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    Bionicle, StarCraft, wow, MlP - FiM, robots, animals, monsters, aliens, anatomy and (obviously) drawing. I like character creation and do some writing aswell. And I like cakes. All kinds of it.<br /><br />Also, I'm using PS.

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  1. Where'd you go?

    1. Stroxx


      Graduation year. Have to grind that animation out. :T

  2. I've been asking around quite a bit where gifs would go on the art forum and after much loitering I decided I'll just go for it and make a topic for them here based on the answers I've gotten so far. Have to postpone cross linking and infrastructure for now, kind of in a rush. As always comments and CC is welcome! Hope you guys enjoy! --- Into the desert "Ackar offered to accompany the Agori leader if he was going to seek Mata Nui out, but Raanu said no. Torch in hand, he followed Mata Nui’s tracks into the dunes. He found the object of his search sitting on rock, staring up at the stars."
  3. I've already shot this question in the General Arts forum, and I've been pointed here, but I'd like to go for sure. What is the consensus on animated gif images that don't exceed the size limitations? Can I post them here in this forum? Also while I'm at it, should there be one topic for any future gifs I might make or can each individual animated illustration have it's own topic?
  4. Ooh! I've seen these on Tumblr! I really dig them! I always wanted to tell you that I really like the colour pick for the 2nd and the 3rd vector and the compositing are top notch. The 4th one is a bit off balance though.
  5. They look pretty nice! The posings are a bit one sided though. Maybe a few jumps, kicks or even sitting? I'd be really interested to see more sketches from you.
  6. He would be more of a Timelord if he actually rembered what he did in the future. Would improve his klutzyness. XD He probably isn't skinny on purpose. I'm pretty sure he even stuffs his face full of Bula jam every now and then. He is just skittish. It mainly just adds salt to some of the instances but it doesn't expand on characterisation as much as Shadows in the Sky did. Krika gets rounded out the most and the Makuta introduction scenes are almost cinematic, but not much else.
  7. T-t-this place... The lights... The forms... That giggly yellow Rahksii who smells slightly like freshly baked cookies... It's so familiar.. It's been so long... I think... ...I feel home. A whole new slew of characters, more stories and even youtube vids. So much to catch on. It's really awesome to see you still at the comic making biz. I 've been rereading the 1st season and they still make me giggle just as much as I remembered them to. I love your dialouges.
  8. Dat sword design. I really like Akuji's design and glowiness so far. I'm kind of suprised the guard haven't gone dual on him from the start, but swordplay seems pretty well referenced nontheless. It makes me curious, have you used swords before? I also just noticed, but wasn't our local Makuta all black back on page 2? I don't remember his colour scheme being revealed back when the page first came out.
  9. Stroxx

    Wedding Announced

    I just saw your comment somewhere and the link in your signature immediately caught my attention! This is a real a gem, I've been giggling all the way! You have made a really good job presenting the whole story as an article, I really like it. And the part about the Mahi herd...
  10. What is the consensus on animated gif images that don't exceed the size limitations? Can they be posted here or do the go to Fan Created Media? Thank you in forward for the answer!
  11. He certainly did come off to me as pretty insecure in the books. His part with Onua was just hilarious. You've got to shoot me some links in pm, I'm really interested now! I'm all in for seeing others' renditions of Makuta.
  12. Stroxx


    Thanks for the comment! Haha yes, I bashed in an image of the Ignika from the comics to fill up the empty space I had there, that version fit the best and wasn't as distracting as the set form. As for the stroke effect, that was done by hand with a specific brush. I can't remember it right now as I'm at a different workstation currently, but it was a rake-ish brush with color dynamics settings (possibly from Houston Sharp? I've been going toward his set of brushes usually) and I'd just go back and forth using the colors from the artwork to create that effect. That must have been some work. But it really did pay off. I still love this woodeny texture it gives of.
  13. Stroxx


    I saw this first on my mobile and I couldn't write then. This is a beautifully rendered picture, the atmosphere just hits. I'm really in love with the high contrast between Vezon and the background and the colour palette perfectly delivers it. And do I spy a montage in the bg? How did you add this peculiar stroke effect to the picture?
  14. You forgot to add, that he makes awesome puzzles! Btw, nicely delivered! He certainly would distract the Toa! (Or lock them up in a garage)
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