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  1. Entry #7 Zahdejahk the Warlord of Jungle Entry Photo Gallery An ancient warrior class Protector, she lead the older Jungle Region to war with the other tribes. Though nearly successful on conquering Okoto, she was stopped by Makuta who defeated her with sheer force and his mighty hammer. After her defeat, she searched for a grander source of power. After eons of searching she found the object of power and infused it within her body. The vessel of pure energy caused her simple Protector form to be morphed into her current Warlord form which excretes raw energy in the form of orange light. Knowing that the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders control the skull spider race, she seeks out the object of power to control the entire population of skull spiders to conquer the island. Weapon: Elemental Blade of Jungle Powers: manipulate jungle element, telekinesis, heat-blast(from hands), plasma vision, higher resistance to elemental energies
  2. Entry # 5 Riklack, Lord of Fire Entry Photo Gallery Riklack, the last known Lord of Elements, was once a protector of Okoto. He watched over the natives with his fellow Lord of Elements, protecting them from harm. In time, he grew restless, tired from helping the natives. Eventually, the number of Lord of Elements started to dwindle, dying from unknown causes. Fearful that he too will meet his demise in due time, Ricklack seeked a ways of immortality. He eventually found a way, but it wiped his mind from Lord of good deeds to evil. His mind, blinded, unable to steer his body with his own will, he now threatens the population of Okoto, seeking masks of power to fuel his strength. Powers: As a Lord of Element, he has an enhanced control over a specific element. In this case, fire. Weapons: Quad-Blades of Fire, triple ended blades Entry #6 Devster Entry photo Gallery Constructed from scrap parts, Devster was made by a bandit group of Protectors from all over the island. Devster's primary function was to hunt for Masks of Power for the bandits to extort money. However, Devster became self aware, and it betrayed it's masters. Devster then began wandering the island of Okoto, savagely destroying everything in it's path. But suddenly it picked up 6 new life forms... These "Masters"... Now on a mission, Devster is on mission to not only hunt down Masks of Power, but it's new found enemies, the Masters... Powers: None Weapons: Boom-Sword
  3. Entry #4: Takhan Entry Photo Gallery Not much is known the former ruler of Okoto, but he was known to be the one of the most well respected leader. He was eventually betrayed by the Mask Makers and was locked away. Takhan grew bitter over time and when the Mask Makers were knocked unconscious, he felt their presence slip. Hungry for power, he seeks to take over the island once more, seeking the Mask of Ultimate Power in order to do so.
  4. Entry #2: Kutok Entry photo Gallery Inspired from the NFL New Orleans Saints uniforms. Entry #3: Rakaxis Entry photo Gallery An ancient evil awakes, Rakaxis returns after a millennia of being held captive by the Mask Makers. He is known to be Okoto's greatest opposition ever faced, using his keen intelligence and creative use of his powers. He can bear Masks of Power within his chest that grant him the mask's power, granting him endless possibilities of elemental powers. The only downside to this ability is that he can only hold one mask at a time. He makes up for this loss with his vast array of abilities that are unmatched compared to the common foe. He seeks the Mask of Creation, but he feels mislead... Powers: heat vision, quick-strong reflexes, extreme intelligence, night vision, manipulate vision(opponent), manipulate elements, whatever mask of power he holds within his chest Weapon: Ancient Staff of Disruption
  5. Entry #1 Name: Okazee Entry Photo: http://goo.gl/nzqGPa Gallery: http://goo.gl/SabVwj Backstory: Okazee was a former Protector of fire, who went missing. He was found in his mangled form by Makuta and was rebuilt but in a completely different form. After taking some inspiration from the Skull Spiders, he rebuilt Okazee into a half spider-half protector. This caused Okazee to become aberrant and haunt the inhabitants of Okoto. It was then Ekimu who went after the former Protector and was stopped. He has since disappeared again, waiting for the perfect time to strike...
  6. How long was he out for, a minute, an hour, a day? Whichever it was, Helcore woke up at last. He had noticed that a large crowd was panicking. Looking to the right, he noticed that the speech stage was still standing with Supreme fighters nearby. Good news: Helcore knew for sure he was out and about for a short time. Bad news: Whatever is going on now was obviously bad. The verdict: Go ask questions and get answers. Helcore ran and ran until he got to the speech stage and noticed a heavily wounded Heldran with Fringe and Greth next to side. Helcore’s eyes grew wide open. His mentor and leader had suffered couple of shots to the core chamber and three more to the legs. Whoever did this to Heldran obviously wanted him dead. “What happened?!” panicked Helcore. “Where were you is the better question!” Shot back Fringe. Helcore was stunned. Never had Fringe acted like this to Helcore before. Before he could answer, he noticed something important. Heldran was slowly opening his optics. Fringe also had noticed. “Helcore...”rasped Heldran, he gave out a very weak smile to Helcore, “I knew you would come back.” “Heldran—” “Please,” sputtered Heldran, cutting Helcore off, “Realize that I knew my time would have to come...” Helcore then went from a panicked, to a calm emotion. He knew there was nothing he can do in his power to save his mentor now. “I told you Heldran, you will become the new Heldran,” Heldran weakly gasped. He then grabbed something on the side of his head. Heldran weakly reached out with hands, “take this, as it was passed down from Leonidas to me...” Helcore reached out to see what it was. It was – The Crest of Heldran. The most important relic was now in his hands, and upon this realization, Greth took a step back and gasped. “Show this to your other Supreme fighters, and they will know that hope is not lost...” “Sir, but I –” “Take care my friends,” he said weakly and turned to Helcore with a dying face, “The fate of the Supreme fighters is in your hands Helcore...” Then his optics flickered out, and his hands drooped. Alaric Heldran, is DEADTo be Continued
  7. Helcore then looked back at the end of the crowd and saw thousands of Supreme fighters coming in an organized order. Rookies were up front, veteran fighters in the middle, and the Great fighters were in the very back.As the Supreme fighters lined themselves up near the end of their destination with the crowds, Helcore saw the Elite guards coming in a line formation. They were throwing and trading weapons as they went down the street doing something like a Marine marching parade.Everyone clapped, cheered, whistled, chanted; you name it, for the Supreme fighters.Then, everything went silent. There was a sound of drums, and then jets flew over in a V formation, then each jet split off individually. More drums sounded off. Trumpets blew. Further down the street, Helcore noticed a buggy rolling down the road. Driving the buggy was Troy Greth and in the back standing was Heldran.The silence broke; people cheered their hardest as Heldran appeared before the crowd of millions. As Heldran stepped out of the buggy and stepped before the speech board, Heldran lifted his right hand to silence the crowd.Helcore awed by the sight, he nearly forgot why he was way up in the tower, when Helcore suddenly felt a jolt of pain in his back, than blacked out as he fell backwards in front of the feet of a tall figure.“Sorry, pal” It sneered as its green evil eyes gleamed down towards Helcore.As the tall, lean figure walked before the window Helcore was at, it cocked its weapon back of what appeared to be a sniper in slick, black, oily color with green glowing energy, it took aim—right to the head of Alaric Heldran.Helcore slowly regained consciousness standing up. Turning around to see what hit was the tall lean figure, clad in bright flame orange color with a brilliant color of red. Helcore then instinctively jumped for the figure (assuming that is what hit him)... While the enemy just tossed him aside.“As if knocking you out isn’t enough...” it snorted. It walked towards and grabbed Helcore by the throat with one hand as Helcore struggled to get out of the iron grip of his opponent.“So puppy wants to play fetch?” the figure snickered, “well then, FETCH!!!” it yelled, tossing Helcore to a pile of conduits.“Don’t bother me punk...” It said looking down at the fallen body of Helcore, three stories below him, “I’ve got business to take care of.” ---------------------------------------Fortis called the Supreme fighters and told them that Corra IV was missing, and he needed assistance. He never made the call. The concern grew stronger, and Merrick Fortis decided dialing the Supreme fighters one more time, and finally he had an answer.“This is Vladimir Nix your calling to. What’s the situation?”Fortis smiled, “more than you know.”To be continued...
  8. Hey guys, sorry for not posting parts of the story lately... Vacation last week and this week, so today i will post TWO episodes, and because the "Edit" button is being a little derpy, I decided to throw the reply topic link here:http://www.bzpower.c...937#entry351787I also plan to do a video series of this Epic. That means story posting will also be a weebit late.Anyways, here's are episodes 2 and 3 below.(Episode 2)A speech was tagged on board at Heldran’s calendar, a victory speech remembering the war of the lost lives of the Heroes and Supreme fighters alike. Heldran felt a great sense of joy within him with a warm feeling stirring up his quaza... While Tyler Helcore, the four year Supreme fighter Rookie, was nervous. Called by Alaric Heldran, Helcore must face the fate of the new Heldran and leader of a strong organization full of the Elites of the Elites, Better than the Best of the Best. How can a rookie like him lead such a thing? The answer from Alaric Heldran himself was this: Unlike most heroes, Helcore is not the self prideful type supreme fighter that you meet where ever you go; instead a selfless fighter with a great since of justice and every criminal deserves a second chance at life. Otherwise, death was his answer. He is not an arrogant fool like the other rookies. He is the best of them and yet, he’s the one who does not brag. Was it really that simple? Surely he has met many other Supreme fighters like this, but is the way it was meant to be? None the less, fate itself has sealed itself upon Helcore and Helcore must accept his destiny. ---------------------------------------It’s been several days since the mysterious case of the missing planet of Corra IV, but still no clues, until suddenly, a body comes from the sky resembling a body build very much like that of a Corrian.“We have a clue.” Sneered one Recon member, “with plenty of answers” he continued looking at a blast wound.(Episode 3)“This is the best thing I ever done my entire LIFE!” chanted a nervous Helcore. Helcore hid behind a wall before the victory speech. Three days before the actual speech, Helcore learned of his announcement as the Heldran.So he decided to hide. Not exactly the smartest move before being announced as the next Heldran, king, president, sultan or something like that. But Helcore did so otherwise.Then he heard the first group of the crowd come in. Then he heard more footsteps and voices. After three minutes or so, it sounded like as if he’s at a ball of some kind.Noting with the fact that he’s just behind a wall is the not the best idea, he ran for a tower that was under construction.As Helcore ran for the building, he ran into a worker.“Your identification code please.” Asked the worker-bot,“Uhh... Right... My Hero ID or my Supreme fighter ID?” replied Helcore. Dumb-move he thought as he finished that sentence.“Your hero ID.” simply replied the worker. ‘Maybe this isn’t as hard I thought’ wondered Helcore.“T.R-H.C-Eighteen,” Hoped Helcore. If memory serves, his Hero ID was transferred straight to Supreme fighter records, so in NO way can he be approved. He looked grimly at the Hero Record board as the worker was looking him up in the Hero Records.“Sure, walk in, Helcore” The Worker finally answered. Thank goodness.What was only a few seconds felt like an hour, but how was he in the Hero Records?‘Whatever.’ Thought Helcore, that question can be answered in another time. ---------------------------------------As Helcore climbed the long, hollow tower, he got to place he liked where he can perfectly see the streets where the victory speech was going to take place, and without the attention, he felt pretty good...Then started the announcement: “Heroes, workers, civilians, please take a moment and make way for your protectors of the galaxy, the Supreme fighters!” --------------------------------------- The HRT scanned the blast wounds, noticing like it was no other, wondered what kind of weapon could have done this. The blast appeared to be like as if it was shot by cannon of some sort, but it continued growing like an infection as well as if there was nothing was going to stop it. As further scans showed that it didn’t match any type of element (even acid didn’t match!), they grew worried. Suddenly, they had also noticed that an entire Hero squad was missing during mission at Corra IV. The HRT commander, Merrick Fortis, grabbed the communicator to Supreme fighters and left a message; “Boys, we have a problem.”To be continued...
  9. They won. They won the war. The Supreme Fighters they call them themselves. Not exactly the most creative name, but it works. “Wow!” chanted a hero-like figure said, clad in blue and white with orange quaza, “I can’t believe I lived!” he continued “And it was all thanks to our combined efforts” said another, although this one seemed taller, clad in red, gold, and white stripes with a neon green core. “Thanks Heldran, you’re the best” replied the Blue hero “No,” replied Heldran, “Thank you for helping our cause, Fringe” he continued. “With Shadow Factory finally out of the picture, Supreme Fighters, The Hero Recon Team, and Hero Factory all-alike can rest...” Fringe and Heldran walked out of their drop ship unto the landing pad as they heard another voice; “Fringe! Heldran! You guys made it!” “Glad to see you too, Helcore” replied Heldran with a smile, “Thought your ship was raided by one of those Dread Squadrons.” “Hah! Those guys are nothing compared to my MIGHT!” “Calm it, rookie, you may-err...-perhaps maybe THE best rookie out there, but we need to keep our heads in the right place.” “Any time, Alaric Heldran, sir” teased Helcore. Heldran sighed, “Take care, Tyler Helcore...” The war between the Supreme Fighters and Shadow Factory took more than eight years taking tens and billions of wasted lives of Shadow Factorians, S. Fighters, and the weaker heroes than any other war of Hero Factory’s history, and also the longest. It was finally Alaric Heldran’s time of rest as he sat down onto an old seat he hadn’t seen in ages, the seat he had since his times of a rookie hero, but that too was ages ago... “Heldran?” whispered a voice. Alaric didn’t react. “Commander Heldran?” “What is it, Helcore?” “You told me once that after the war was over, I would become the new Heldran.” “Yes, that’s right.” “But sir, I’ve only been a part of this—I’ve been active for only four years... I’m still a Rookie in the Supreme Fighter ranks, but a gimpy full-fledged hero in Hero Factory. Is that why I’m—” “No, Helcore” snapped Alaric, “It’s because you the most remarkable hero I’ve ever seen, and even I’m surprised to say such a thing. That’s why the Supreme Fighters took you under its wings and believed that you will the best of all.” Alaric then looked up to the sky. “When the Heldran before me, Leonidas, first told me that I will take his place, I was in total disarray...” Alaric paused, then continued “but that’s a story for another day. But as of right now, the reason you must become the next Heldran, is a story I can tell.” --------------------------------------- It was so strange. While the war has ended, the Hero Recon Team had discovered that an entire planet was missing in the galaxy. None could explain why, or what could’ve done this, and it all seemed like a big puzzle: the planet of Corra IV was missing on planetary records, any missions; search engines could not even find results about the Planet like it never existed. It was all a big mystery, and the fear of what planet could soon meet the same fate?--To be continued...
  10. The review topic for this story:http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=5923Enjoy commentating!
  11. Thank you for you people who are willing to take their time for reading this post. LOL, I'm pretty nervous posting this. Anyways, read on.PrefaceThe new story that's going to come soon is based twelve years before the events of Hero Factory in 2010. It's going to be (or I hope to be) a multi-part/chapter series that will be dark, epic, long, and well, EPIC (I don't know any other way of phrasing it)!The story of Shadow Factory begins with the end of the Shadow-Fighter war, with the victory of the great Supreme Fighters. Elite of the Elites, Better than Best of the Best, the Supreme Fighters are a group of former heroes who become extremely well trained warriors under the wings of the Heldrans, the leaders of the Supreme Fighters.But Shadow Factory, is just the opposite. Mainly comprised of criminals, fugitives, and even traitorous heroes of Hero Factory that commit crimes that is too much for any heroes to face. They are ruthless, murders, and many other aspects of evil you can imagine.Then the Supreme Fighters come. They're main enemy is the Shadow Factory. Knowing that each battle might be their last, they face the fears of every hero.Now, read the first part of the new epic serial,SHADOW FACTORY, Rise of Helcore
  12. I want a wooden duck! But BIONICLE is the serious one, because that's the one I was always hooked on to.
  13. Do you think BIONICLE will return, or will HF always prevail?

  14. this video kind of punched me point blank in he gut. The video is strong to me. i really believe bionicle is going to be given another (plural) chance because "the first book is over" kind of deal.I hope Lego makes 2 more books, lasting until... 2028. 8 years for the climax and 6(maybe 4 actually) years for the conclusion. But in the meantime, it's MOC making time!
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