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  1. D:But you ARE a member of the staff! I bet you will ban everyone on 21/12/12(Yes, I was born in Europe), and then rename the site to EEKOPower.com and rule us all with an iron fist!
  2. Aw, I sent this is first! *turns into the Hulk*Nah, $50 is a bit too expensive. I can probably find him on Bricklink, anyway.
  3. I wish I lived in Germany so I could check this out. Oh well.
  4. I like LDD better. The new hero creator takes too long to load and you are limited to what armor you can put on the figure.
  5. That absence was really weird. I will be posting as usual again!

  6. Member Name: ParazanTheme: VisionsWord Count: 507 wordsStory: Visions of the end of ZarianParazan walked into the Turaga's hut."Je'vik, will our civilization ever end?""I do not know. Only a Kanoki mask of Visions will tell.""Then I will go find one.""No, Parazan! You might never come back!""Our species will end soon. I need to know when.""Goodbye, then.""Goodbye...""Parazan walked through dangerous terrain. His journey took him weeks to just get to the coast of the island. Now it was time to get from Zarian to Fasryl, some 500 miles away. Parazan could not find any boat, so he bought a boat from a nearby fishing village. He hired a crew made up of 5 Matoran-like creatures called Prylings (the 2nd of a metamorphosis change, of which Parazan was rank 4). They began their journey on August 19th, 1234 ITTBT (In the Time Before Time)."Lord Parazan, we see an island in the distance. Is it Fasryl?""From the looks of it, no. But let's go to the island.""Yes, Lord Parazan."The island was once home to a race of bipedal Rahi, which ate anyone that ended up crashing into the island. Even though these Rahi have lost their intelligence, they can still be found on the island."Sir, this island is EXTRAORDINARY! All of this has been preserved like it was a time capsule! Let us go on.""We shall only advance up to the heart of the island, and then return to the ship.""Sir, this island is found nowhere on the map!""Calculate the shape of the island, and then draw it on the map.""Sir, we cannot.""And why not?""Because this island doesn't exist.""Explain to me how it doesn't exist.""We can't calculate it. We can't find it on radar, either. But the center of the island is emitting high amounts of radiation.""Time to get out of here. Who knows what could be there!""Sir, we were on the island for 28 days. Everyone that stayed behind on the ship is dead. The radiation must've caused our clocks to stop.""Everyone, get on the ship! we're leaving!""Sir, we are currently entering sea monster waters. Shall we go in?""Yes. It is worth the risk."3 hours later..."Lord Parazan, out of 20 crew members, counting you, only 8 remain. 7 died when a Sea Monster attacked us.""Go on, go on until we reach the island of visions."1 week later..."Sir, we have reached the island. Now you must climb to the top of the tower in order to obtain the mask."Parazan reached the top of the tower. He put on the mask. He felt the energies of the mask rushing through him. And then he saw the vision.He saw the Ocean drying up. He saw Forests burning. He saw strange biomechanical creatures. And then, the ground shook. Out of the ashes came a giant Robot. He saw how the Robot was overpowered. And then the vision ended.
  7. No, it was regular-length HF limb. And plus, the small-length HF limb has appeared in many sets before this, not just Ninjago.
  8. About time ive viewed your profile

    1. Parazan


      Well, thank you for doing so.

  9. Shame, I have an older version of the iPhone that unfortunately, cannot download any new apps. And plus, I thought it turns the ENTIRE viewpoint into LEGO bricks, not just random things.
  10. I will surely get this when it comes out. It looks so realistic. I wonder that if they make a future version, will it have flight controls?
  11. BIONICLEstory is not dead. Even though Greg and his Wife had a baby, Greg said that he will upload a new story once in a while, although by "once in a while", he meant a new story will be posted once in many months.
  12. The only ones i'm excited for are Legend of Zelda and Back to the Future. Especially Back to the Future.

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      Queen of Noise


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  14. Due to BZPower being hacked, I couldn't respond. Alright, I see what I should've added. Remember, this was my first ever short-story, so don't expect it to have a "10/10".
  15. Do you have any Metallic Blue Krana-za?
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