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  1. obvious hacker.If that means hack, I think all the people around the world are hacker too. Even you are also a hacker.
  2. Give me the game and I will fix it, just like what I done to Lego Universe. Hehe.
  3. Ah...What should I do for my free copy of Lego Universe now??
  4. Great! I won't in my country in this week! And I can't join back the game!
  5. Where is the Not to nitpick, but Nimbus Station is actually the fusion of the names of two pre-alpha worlds which became Nimbus Station: Nimbus Park and Zorillo Station (also known earlier on as Zorillo Plaza, and earlier still, Youreeka or YouReeka). Nimbus Park was replaced with Avant Gardens in a game redesign (though Avant Gardens still has a couple of Nimbus Park elements, like the orange and grey roads and picnic at the end). Youreeka became Zorillo Plaza, then Zorillo Station over the course of several redesigns, and finally, the developers took the concert from Nimbus Park, added it to the plaza from Zorillo Station, and Nimbus Station was the result. Here's some images of Nimbus Park: And some images of Youreeka/Zorillo Plaza/Zorillo Station: So, yeah. That's the backstory behind Nimbus Station. Where is the last photo came from?
  6. Yes, it's me. Dr Kelvin.

  7. I want Alpha Team back!!!!!! I love Alpha Team! And I get most of the Alpha Team set in my home
  8. kelvinS

    Lego Island

    Lego Island? This game is rock for sure.
  9. You should directly decode the .fsb sound files to get those music. But not use recorder.
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