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  1. Isn't Arkrak hanging around with Elaadis in Ga? wait like, still? is that on me? i'm not taking responsibility either way also hey what up i'm still watching y'all from the shadows around here - Ramona Flowers
  2. Nothing wrong with being a nerd.

  3. IC: incommodo (ga, wherever arkrak is) "hi i'm incommodo i'm here & have been present this whole time, no continuity errors here"
  4. hii

    1. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      Hello there! :D

    2. Ramona Flowers

      Ramona Flowers

      how's it going? i don't think we've talked in -ages-

    3. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      well, the past month has been immensely stressful, not at last because of the one, -final- exam I'd been missing for finishing my bachelor's degree... so I haven't been around much, if at all. :> But enough about me, how have *you* been? :)

  5. tbh this makes me think of the aladdin and the little mermaid tv series that disney made back in the day, which weren't half-bad as i remember them from my childhood and faced some similar issues in terms of resolved plot threads. i'm presuming that they're going for something similar here? - Ramona Flowers (also i am v happy to hear zachary levi is on board, i might just watch this)
  6. i feel like this is a joke but [darn] if it ain't eerily accurate. condolences & congratulations accepted in equal measure - Ramona Flowers
  7. fairytale of new york - Ramona Flowers
  8. expressionistic and otherwise unique/unusual art styles in video games (along with sprite-based stuff) appeal to me more because of this i like it when my people look like people, and when people look too much like people they kinda stop looking like people which is just creepy as heck - Ramona Flowers
  9. N is the best and i love him - Ramona Flowers
  10. IC: I was crying by the time I was near enough to see what had happened. Y'know, if I ever settle down, I might just become an author; 'Crying In Different Environments And How That ###### Feels.' Le-Wahi you mightn't even notice at first; it's humid enough that you might even get away with it. Ta-Wahi it dries before it even reaches your cheekbones (and trust me guys, I got pretty high cheekbones, this is for real here). Ko-Wahi it stings. It's bitter and cold and you get scared that every tear is gonna freeze on your skin, crystals of ice that give away your vulnerability to everyone around you, your weakest moment frozen in time so that no one can miss it. ######, I'm depressing. Hi, I'm Nikarra, and I'll be your host for today. I wasn't crying because of what had happened. A Toa was dead. Dor was in front of him, obviously broken by the experience. I'd heard the gunshots, the sound of the fight, Dor's shouting, and I'd tried to speed up. Back in the day, I was fit as ######. I could run across ###### rooftops if I wanted to. I killed people -- bad people, but I still killed them, and I did it fairly well for a non-professional. In that moment, I forgot how much I had changed. I guess I expected that kind of adrenaline-powered rage that everyone says you're meant to get at times like this. But after months of barely moving, while I barely ate and my body and mind rotted away, even adrenaline couldn't carry me through. I thought I was getting better, but I guess it's easier to fall out of shape than to get back into it, y'know? I was already lagging behind everyone else by the time Dor sped ahead of the rest of us, my heavy breaths clouding in front of my mouth. I wanted to cry. I wasn't even sure why. Like, yeah, I was exhausted, but it wasn't just that. It was something deeper. Sometimes it feels like that feeling is always just below the surface. It's just that I only notice it when I'm tired. I went from trying my best to catch up to trying my best not to collapse, and that's when the tears started flowing. Because even though I know I could contribute nothing to any fight where Dor could get that thoroughly thrashed, it felt like he needed me, and I was failing him. I wasn't good enough. I don't know what I've signed up for, but... I don't know if I'm good enough to be here. So many thoughts flashed through my mind -- is this how it's gonna be forever? Moving from good to evil, too ###### for the good teams, not ###### enough for the evil ones? Am I that ######? Dor's friend is dead. And I used to be so good. That's what really stings. I lost myself along the way to the point where I'm not even recognisable as the person I was before Dor. And, in a weird way, I don't want to be that person anymore -- I don't kill now. I have a perspective I never had before, I see people in new ways. I'm a better person. I don't want to be the girl I was before. This is his moment. I just, like, wouldn't mind having her body. Stop thinking about yourself for once. I was caught as I saw Dor sitting there, that other Toa's hand on his shoulder, in front of the body I could only assume used to be his friend. Still was his friend. For a second, it wasn't my tears that were frozen, but me -- should I step forward? Should I walk over to him? What do I say, what do I do? Am I important enough to be that close to him right now? Nikarra walked slowly over to Dorian, her breaths shaking, her tears far subtler than she thought they were. She stood slightly behind him, but in line with him, and the gesture was clear -- she wanted to be close to him, but she was also trying to give him space. When he got up, whenever that was, he would see her, maybe even turn around to her; at that point, the choice of whether or not he let her in was entirely his. A tear stung her cheek as she watched him on the ground, a tear shed for his sake rather than hers, as her introspection died away. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out, and she closed it, frowning as something akin to regret made its way across her face. She didn't know the Toa that lay dead on the ground, or even the living one whose hand was on Dorian's shoulder. She didn't know anyone in the team Dorian had assembled. She didn't know what they were trying to achieve. But she knew Dorian. I'm so sorry, Dor.
  12. IC: Elle was lying in her bed, hair mussed up in the not-good bedhead way, taking what she felt was a well-deserved rest, when her phone buzzed somewhere. Who the is texting me? What time is it? "Bleghhhhhhhhhh." Elle you must meet my cat today! You aren't allowed to say no! c=< Elle sighed, and began to write a reply while still lying down and semi-conscious and unsure of exactly what time it was, really? How late could it be? It was probably before lunch, right? She had a strict 'no getting out of bed before 12pm unless you really have to' policy on those days her alarm wasn't set, and she had no intention of breaking that today. Even if it was for cats. i'm still in bed ashley, i'm still trying to sleep, like i'm wearing my pyjamas and stuff well, not pyjamas, but it's a really big jumper and it's like, super comfy (it's made out of this super soft material i mean really like, suuuuper soft) like what time is it jesus christ there's sunlight and stuff what like when did that even happen do i have to move i'm gonna be real here ashley i reallydon't wanna movw i'll come check out your cat later i promise i'm just in the prbcess og a lufdafadjfkdkfyejgwbdicxz Elle's phone just about found the enter key, along with about a dozen emojis, as she faded into unconsciousness again, waking up with a start when her phone hit the ground with a rather distinct thud. Muffled by the pillow which now covered her face and pretty unconcerned by the possible damage to her phone, she exclaimed '##### it' and elected to continue sleeping, tugging her quilt up around her.
  13. tell me about it! i'm so happy it wasn't though, i absolutely love it and it's the first name i've had has really worked with the POBZPC imo and it's made me a lot more comfortable with the colouring given how much it used to freak me out - Ramona Flowers
  14. honestly, despite the name change i have not read the entirety of the books (i'm working my way through them atm), but both from what i've read so far and what i know of the series past where i am i completely agree on what you're saying there i enjoyed the film, personally, and i'm a big fan of edgar wright's work which definitely factored into it, but the sheer amount of nuance i realised it had lost when i started reading was incredible, and i was pretty much instantly blown away the film is literally accurate in its shots to panels that are in the books, and has some fantastic fight scenes, but frankly that only counts for so much when it fails to translate the meaning and the emotion in the books across, at least in my opinion - Ramona Flowers
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