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  1. Escaped convicts own this place now.

    1. Hexann


      I own this place now.

    2. Sybre
  2. So, I have to leave for an indefinite period of time, so Tadris is just gonna hang around with Rucia until further notice, okay?
  3. IC: Rucia lifting Tadris up helped quite a bit. "I honestly don't know. It's all fuzzy. I think though that the reason nobody recognized me or my name in Ta-Koro was because I kept to myself quite a bit. I didn't socialize much I don't think. So there's not really much to go off of."
  4. IC: "I think I'm -ow- from Ta-Koro, and I remember being in the charred forest -ow-, and something hitting me on the head -ow-... I don't think I was a Toa before the thing hit me on the head..."
  5. It's... Coming. I have the entire script written out in my head, I just have to get on the computer and make it. However, I do want to make a buffer, so the hiatus is still on.
  6. IC: Tadris was tender. "Okay -ow- careful ther nOW... Okay.. Here we gOw..." When he was on his foot, he was able to say to Rucia, "I think I -Ow- remember some things nOW! That guy thanked on -ow- on the head with his lance, and it -ow- helped me to remember some -ow- things."
  7. Okay, I want to get something clear in my head here: Is it not against the rules to kill a player character if they don't want them dead? If yes, then he's alive, he didn't want this guy dead. Simple as that. Is that not the rule?
  8. You keep shovels in the fridge? Sounds like my kinda place. Great comics Soran. I really like the feel of Daybreak as well, I look forward to more from both series.
  9. IC: Tadris groaned. When he woke up, he found his gravity had returned to normal. However, his crotch still hurt like crazy, and something cracked on one of his feet. "Uh, Rynekk? Would you and Rucia mind helping me get back to the burger place? I think that gravity guy cracked something on my foot..." The nut jobs he had tried to help and stop could argue with the guard all they wanted.
  10. OOC: apologies for trying to fight under 100gs. This is my first real fight in the BZPRPG.IC: THUNK! Everything went black for Tadris. All he could hope was that Rynekk would drag him free from from the battle.
  11. IC: "ow. Pain." was all Tadris could say for a while. When he regained his breath, he replied again, his voice not much more than a hoarse whisper. "It really didn't look like the diplomatic approach would work very well when people were already hurling shrapnel at each other, and making people float and the crash into the earth with extra g's of weight." he then summoned what focus he could with his pain, and launched a fireball at his interrogator's chest. "And really," he gasped out, "you slamming me into the ground and standing over me with a lance isn't convincing me you're the good guys." Glancing up behind him, he said, "Rynekk, you gonna do anything?"
  12. Here's what I thought as I read the latest chapter:Ooh, weapons, I hope I get something snazzy or awesome.Ooh, snazzy katana is snazzy and awesome.Ooh, ominous followy person is ominous.Oh snap, Vance is still alive.Ohsnap, Vance now has a personal vendetta against me.Ohsnap, Vance got stronger.O.O!CLIFFHANGER!!!!All in all, not a bad chapter. Again. I reccomend pre reading your chapters out loud, to make them sound more natural, but a new tip would be to describe things more. I'm sure you have an epic picture in your head of all of these events taking place with all rots of amazing details, but if you don't describe it to us, we don't get to see it in its full potential. Describe things like the sun glinting off of Vance's armor as he stepped out of the alley. Tell us exactly how the black market looked and smelled, and what the weapons dealer looked like. Do that and I can garuntee that your writing will improve tenfold.
  13. IC: "OH MATA NUI MY FOOT!" Tadris shouted, for starters. "Listen, I don't know much backstory here, but I saw this group fight a guy who killed an innocent unsuspecting matoran. He then turned on the general group, who tried to subdue him. I jump in to help subdue obvious murderer. I go to find out what was happening, suddenly you guys are trying to kill the people I just helped out, before I can say anything or find out anything about what the Karz was going on. IM JUST TRYING TO STOP THE FIGHTING LEAVING AS MANY PEOPLE ALIVE AS POSSIBLE!" Tadris shouted, a little frustrated that this guy couldn't get his point. He also tried again with his other foot, only this time with a little Haukakama speed added to it, and to a much easier target: his crotch.
  14. IC: "Urrrgh...." An extra 100g was new. In response to the beings question, Tadris responded, "I see a crazy guy attack an innocent matoran, and then a large group of beings attack the people who took out the first crazy guy, without even giving us time for even so much as a handshake. Is a handshake too much to ask for between battles? Basically, I was just fighting some lunatic who attacked an innocent matoran, and then the people who took him down get attacked. I'm gonna help them. Justice and all." With that, Tadris summoned up as much strength as he could muster, and launched a kick aimed at his interrogator's midsection. Hopefully he would be able to knock his concentration on the gravity thing loose.
  15. My awesome cell phone powers know no bounds.
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