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  1. IC: Dehkaz [Tech Emporium] The toa of Magnetism greeted the lanky inventor with a nod, before turning to indicate the one of his traveling companions who hadn’t immediately made for deeper into the gadget-filled building with a tilt of his head. “Farzan, this is Krayn, he’s a good friend of mine, and he’s in the market for some gear. I have a good stash of equipment back on the Fowadi, though I think he’s looking for something a bit more… suited to his particular talents. And don’t worry about expense, I’ll cover it.”
  2. IC: Dehkaz [Po-Koro, Iron Mahi Station] The toa of Magnetism nodded in acknowledgement, emerging from the doors of the mechanical transport to step out onto the loading platform. Unlike the one which they had embarked from a few hours earlier, Po-Koro's station was partially enclosed in a large roofed building, the seamless blend of stone and iron in its construction harkening to the advancement the Koro had undergone. "Sure thing," Dehkaz confirmed, scanning the crowd for a moment before returning his gaze to the assembled group of toa, "We'll see you both there." Pausing a moment to tilt his head over to one of the station's exits, Dehkaz spoke to Skyra and Krayn, "This way, I've got a a decent place for you two to do some shopping; not too far actually."
  3. IC: Leli [Tunnels] "You bet we could've!" Her mood seemed relatively improved. "Don't know why Tall, Dark, and Regal tried to pull us away so quickly, we've handled worse before!"
  4. IC: Dehkaz [Iron Mahi to Po-Koro] The toa of Magnetism watched as both Krayn and Skyra took the opportunity to catch up on some much needed shut-eye, impressive given the periodic bumps on the tracks as Iron Mahi made its way through the sandy expanse between the two villages. Their passenger cabin was quite, save the creaking and groaning of the metal shell that they found themselves in, punctuated by the soft singing coming from none other than Dorian. For the briefest of moments, spurred on by his idle mind working on it's own accord, Dehkaz thought about doing his best to see if the mercenary had any more insight into what exactly had happened-- and what was going to happen. But the thought died as he looked across to where the two toa sat. Instead, he produced a piece of parchment from the satchel which he carried from the Fowadi, and an accompanying stylus, and began to make a few marks on the page. * * * It wasn't much longer until the Iron Mahi pulled up to its Po-Koro station, a whistle announcing its arrival, along with the sudden increase in volume as the chatter from workers and passengers began to filter in through the crystalline windows.
  5. IC: Lii [Odaiba, Outskirts] "Yes, yes it is fine," From her position near the middle of their procession Lii corralled the younger initiates back from the tree line as they moved to get a glimpse as to what had stopped their march forward, her words almost uncharacteristically soft as she did so, "There are no demons-Cerri don't push your sis- hey you all start shoving and then I do too." With a bit of doing, and a firm grip on the shoulders of one of the more spirited of the bunch, Lii managed to assuage the torrent of questions and fears from the youngest cadre of their clan. Doing her best to remain outwardly as calm as she could, though keeping up appearances did little to temper the constant beat of her pulse that she felt in her temple, nor the slight shake of her hands as adrenaline left her body, Lii hefted the youngest of the bunch, Yu, up onto her back when she wordlessly held up her arms. As much as it tore at her pride, it was possibly for the best that the Grandmaster was the one to talk to the Imperials. One of which, the one that had spoken out earlier, moved forward to their group. Lii had caught snippets of conversation, and while still very reserved about the entire situation they found themselves in, nonetheless moved forward to direct the wounded of the practitioners forward. "Many have sustained minor injuries," In sharp contrast to the inferno which had surrounded her body before, Lii's words were of ice, "Broken bones and cuts are the worst of them."
  6. IC: Leli [Tunnels] For the briefest of moments Leli's eyes went wide, and she stumbled over her words as she cursed the Onu-Koroans' night vision. "Uh nothing," She said, before realizing just how stupid that sounded, "I mean, nothing really on my mind. Just drifting off, I suppose." ... "...What about you?"
  7. IC: Dehkaz [Iron Mahi to Po-Koro] "A bit, Krayn," Dehkaz said, understanding sweeping over his complexion as he realized where Krayn's sudden confusion was originating from. "Like I said earlier, the island has both changed considerably over the past few years, and barely changed at all in others. One thing has become more than abundantly clear, institutions," He glanced over to Shaddix, before returning his gaze to Krayn, "are slow to act at best, ineffectual most of the time, and completely corrupt at worst. Trusting them to be able to keep the greater good in mind in any of their actions, whether it serves them directly or not, is not something I'm willing to gamble on. Not with what's at stake." "The Guard is better than most, but they're still Guards at the end of the day. They were built to defend the Koros back during the war, and that guiding function hasn't changed much in the decades since. Pushing any of the villages to take proactive action again anything and risk leaving their villages with weakened defenses is a non-starter for nearly every Akiri. Unless, of course, an entire village is under the sway of Makuta." "The Aggressors gives us a means to act outside of the structure of the Guard, with those who are not necessarily members," He acknowledged Skyra and Praggos with a nod, "To do the things that the island's Guards won't or can't do themselves. I've been working to gain the support of Koros, and give them the opportunity for some of their members who would do more good in a less structured environment to join us, but we don't need their support. We have a ship, we have supplies, we have a crew. At the end of the day we are not beholden to the whims of any one of the Akiri, nor will we have to wait for the go-ahead from any one of the villages to act." Dehkaz paused a moment to collect his thoughts, his gaze unfocusing before returning resolute and steely-eyed back to the toa of Sonics' own, though his tone was quieter, more solemn than it had been a breath before. "We do more good together as a team than we ever did alone."
  8. IC: :Arms: [Khy;Barr, Deuandra's Sanctum] The massive behemoth gave a toothy grin, or perhaps he was bearing his fangs; it was difficult to tell. Arms reached down, extracting from the mess of armor plates which adorned his form an empty vial which still held within it the ruby residue of whatever liquid had filled it previously. The glass jar appeared nearly comically small in his grip, and it was some wonder it simply didn't shatter from the mere touch of the warlord's appendages. "Many," the giant requested, his asymmetric three-eyed gaze fixed upon Deuandra. "Travel far."
  9. IC: Dehkaz [Iron Mahi to Po-Koro] Dehkaz listened for a time as Dorian spoke, arms crossed and brow furrowed in contemplation, lips pressed together in a neutral expression that spread across his Kanohi. His violet gaze was fixed on the toa of Iron sitting across from him; his increasingly frantic barrage of ramblings seeming to just barely containing the turbulent sea of emotions which undoubtedly roiled just beneath the surface, perhaps only held in check by scarf which the mercenary had pulled up just beneath his eyes at times. While the Fe-toa had only been back to civilization for a short time, Dehkaz had quickly caught onto the fact that letting Shaddix talk was far more enlightening than asking him questions ever could have been, though Dehkaz wasn't entirely sure how much more Dorian could take if he continued to get lost in the confines of his mind while dispensing bits of useful information, let alone stand up to someone picking his brain. Dehkaz empathized, Shaddix looked a man that had been thrust into events, not out of his depth but nonetheless forced to survive in an otherwise unforgiving world by the strength of his own will alone. It was not an enviable position, nor one that he felt particularly comfortable leaving the toa of Iron by himself. Even so, information was still information. While he might have removed himself from that particular aspect of Mata Nui for some time now, despite its best efforts to keep its blackened tendrils wrapped around his life, Xa-Koro had been his home for the better part of his life right up until that ceased to be his life. Granted, he would never had called the ramshackle collection of buildings which housed those deemed unfit to live amongst the rest of society home at the time. There were always whispers, backroom dealings and opportunities passed along by word of mouth. It was no great secret that the most lucrative assassination contracts and mercenary jobs could be had if one was effective enough, Mata Nui's social elite utilizing those in the dregs of civilization for their dirty work was a tale as old as civilization on the island. They were, in more than some ways, the only reason the village had sustained itself for such a long time, and would have survived for even long if not for it's untimely sinking beneath the waves. Before, its demise and subsequent migration of its population to Ko-Koro had felt like one taking advantage of a freak accident. For the sinking to be intentional... certainly linked events much more strongly than before. "You're an Aggressor, Krayn," Dehkaz spoke up, his voice certain, "Nothing will ever change that. You'll always be welcome, and the Fowadi will always be at your disposal. Resources aren't an issue, and a place to stay even less so." His gaze had shifted from Dorian to rest on said toa of Sonics. While as grim as it always had been, there was an assuredness to the look which was difficult to mistake for anything but. "If 'they' are incredibly dense enough so as to try to keep you away, it'll be over my dead body."
  10. IC: Kalih [Fau Swamp, Kavinika] While initially weary of experimenting further with the odd collection of levers and dials that surrounded the wheel, eventually the Ga-matoran's curosity won out over his caution. It didn't take long to figure out that the large lever was some sort of speed control, though the exact mechanics of the windless motion were still somewhat lost on him, as were the technical reason for the numbered spots along its path of travel. Absently Kalih patted Haa's armored side, the Keras having busied himself with doing some exploring for himself along the metal vessel. Probably looking for a place for a burrow. The smaller lever vexed Kalih for a time longer, it made no obvious changes to the ship's motion when flipped from one position to the other. It took flipping both levers for him to finally determine its function, as a satisfying clunk of mechanisms shifting sounded from beneath his feet even as the ship was provoked into motion by some unseen force. This time backwards and away from the river shoreline, freeing the vessel from its semi-beached status at last. Not wanting to get too far away, and not entirely sure he could control the ship's motion well, Kalih brought the large lever back to an upright position, and the Kavinika began to lazily drift along with the river currents. He felt rather proud of himself for that one. Not wanting the momentum of his good luck to die off quite so quick, Kalih flipped the smaller lever back forward, and turned the wheel hard to port. Pausing a moment to take stock of his situation, and calling to Haa to not climb over the side just yet, he moved the large lever one position forward. The ship complied, and at a sedate pace began to move under it's own power down the river.
  11. OOC: Tarnok, Kellin, Cancer, Leli from Ga-Wahi IC: Leli [Tunnels] The sky above was engulfed at once as the four of them made it to the entrance to one of the multitudes of tunnels that crisscrossed under the rocky, desolate surface of Onu-Wahi. Leli, laying back against Cancer's shell with one leg bent, watched as the stars above disappeared into just plane darkness one by one. It was unsettling, as if they were being swallowed whole by the earth itself. Perhaps it was just because her night vision wasn't anywhere as good as those that lived in her Koro. Especially when they passed underneath one of the lightstone lamps hanging from the wall, the sudden increase in luminosity all but destroying what she could see of the surroundings for a moment. Blinking the spots from her eyes, Leli sat up letting out a small huff, resting her head on her knees as she hugged her legs. Traveling wasn't... the most exciting thing for her. She tilted her head to the side, enough to get Tarnok in her line of vision, the Onu-Matoran having elected to walk for a bit on their trek, and wordlessly watched him for a time.
  12. IC: Dehkaz [Iron Mahi to Po-Koro] "About three hours or so, give or take depending on how the winds are across the Motara," Dehkaz answered, settling into the seat across from Krayn, before continuing, "Needs to slow down through sandstorms, but it's better than being stuck outside in one of them."
  13. IC: Lii [Odaiba, Outskirts] Lii's eyes flared, and if it weren't for the inferno already blazing around her they might've burned. Imperials! Of course they were. Her fists tightened. "Perhaps I do!" She snapped back, "It would be preferable to cooperating with your kind, Toroshu." The title sounded more like a curse than an honorific, and there was a heavy pause as Lii stood nearly motionless save for the jagged aura around her form. And then it disappeared, the flames dying nearly as quickly as they had come, and she let out a breath of annoyance. The warrior turned promptly on her heel, and stalked off towards the younger of their group without a word to reassure them that they were not going to face the demons again, before the Grandmaster could say more to her.
  14. IC: Leli [Ga-Koro] Leli leaned over the edge of her perch atop Cancer's shell, kicking one leg up for balanced as she did so. It was a precarious position, what with the crab's bumpy trek over the bridging pieces of plant matter as they approached the Koro's gate to the shoreline. "Uhhh, I don't see- oh!" Leli kicked her leg down some to swing herself back up to an upright position, turning to her two (three!) traveling companions. She smiled, and pinched her fingers together. There was a small crack as the bit of Stralix Powder between them ignited from the pressure, and the tell-tale smell of it going off drifting from it. "Yup!"
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