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    Lego(specifically Bionicle, Technic, LDD & Star Wars),hardcore science fiction, anime, drawing, anything remotely geeky.
  1. Mehul


    Thanks for all the feedback guys! Since this was done in a random rush of bionicle nostalgia I cant say with surety that I might be doing the other toas for sure but I might. As for the name well as a design student myself I perfectly understand the nitpick and now that I see it the misalignment is atrocious!
  2. Mehul

    M. I. S. T.

    Superb paneling, art and writing. Very nicely done. Love your style and I cant wait till the next one. (Hopes to mata nui you get inspired somehow)
  3. Mehul


    A sketch:
  4. That is some beautiful armor and cloth. I could seriously stare at this stuff for hours looking at all the details.
  5. Mehul


    Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have spent more time on the lava.
  6. Mehul


    A quick speedpaint.
  7. Mehul

    Kanohi Dragon

    O_O People whose work I've admired are commenting *faints* ~M
  8. Mehul

    Kanohi Dragon

    Oh I'm sure I've made tons of errors, I never proof read any of the text since in my mind it was just there so that I knew how much space it would take and once inking was done I would replace it with the final stuff. As for the mask power... D'oh. I knew that and yet somehow it never came across in my mind until now. Anyway I digress, first off thank you all for the compliments their making my ego grow to new heights . That is since there is interest in the comics I'll keep to my word and post some older stuff. I feel guilty but this one is even more incomplete than the previous. In a sense it is actually the sequel to the "kanohi dragon" as it revolves directly around the nui stone. It was made in 2008 for, if you can believe it, a school project. The artwork : WARNING! THE FIRST PAGE DEPICTS A DECAPITATED MATORAN, VIEWER DESCRETION IS ADVISED. ALSO THE PAGE HAS THE WORLD'S MOST HAMMY DIALOGUE. Page 01 Page 02 Page 03 As you can see I had both Nidhiki and Lihkhan's design down for the most part but tuyet is... not great. And don't even get me started on the nui stone, geez what was I thinking? And I am well aware there are many many factual errors in this one.
  9. Mehul

    VNOG Kit

    Hmm I believe we are derailing from the main topic, the kit, but I'll contribute my two cents. WARNING IRRELEVENT PARAGRAPHS OF TEXT INCOMING: @Gerlicky, I wonder if you are perhaps indulging in a bit of trolling or just genuinely uninformed. In any case, given that you are a MS paint god, I shall assume the latter and try to inform you the best I can. Sprites were made for games. Many fans of these games "ripped" the sprites from these games to create sprite sheets and eventually these were used in fan created versions of the games, prime example being the megaman franchise. Now some people used these sprite sheets to create webcomics which were/are very successful. I would note here that none of these sprite sheets were created in paint originally. Infact recolouring some of the megaman sprites can be a royal pain. Now to take the case of bzp indeed many of the popular sprite kits here are scratchbuilt and made for comics, however again if you take the case of rayg 2.5 it was largely expanded only so that it could be used in the FCG toa's quest and yet is still was used for comics as well. Heck, I made my own expansion for Katuko's Bionicle fighter. What I mean is there isn't any way of defining kits solely on the basis of what tools you prefer to use or the intent of use of the kit for comics. There is nothing wrong with using paint for spriting. There is nothing wrong with PS or GIMP. There is certainly nothing wrong with refusing to using anyone of them. What might be objectionable is trying to come to a topic just to say you find the kit "sickening" just because you cant use it. This kit can be relevant to many people who might want to make custom gifs or to create their own iteration of VNOLG. If you feel that this kit was not great and might be stealing the focus of other kits surely just not commenting and moving on might have been a better strategy. As it stands now the topic is on the top of the list in the forum because of all the replies. @Katuko, To rotate something in paint its a rather cumbersome process but it can be done, first select object and skew it horizontaly the number of degrees you want. Then skew it vertically the negative of that number. And viola! A simple process that takes seconds to do in every other program is done in under a minute with practice. No one is telling anyone how to make their comic. They're just advising that this kit will require more advanced programs to be used effectively. IRRELEVENT PARAGRAPHS OF TEXT OVER. On topic the kit could be useful if it expands and more animation frames are added.
  10. Mehul

    Kanohi Dragon

    Awesome! <3 Very well done. Infact almost exactly as I imagined it would be. I love it. ~M
  11. As much as I enjoyed Avatar, I think I like that bionicle takes a different take on the matter, which can be a bit confusing at times but it cements in my mind that bionicle is not in the same universe as us and we don't quite completely understand all its laws... @Bonesiii thanks for changing the title and clearing up the whole plasma vs Plasma thing.
  12. I, as starter of this theard appreciate that it has achieved T-rex in fighter jets levels of awesome. Calvin and Hobbes ftw. I've always found plasma to be a very vague element simply due to the fact that I'm not very familiar with the properties of plasma. On one hand fire toa should be able to create plasma, by super heating air, yet keeping in mind "ice energy" there is a possibility "plasma energy" is a distinct requirement in the bionicle universe to create plasma. That is, a fire toa can create plasma but may not have much control and the process might require great concentration like how they can freeze things. On the topic of specific elemental energy could we suppose toa of sound control sound energy and in essence absorb it from an area causing complete silence? The usefulness of this is debatable but I'm curious about its possibilty... Also to any moderator who might read this, might I request the title read "Elemental versatility" as currently it reads "varsatility".
  13. In addition to all the evidence provided above that the edit is erroneous I'd like to add that even if a star is part of a binary system the twin star can be lightyears away, our own sun is theorised to be part of a binary system. In fact most stars are part of binary systems. So the point is even if there was a canon reference to a binary system in the earlier years it can be justified. As for on topic the presence or absence of ice caps could be due to several reasons. Two of the top of my head are: 1. If there are techtonic (spelling? ) instabilities, perhaps caused by the shattering near the poles the ice may not form. 2. The great beings could have simply removed them as part of their experiments, or as a side effect (think extremly advance stage of global warming).
  14. MNOLG, Bionicle the game and Heroes. Thats it. As for the topic name it happens, I'm sure no one will notice. ~M
  15. Hey katuko here's a basic visorak sheet. I've simplified the shading though I've kept the same pallet so the recolour bar from before should still work. One animation that is noticeably missing is one showing the spinner being shot... honestly I could not figure out how I to do that one- I'm afraid someone else will have to tackle it. Also as you might notice I've included a animation for climbing walls. I don't expect you to implement just yet its just a suggestion Now I'm of to sprite toa and rahshki faceplant. ~M
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