to be). Officially there are no gay Bionicles, and they only possibly exist in fan fiction.... oh how some people's fantasy make other cringe... lol In fact all Bionicle characters are in canon: asexual, but generally with masculine and feminine characteristics of heterosexuals, but again minus the sexual attraction. (Although, I'm talking about characters from the Matoran universe, not the Glatorian characters... because I don't care to go into those character, because they can have offspring... somehow?) Let's be real here, there is no official Bionicle character that displayed an openly gay personality. So the fact that people want to warp the idea of any bromance and act like they are gay is very dishonest. I mean... I make fun of bromances as much as the next guy, but most of the time it's just for good fun and I don't actually think they are gay, because usually one of them has a girlfriend. Also, genderbending, as far as fanfic goes... well if you are going to genderbend... it can't just be one main character from the story... it really should be all of them, like in most comic book stories. So all of those Pohato X Lady Kopaka.... that's just weird to me. lol Besides they were like opposite personalities that oddly work well together and that's it. (Pohatu turns to Kopaka and says, "You can be my wingman anytime." Kopaka face-palms....) As for normal relationships/friendships... I actually always like Jaller and Hahli being in a complicated on and off relationship, sort of like Robin and Starfire from the Teen Titans (spoiler alert, they don't actually end up together... at least not in the comics, but they do almost get married.) Hewkii and Macku could still have a sort of close relationship, I mean Hewkii Mahri is one of the shortest toa. lol Gali never seemed that interested in the other toa really... and tend to care more about keeping the peace than anything else... but I think Kopaka and Tahu both sort of liked her, or at least just rivaled for her friendship a few times.
  8. This is a short story loosely based off the 2001 story, and also a comic series I haven't had time to work on (due to school), but I am planning to work on it throughout summer. His Destiny: "Exiled" “Here am I guarding this stupid gate.” I said to myself sighing, while leaned against the wall. My shift just started second ago and I am already bored out my mind. “Why does the Captain keep assigning me to this gate, in fact how often does anyone ever use this gate?” I thought to myself, the thoughts of abandoning this tedious chore was growing more and more desirable. My mind wondered gazing into the sky, where an ugly smog blocked the suns. My eyes moved from one rock to another, the feeling of unrestful spirit kept taunting me, and time seemed to freeze. Suddenly a spark of light glimmered in high above the sky and urged me to strain my eyes in hopes to see what that light was. It slowly came closer and closer to me, until the light revealed itself shimmering bright purple. Its form was illuminated in light in the form of a flutter fly like creature. It was a little smaller than my hand, and had the symbols of the three virtues. The creature of light flew on a rock nearby, and it seemed to be waiting for me to follow it. A part of me wanted to stay, but something inside of me that urged me to follow it, so after a few seconds I made up my mind and followed the creature. I approached the creature and it flew to another rock and I followed. This happened several times, until I realized how far away I've gone, as I turned back and the gate I was guarding was no longer in sight. I turned back to see the creature resting still on a dead tree stump. I slowly approached it and reached out my hand to touch it. The strangest thing happened, and the creature turned from purple to gold. It was beautiful and shined bright like the suns. I pulled my hand away and the creature returned to its original color much more duller looking than before. Suddenly, the sound of the horns were sounded from behind me. “My village must be under attack!” I cried out loud, and turned back to see that the creature of light had disappeared from sight, as if it were never there. I shook my head with frustration, and mentally scolded myself for letting my curiosity get the better of me… again. I started to rush back to my post hoping that it did not compromise my village. I got back to my village, and I saw a lot of huts destroyed and a few villagers injured into what seemed like a massive creature managed to make its way inside, with large claw marks on the ground and on half the buildings in village. The captain of the guard stood facing the destroyed huts and without turning around, he spoke to me with a stern voice, “Someone abandoned their post, and only bad things happen.” He turned around and looked at me, “You there, you were the one assigned to the south west entrance. I was told that was the direction the giant rat beast came from the victims whose huts were destroyed. How could something that big come through the entryway without being spotted?” I shrugged, and said nothing while submissively walked back a step and looking at the floor. The captain glared and me and sighed saying, “Fine, I suppose I should of known better than to had assign you that section. Regardless, the Elder wishes to speak with you, so come with me.” I looked away as I followed him to the Elder's hut. We entered the Elder’s hut, and he was meditating toward a fire pit, behind it was a carving of the Great Spirit. The Elder rose up as we came before him and we knelt in respect. “Rise gate guard.” the Elder said as he pointed at me. I stood up, but still looked at the floor. The Elder spoke softly but sternly as he normally did, “Recent events have made it clear that you are not fit for the duties this village has to offer. Your negligence has led to one too many mishaps. You have led me no choice but to banish you from this village, until you have learned your own way to fulfill your destiny. This is not fully a punishment, but an opportunity. See what you can learn from the other villages, and when you are ready I shall be waiting.” The Elder placed his hand on me and I looked at him, and he said calmly, “Do not take this world lightly, there are dangers that lie in the shadows. Take this staff and this light stone, you will need it on your journeys.” The Elder handed me an odd looking short staff, and light stone. I bowed and said to him, “I am sorry for the trouble I have caused, and I will make it right somehow.” The Elder nodded in recognition of my respectful gesture. The Captain bowed to the Elder and escorted me to my hut. I entered my small hut alone and gathered up my few possessions, and put them in my green backpack. The Captain the escorted me to the main entrance. I was about to leave, and then I heard the Captain from behind me, “Good luck, I hope you find your way out there.” Before I turned my head around, the great gates to the village of fire shut behind me. I looked around only to see a long bride of stone stretching over to the other side. Along the sides of the bridge was the lake of fire that surrounded most of the fire village. I slowly walked across the stone bridge, contemplating where to go from here. I finally made it to the other side and turned around to look at my village for what felt like the last time, and then turned away with a grin and said to myself, “I will return someday, but for now…” my attention was suddenly redirect to a shimmering glow from the distance, just like from earlier. I smiled and finished my thought, “…I will find out where this light leads me.” And this is how my journey begins….
  9. I find this perplexing considering I've read/watched the story materials from 2001-2003 repeatedly and found nothing to suggest Kopaka having any kind of strong feelings towards Gali. They just... weren't characters that interacted much, much less had the kind of interactions that would suggest Kopaka held her in any higher regard than, say, Onua. Did you read Tale of the Toa? 'I had a vision,' Kopaka said. (he describes the vision) Tahu snorted. 'And when exactly were you going to let us in on this secret?' 'He just did, Tahu,' Gali pointed out quietly. 'And that's fine. There was no need of knowing it until now.' Kopaka gazed at her, touched that she'd come to his defence. "touched that she'd come to his defense" doesn't necessarily equal "totally obsessing over her friendship". There are many times I've been grateful for someone defending me; that doesn't mean I hold them in higher regards than my other friends. Obviously it's not 'totally obsessing', but he clearly holds her in some regard, certainly more than the others whom he spends most of the book being irritated at. Oh another thing, I've always viewed Kopaka as sort of the Batman of the group, while Tahu as a more tempermental Superman. Gali to me had always been more of the Wonderwoman character (the only girl on the team). With that in mind, if anyone watched the Justice League cartoon from Cartoon Network, they are similar to those versions of those three characters. Which does go back to the main topic, should there be gender switching to main characters? I mean, the Justice league's main members only had Wonderwomen, why would they need to change any of the main characters of the original members to girls? Why not just add more female characters to the new story? Like in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon?
  10. I find this perplexing considering I've read/watched the story materials from 2001-2003 repeatedly and found nothing to suggest Kopaka having any kind of strong feelings towards Gali. They just... weren't characters that interacted much, much less had the kind of interactions that would suggest Kopaka held her in any higher regard than, say, Onua. Did you read Tale of the Toa? 'I had a vision,' Kopaka said. (he describes the vision) Tahu snorted. 'And when exactly were you going to let us in on this secret?' 'He just did, Tahu,' Gali pointed out quietly. 'And that's fine. There was no need of knowing it until now.' Kopaka gazed at her, touched that she'd come to his defence. "touched that she'd come to his defense" doesn't necessarily equal "totally obsessing over her friendship". There are many times I've been grateful for someone defending me; that doesn't mean I hold them in higher regards than my other friends. I never said obsessed, only that he did rivel Tahu with his friendship with Gali. Kind of like a lighter or platonic version of Edward and Jacob with Bella. (Which even then was still a better love triangle than Twilight... lol even though that love was strictly platonic.) lol It's sort of what made those three a little more interesting to read about than their interactions with Onua or Lewa... although Pohatu was pretty interesting with his interactions with Kopaka, but not really anyone else.
  11. Skimming through this... someone mentioned Kopaka being female and being in a relationship with Pohatu. Sounds like bad fanfic, but I would probably love/hate it... because I like the dynamic between the two... (the original two male characters being obviously platonic relationship though, since Kopaka sort of liked Gali and had a rivalry with Tahu over her friendship.) Speaking of changing Kopaka into a female, I wonder what LadyKopaka would think of it though? lol I have no idea why anyone would want Lewa to be female... even in fanfic... he's too much of a free spirited optimistic manchild to be remotely female.
  12. Ok, I would agree that the personality types of the typically Plant life would be more feminine, doesn't mean they have to be female. I mean guys can have feminine personality characteristics, does mean they necessarily have to be sexually orientated towards the same sex or anything (but it would be the type of personality that would be more inclined toward that direction.) I would considered myself to have more feminine personality traits than most guys, but I have a girlfriend and I've never been attracted to guys. Not to be sexist, but I've always seen most guys are gross hygiene wise, are often arrogant, or are always competing for who's in charge reason? Girls are more interesting to talk to, and have more different views than guys, guys tend to be very straight forward and closed minded. I like more freedom of disagreement, it helps strengthen a better conclusion when there is a minority or opposing side. That's why I like to side with the less explored side of the argument.
  13. I think Matoro was INFP too, because he's introverted which is common for Ko-Matoran, and since he was said to have a good singing voice, but usually sings alone, which shows he does seem to act out his feelings as a way of expression, which could indicate he is more of a feeler. He had the intuition to put on the Mask of Life, and the perception that it was the morally right thing and the greater good to sacrifice himself. So he was a very idealistic character who suffered with many burdens of keeping secrets from his friends and had perception of his purpose, even before he fully understood it, but was fearful in making that choice which is more of emotional trait. Even in the alternate universe when he failed, he eventually conquered his fear and choice to fulfill his purpose. He's sort of similar to Frodo from Lord of the Rings, who is also an INFP, who was able to endure a lot of burdens, but because his very simple but idealistic personality and strong will of staying true to his morality made him the best type of personality to fulfill his quest. Takua has a similar personality, but different situation. But even when he was tasked with the responsibility, it was a burden on him and once he faced his fear and came to accept what he already had the intuition and perception of his destiny, so he suspected already what he really was. He just ignored it until he was almost forced to accept it, only then was he able to finally make the choice and fulfill his (at least part of) purpose to become the Toa of Light, which was a truer form than the fake colors he was hiding under. The INFP personality is more about becoming true to oneself based off their own sense of morality, values, and beliefs. Usually very idealistic, and must always find purpose in their own lives. Which also means they tend to be more intuned with their understanding of themselves that they are able to help others understand themselves or illuminate a greater truth that other people tend to overlook. But not all INFPs are ready to reveal their true selves, and are often pretend to be someone else or someone who they are not, especially in their younger years and will always feel different for one reason or another, and that's ok, different doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. Once they are willing to look closer into themselves and find out who they truly are. accept themselves. They don't really care about acceptance from others, it's more about whether or not they accept themselves and who they and what they are meant to be or to do with their lives. Their sense of humor on the other hand... is often misunderstood and is more to entertain themselves... because of a secret layer about the human condition concerning usually serious subjects etc.... can often be a bad thing. Sometimes trolling helps reveal the truer part of another person's psyche, and often used to make a point, but only to those who understand the metacognition of the social norms. Oh here's an interesting question for anyone here, what characters are your favorite characters and how different are they from your own personality type? Are there any characters that you can relate to, but aren't your favorite characters?
  14. Yeah, plus most kids even know what that means, let alone how that would be part of the story without explain the initial difference between genders. It's a topic or concept that should be left for more young adult themed stories anyway and even then, it mostly just makes the average person feel a little uncomfortable even discussing regardless of personal views on the subject.
  15. That's no moon... it's a space station... no wait... no it's definitely a moon and oh look another one? Yep this does seem to be two moons indeed, perhaps this means Generation 2 is either set in the past or... the future relative to Generation 2? But hey... that's just a theory.. a gaaame theo... uh... I mean it's just a theory.
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