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  1. they do look quite gold but are in fact copper, besides the flat dark gold ones. however i've been told since that there's actually a difference between the reddish gold of the light gold avohkii and the copper colour used for KK sets and the krana. i won't know for sure unless i get my hands on one though!
  2. ah shoot. i'm sorry, i was wrong, the gold one isn't the one i thought it was. sorry for wasting your time :c thank you so much for entertaining my search for kraata!
  3. thank you for the swift reply and the picture!! i think at least one of these is one i need, the second from the right (gold head). it's just hard to tell what head pattern it is. do you have any better pictures of them?
  4. i would be interested to see your kraata! if there are any i'm missing i'd pay a good price and cover shipping.
  5. Oh, interesting. It looked pearl gold in the photo. Maybe I will just have to get one resin casted after all.
  6. What is their full inventory? I would pay you upfront for at least 80 of them for sure.
  7. And if you would be willing, @tourmalinex, I would very much like the rest, I'd pay for shippping and give you $3 per Kraata making it worth your while! I'm nearing complete collection as well. Edit: as it turns out, I'm also missing three of the ones you have extra, OP: Sonics 5, Slow 1, and Rahi Control 1. Please let me know if they're still available!
  8. Several years ago Black Six was given a very special bag full of prototype masks and pieces. In that back were somewhere around 8 light gold Avohkii's, and in my quest to complete my Bionicle collection (to a satisfactory point, since collecting everything is nigh impossible), I need to find one of these. I know they are not to be sold but if they can be given in trade or anything really, I would be very happy as that mask is really important to me to complete my collection and has a personal relevance to me. If any of you out there are one of the people who got one of these masks, whether you're willing to part with it or not, I'd be very interested to hear from you, even just to verify it is in fact pearl gold and not just a lighter shade of gold. Thanks for reading!
  9. do we know if these all came in the same stage or different ones?
  10. yeah, even though money wise they're in completely different ballparks lol. i would offer you some kraata in trade but i've already got a buyer... maybe i can get him to reconsider though. DM me if you're interested c:
  11. very very true. i'm heartbroken to be only 2/3 of the way done, i love those little slugs so much!!!
  12. i got one a couple months ago which was a relief cause it's my favourite. still working on the rest of the kraata though ;-;
  13. you think she's tall, you oughta see my girlfriend's character. lol
  14. Toa Elta was once just a simple Matoran, living on the Northern Continent in a small secluded village as an awkward Po-Matoran, until one day she crossed paths with a legendary mask, and learned she was not a Po-Matoran at all, but a hidden Av-Matoran, placed there unknowingly by the Order of Mata Nui. Unsure of her destiny, and her past, she must help the Rahaga retrieve the mask and keep it out of the evil hands of the Makuta. The legends say that when a special Matoran dons the the Avohkii, Mask of Light, the seventh Toa will be revealed. But a century before his coming, another hero was born of the Mask of Light, though not destined to wield its awesome power. As a Toa of light without the mask, Elta is much weaker than Takanuva, her powers mostly consisting of small light-based illusions and weak laser beams. Despite her weakness, with her powers as they are, and her Kanohi Veraq, Mask of Empathy, she has enough power to ensure the coming of the seventh Toa. One last little detail: I put a familiar design in the stand she's on. Take a look and you might notice it c:
  15. Good @Darknut Trade: Excellent manner, fair discussion of trade and all items arrived in described (excellent) condition. Would trade again! @tritoa Purchase: All items arrived in great condition, very polite as well! Would buy again. @TERIDAX941 Purchase: Everything arrived in good condition and they were very kind and polite! Would buy again.
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