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    Hey! I'm me, and that's who I am, and if you don't know me, then I guess you are not me, and I suppose that would make you you! Unless I am NOT me, in that case you are not you, so if I'm him, then your them, and in that case were all in one BIG case and IT'S GETTING STUFFY IN HERE! LET ME OUT OF THIS STUPID CASE!<br /><br />All that to say, I love:<br /> Building with LEGO Bricks,<br /> Reminiscing about the past (particularly BIONICLE's past, but I'll talk about the andy griffith show too),<br /> And anything shiny. iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, netbooks, iMacs, pretty much anything with a screen and a uni-body aluminum backing.<br /> <br />My hobbies include:<br /> Programming (I wrote "hello world" in helvetica! Wait, is that even a programming language?)<br /> Football (the one with the line of skirmish and the bad happy-dancing on the torn-up turf),<br /> Listening to music ( I love sanctus real, owl city, kutless, seventh day slumber, mainstay, the afters, Lee Nicklen (Nitrome soundtracks), fee, starfield, and stellar kart (my iTunes wishlist is a bit pricey, as you can imagine. I also love soundtracks. Lots and lots of soundtracks.) )<br /> watching movies (favorite TV show: psych; favorite movie: national treasure; second favorite movie: the incredibles;)<br /> And writing dumb rambling stuff on profiles no-one ever reads (if you made it this far, you are either really awesome or really sleeping)

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  1. Wow, I've been inactive a long time.Anyway, I just discovered GeekTool and I was so jazzed I wanted to see what awesome BIONICLE/whatever desktops where out there, and this seemed like the place to go!Here's my Portal-themed one: (a modification of another portal desktop featuring the art of Dead End Thrills)Edit: Watch your links, please. Links to sites with commenting systems broken.-Wind-
  2. Like others have said, I'm sure the downtime didn't help. Also, not too much to talk about. Once I get my new MacBook pro I'm going to have some fun in the artwork section. But no, not as big as it once was.
  3. Yoda said that "size matters not". While that may be true, the real issue is density, and you NAILED that criteria. Oh my word, every piece has a purpose and adds to the look. It's also very much in the style of the vehicles & Rahi from year one, so that adds to the awesome. Other than that, I guess It looks like a real BIONICLE thing. Something you might have actually found on Mata Nui (maybe a bit advanced for them). I'm super, super, MEGA impressed. It's the small things that make a huge difference. Anybody can build a massive, sparsely-detailed ship or structure; (well, not ANYBODY) but it's much harder to build something small AND intricate. You absolutely KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. Kudos.
  4. Ok... but what are the other things being done preventing this? It wouldn't require the staff to do anything extra, just get the members to do it. I don't understand why this can't be done. It'd be sooo easy.And BTW, I was one of the people that volunteered at that time, and I was never contacted. So again, I don't get it.
  5. Imagine you were sitting down with the creators of MNOGI & II (Templar Studios). What would you say to them? Would you thank them? Critique them? Beg them for a remake? As many of you are aware, Templar Studios has said that they plan on, among other goodies, potentially re-making the MNOG soundtrack with high-quality audio and updated instruments. Recently, though, they seem to have all but disappeared. I had an idea that maybe we could get their attention by showing how strong our support is for a remake by telling them how profoundly their work had on our interest in BIONICLE and even digital arts in general. I, for one, know that MNOGI was easily the highlight of BIONICLE for me (followed closely by MoL), but beyond that, it's affected my tastes & interests in art, music, and gaming. What about you? How did you feel about MNOG, with it's strange world and well-realized characters? What was your favorite moment? How did it affect you as a BIONICLE fan? As a person?
  6. Yay! Nostalgia trip!Lego Bricks were introduced to me by those blue bins they used to sell; the ones with the giant studs on the lids. Remember those? The ones with that black-haired dude? And the girl with the pigtails? Anyway, those were my very first Lego Bricks. I couldn't have been much older than 8. That was just about when BIONICLE was coming out. So anyway, I played Pajama Sam and stuff so I was pretty familiar with computers, but not the internet until I saw the web address on the back of the instructions. So my mom helped me make an account on LEGO.com, and I started playing this neat little game called MNOG. Obviously, being reared on Pajama Sam and completely obsessed with LEGO made me pretty much the exact target audience for the game, and I devoured it. Remember how hard that Rahi-fighting game used to be to your 9-year-old fingers? Yea, I remember too. But I loved it none the less. Come to think of it, I think MNOG was what made me interested in BIONICLE to begin with. Man, those were probably the best years of my life. BIONICLE was awesome, I had a bucket of LEGO bricks, and all was right with the world. Yep, LEGO pretty much made my childhood. Anyway, I only joined BZP in (checks profile) Feb. of 2011, after BIONICLE officially ended. As much as I hated to admit it, I realize now that BIONICLE had been dead to me since 2006. After Inika/Piraka, it lost it's charm. Maybe earlier. I still loved it, but not on the current storyline's own merit. Probably, it will never be like it was for me again. Nothing will, simply because I'm older now. But to me, the 2001-2004 era will always remind me of my childhood and it will always be one of my favorite fantasy worlds of all time. But anyways, (sidetracked there ), I joined BZP last year because I was feeling nostalgic (still am). What I discovered was a friendly, receptive, welcoming community which is, sadly, slowly but surely dying. Maybe that's for the best. We're getting older, and our interests are changing. But regardless, BIONICLE will always live on in our hearts. I like to think that we will pass it on to our kids, and they will love it as much as we did. All I really know is that it will always be one of the foundations of my childhood and of who I am as a person. There will always be a little BIONICLE in me, and while I don't have BZP to thank for that, you guys reminded me it was there. I can't thank you enough.
  7. Why has there been no attempt to redesign BZP? I thought that was part of the plan for the update. I mean, no offense, but the homepage is looking REALLY dated. And the forums look... generic. When is this going to happen? I'm certain that among the many, many talented designers that haunt BZP there must be like one person that would relish the task of re-skinning the website. Can we hold a contest? Or something? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and I realize this isn't a full-time job for the admins, but wasn't this like one of the most important purposes of that year-long offline period we had? Heck, if they're too busy to modify the css, I'll do it! Let's hold a contest, pick a design, and get some volunteers to code it in. I think it'd be fun!
  8. AAAGH!! Hurry up with this, will you? The story feels like it moves slower than it does because it comes in serials. I liked that touch from stave 14 where the disk launcher zaps Takua when he picks it up (obviously a nod to mask of light). My only criticism is that you aren't releasing chapters fast enough!
  9. Well, we can all pat ourselves on the back. We made this happen.Us & the other 18-million-some minecraft users.
  10. Need I say anymore? And yes, I have my backgrounds on a 15 minute rotation. So I can keep this topic going a LONG time.
  11. Here's mine. It's so beautifully understated.Its from this amazing website called dead end thrills.
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