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  1. Dude you flippin rock. Thank you so much. OMG thank you for finding that! <3 Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. Don't fail me now. I need help finding the source of several BZPower comic in-jokes. Most are relics of the old forums, but they *must* exist somewhere. They really are just old memories, but I must find them for my own old in-jokes to make sense. My request list for you scavengers out there: The ghost of Billy Mays Turaga Matau's furniture warehouse, "Everything must go!" The MSPainted Noobicorn from Noobicorn INC An arc about a shadow caring for 2 small children in a snowy place. I think this was from Galva's comics And something about when the fourth wall breaks, it begins raining pies or something Welp, good luck.
  3. Wow, that is amazing. It takes a lot to have me come out of the woodwork and say something, but this has a lot of potential. I hope you use it for more than just school.
  4. Welcome to the new BZPower.

  5. Of course the video is a prologue to my fanfiction in the description of the video, check it out if you'd like!
  6. It fills with energized protodermis, making it a useful piece of ammunition. I toss in a bunch of
  7. Out comes a metru hover board. In goes the Drome Racers line
  8. Out comes Metus, who will now plot his revenge. In goes my many bricklink wishlists.
  9. How, though? Do we like, go to Andrew's, put the computer(s) hosting BZP on a boat and burn the whole thing? Yes. @BlackSix, expect visitors soon.
  10. Once this topic dies I say we give BZPower a viking funeral.
  11. Vakama has a hidden non-disk launcher jetpack. Nokama's weapons turned into water skis Their vacations are wild
  12. Man, it feels like Halo 3 multiplayer. Everyone is offline. I'm mostly sad about the Comics Forum being completely devoid of any life. Soran, Girlicky, Dark709, Gavla, they're all dead now. I'm watching you, Terton.
  13. Eyy, BIONICLE is coming back maybe kind of.
  14. Nexo knights was the first theme I got obsessed over collecting. I just wanted all the knights! They just looked so cool!
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