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  1. C'mon Lego. You were going in good directions; was one more year THAT hard to do?

  2. I'm loving your current avatar; looks like Sub/Scuba Slizer's faceplate, but different somehow.

  3. So I just downloaded and played this today, and the first word that comes to mind is gorgeous. I love the aesthetic, and I can't wait to see all the huts furnished! The dialogue is pretty great, though I spotted a few typos, and I love the metahumor. (Of particular note in my eyes are Hahli and Jaller living together, and the fellow by the elevator who likes to watch things move. Although when he mentioned a mask that can make inanimate objects animate, the first thing I thought of was the Kanohi Tryna. Yikes! ) As far as feedback goes, I noticed two bugs. First was with swimming, which was rather difficult - hitting the spacebar to float back up to the surface only seemed to work if I was standing in a particular spot. Might I reccomend putting a ladder or a ramp somewhere to aid those having that sort of difficulty? Second, while the elevators worked perfectly fine going down, neither of them worked properly in taking me back up; the floor just sort of clipped through me and I was left standing on the lilypad below. I don't know if it's just me having this problem, but it may be something to look into. EDIT: Disregard the previous paragraph; I just caught up to the end of the thread. Overall, I love what you're doing thus far, and I look forward to future updates!
  4. I loved this piece. Beautiful, uncompromising, and so very real about the emotions involved. This story seems to re-open the wound from when my younger self first read Krahka's "Death" scene and rub some salt in for extra measure, but I love it. Just... fantastic job.
  5. I think it would've been fairly apparent by now if there were multiples of LOSS. The Golden Mask of Skull Spiders descriptions says "the golden mask allows the Lord to control the advancing army of spiders," without pluralization. So what I'm getting out of that little snippet is that the Toa have to take the mask from the LoSS, and the regular Skull Spiders will turn harmless...? Interesting twist on an old setup...
  6. Quite the contrary. Few things indicate a lot more is to come. They get the masks, then they have to travel to the ancient city, then defeat whatever is there. Then they have to retrieve possibly the mask of creation. Then they have to retrieve the mask of control and ultimate power, both of which will probably have new guardian enemies. They have to wake up Ekimu, they have to wake up Makuta and fight him, they also need to do something with the temple of time and possible introduction of the vahi, officially. That doesn't even cover what other mysteries they uncovered like the mystery of the toa. They say in the animation that no one knows anything about them and they seem to have amnesia similar to their awakening on Mata-Nui. There's much more to be done and most of that will probably cover 3+ years. New sets being unveiled at Toyfair in February possibly so there's a lot more going to happen by then. And let's not forget the inevitable infected Lewa episode. I honestly, non-joking, want this to happen.
  7. Honestly, I like what I'm seeing so far. Definitely different, and definitely a lot lighter in tone than even G1's first years, but that doesn't need to be a bad thing. I'm hopeful the next batch of videos will see the toa getting their own voice actors, and expand a bit on the hunt for the Golden Masks. Also, as someone said, seeing them meet up will be cool, too; reminds me of the scene from the very first comic, when Kopaka and Pohatu found the other four. (Also, this applies to the sets as well, but the villagers all having the exact same mask is kind of bugging me) People have pointed out the villager child, the Vahi, ect. but one thing I'm kind of curious about is the pedestals the important masks are all on. And for that matter, who or what planted the Golden Masks where they did?
  8. My personal headcanon (not theory, given that I'm blatantly ignoring half of canon to make sense of the other half) is that the Nuva Symbols and Cube are not actually related to the Nuva transformation, but to the prison they trapped the Bahrag in. When Toa combine their elemental energies to create a seal, a sort of "lock" forms nearby, and the matching keys, one per Toa, appears at said Toa's Suva Shrine in a dormant state. If they wish to undo the seal for whatever reason (and quick note here - I imagine this utility can be used for more than just locking enemies away - it could also be used to block passages, redirect lava or water, and any other funtion that requires a ridiculously solid wall of Crystal Protodermis.) then they simply need to take the keys from their Suvas and place them into the lock. A somewhat difficult task given that after being removed from the Suva until the lock's been undone, the key enters an 'active' state where it channels the Toa's energy in preparation for unlocking, rendering said power inaccessible, so the simpler option is to just funnel one's elemental energy directly into the lock. Of course, creating Crystal Protodermis seals like this renders the Toa vulnerable due to fairly obvious reasons (grand theft toa symbol) and so it isn't done much. This actually renders the Toa Metru's example a bit of an unusual case, but not in a theory-breaking way. Since they didn't really have the chance to have Suvas of their own, no keys were formed upon trapping Makuta, leaving the only option as direct channeling. Roodaka wanted to either coerce the Toa into opening the lock, or if need be, directly drain their energy to use herself, but she also anticipated a losing scenario. (as did actually occur at the end of Web Of Shadows) Thus, she carved out a piece of the lock to keep close, so that any attacks on her would free Makuta regardless. While most locks disappear after being unlocked, though, this shard remained because it had been carved away from the main mass. And that's the true meaning of Naming Day.
  9. In Bionicle's later years, one of the things that bugged me was the tangents - 2008 had several titan sets of random matoran in three-legged tanks and jets and whatnot. 2009 had Sahmad and a bunch of other guys with speeder bikes. I still have no idea how Mazeka and Vultraz were even remotely relevant to the goings-on in Karda Nui, and so ignored them. It worked too, because they didn't really come up outside of a serial I haven't read. But this also got seriously problematic in places. While I read the comics and whatnot, I mainly followed the Bionicle storyline through the books, as those were the most centralized and consistent media that included pretty much everything you needed to know. Until 2008, that is, as the books there require reading Gali's Blog serial thing to understand how the Toa got their adaptive armor, knew to go to Karda Nui, actually got to Karda Nui, ect. It was evidence that Bionicle's story was starting to grow too big and become unsustainable, and that of course was what eventually ended it. During the five years between then and the announcement of the Reboot, I've been putting some thought into how I would rewrite it, both paring it down to the central storyline whilst improving on and detailing said central story, and part of that would be in taking all the serials, comics, and other tangents, and either ruthlessly cutting them (really, was that stuff with the Mahri and the Golden Being even necessary?) or integrating them into the main story. (Gali's Blog, the Federation of Fear, ect.) Basically, Adaptation Distillation with just a bit of Adaptation Expansion for the sake of better character development and whatnot. On top of that, I wanted to keep the later year's important elements intact while giving them some of the mythical, mysterious feel of the Mata Nui arc. Particularly, leaving the Makuta race as-is (purely for the sake of Krika, I'll admit) whilst making Teridax align more closely with that shadowy figure that once uttered "You cannot defeat me, for I am nothing..." So in short, I've pretty much built up a whole continuity in my head, remaining loyal to the original storyline while reworking it into something less bloated and more thoughtful. (I'm kind of glad G2 is going in a completely different direction, actually; I was afraid there would be some mutual stepping on toes going on between my rewrite and the Story Team's plans.) My question is this - do you think I should do a broad discussion of my rewrite and the general thought process behind it in this thread, or should I move it over to the fanfic archive and actually write it all out serially?
  10. Eh, it's not that hard. I'd have to disagree with you on that. Look at just about any sort of franchise reboot, and more often than not, the common theme seems to be of failing to achieve that balance, in one direction or the other. I'm not saying it would be impossible to pull off - just very difficult.
  11. What you don't quite seem to get is that Lego aren't trying to please an older fanbase, because there are far fewer of them than there are children. So if Lego aim for a smaller group of older fans, they miss the greater profit that comes from the greater number of child buyers. One of the reasons (perhaps the main reason) Bionicle was so successful in its early years was that it was straightforward enough to appeal to children but had a certain level of darkness and complexity that also tapped into an older demographic. And one of the reasons it eventually ended was because it became too complex for children and new fans to get into, which damaged its profits. I'd also like to see more Lego products for older fans, but we do have to accept that we aren't the priority audience. But that's the key, isn't it? One would hope that in the unlikely event that LEGO brought back Bionicle (I emphasize unlikely, given the context of their brief, one-second apearance in The Lego Movie) that they would find a way to undo the continuity lockout and make it appealing to newcomers and old fans, kids and adults, somehow. Unfortunately, that's a difficult juggling act at the best of times, and Bionicle is a particularly monumental case.
  12. Well, aside from the funky designs, this is actually one of the things I really like about the line. The basic setup is there, but leaves a lot of room for questions, and it's in trying to come up with good answers to those questions that I have had the most fun. That being said, I agree that in objective terms, the lack of coherence was a huge issue. But yeah, I won't deny that Bionicle had definitely corrected a lot of the theme's big flaws, just as the most recent themes seem to have learned lessons from Bionicle's own missteps. This may just be me, but I didn't really have as much of a problem seeing them as characters and personalities as others have. Then again, I run into that with a lot of different things; not just legos, so it's most likely something different happening on my end. So once again, in terms of general appeal, I have to admit the line is rather less than ideal.
  13. People are arguing over Hero Factory and Bionicle, and I'm just sitting here with my Slizers laughing at them all.

  14. I know there used to be one, but it appears to have been deleted by now, so I figured it couldn't hurt to create a new hub for discussion and fanworks.
  15. If you'll excuse me saying so, it seems a lot of the same points are being brought up over and over again. It seems to me that this ill-defined "Next Bionicle" would be something similar to Ninjago in that it has a consistent story and characterization told mainly through one format, that balances episodic storylines that allow newer fans to enter fairly easily, while having somewhat of an overarcing mythos that will keep the older fans coming? It would resemble Chima in terms of set quality and world-building, while eschewing it's childish and generally bland writing, (I haven't seen it for myself, so I can't judge; just going off of what everyone else has been saying) and have Hero Factory's constraction aspect? Because that's something I can definitely get behind. To go off topic a bit, I also want to add that I have very few problems with Hero Factory (I feel the story could stand to be a bit more inventive, but I don't hate it) but am personally not a fan of the building system. It has it's uses and is by no means terrible, but I personally liked the more "technic" feel of Slizers, Roboriders, and the earlier years of Bionicle over the more ball-and-socket focused Hero Factory stuff. It's just personal preference, however, and I can respect that others can and will disagree with me on this. Regardless, to tie back into my original point, I would hope that this hypothetical "New Bionicle" line would return to the more technically-oriented style of building. And I'll admit, a small part of me wants to see Slizers resurrected with a much more fleshed-out story, but I doubt that'll happen.
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