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  1. This is the Dragon King who is said to be the ruler of all beasts. Whatever his name used to be is unkown for it has been centuries since it was last uttered. He is the biggest, strongest, most intelligent, and most ruthless of all the dragons. He lives deep in the mountains in unexplored land hundreds of miles away from humans. The dragon slayers have been hired to defeat him by the king because he has raided livestock and carried them away into the mountains, burned down villages, and even attacked the castle itself as well as singlehandedly decimating the king's whole army except for a lucky few who escaped. He has killed thousands of knights and dragon slayers amassing gold and treasure far beyond man's wildest dreams over his countless centuries of life. He is highly dangerous and is the most fearsome beast ever known. Will the Dragon Slayers be able to take him down, or will the hunters become the hunted?The Dragon King by reptiman1, on FlickrThe Dragon King by reptiman1, on FlickrThe Dragon King by reptiman1, on FlickrThe Dragon King by reptiman1, on FlickrWhat are your thoughts on the MOC? Feedback is more than welcome.If you would like to see this as an official set then feel free to support it on CUUSOO: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/7694
  2. Well, that's about right, but it looks like the next one to hit 10k will be the Modular Western Town by mb_bricks. This project has been shared on various LEGO communities urging them to support it, and it's getting very close to its goal. This one will be interesting to see how it goes through LEGO review, because it seems LEGO's target scale for CUUSOO sets is much smaller than modular scale.Indeed. The modular western town seems to be the next one in line unless some project takes off again. From what I heard the Western Town is being encouraged to pick one building for production. It would still be rather large though.The firefly also got rejected. I can't say I am surprised. Adult content keeps hitting 10,000 and LEGO keeps rejecting them. I hope people eventually catch on that your idea needs to be kid-appropriate.
  3. Geez it's been a busy month on CUUSOO. For anyone that does not know BTTF, Firefly, and The Legend of Zelda have hit 10k. It seems to me that original IP's are much harder to hit 10k with. Most big projects on CUUSOO all require licences.
  4. Made for my CUUSOO project here:http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/7694Support is appreciated! The Cave Hunter is a formidable predator. Everything about them is designed for brutal efficiency. They love to hunt and will eat anything they find. They are only ever found outside their caves when thay are hunting for prey or basking in the sun. With powerful and fast legs they prefer to chase down their prey and then deliver a fatal blow by chomping down on them. They then carry their prey to their lair. They are very solitary creatures that when born are left to fend for themselves. They then go off and carve out a cave with their feet and enlarged claws on their wings. This cave then becomes their permanent home and they will use it for the rest of their lives.Enjoy the MOC!Comments and critiscism are appreciated!
  5. I have supported all of his projects. His MOCing skills with dragons far surpass mine. I highly recomend you check out his projects and MOC's. They are some of the best on the site.
  6. I really hope TLG continues this theme, but I have a bad feeling about it. There have been so many one wave action themes recently. It's a shame because many of them have potential.I know what you mean. I hope for this theme to continue as well, but I understand your viewpoint on why it might not. I suspect we'll have some more of this theme, and if not, surely another similar theme will arise.My hope is that even if this theme ends, the next Dinosaur theme will have stylistically-compatible dinos. No Dino Attack-esque mutants, please!The one thing that I think it might have going for it is that this theme has a store exclusive. I don't recall any recent one wave themes having a store exclusive. Hopefully this theme will get more sets in the fall or even in 2013. I would love to see a carnotaurus in a set or even a set with a marine reptile like a plesiosaur. We will just have to wait and hope news of a next wave leaks I completely agree. I loved the Dino Attack sets when I was younger. Looking back now though the dinosaurs were horrendous and completely inaccurate. The so called "raptor" was more similar in size to an allosaurus.
  7. Nice to hear it. It sounds like I might need to pick up the set myself soon. The dinosaurs are what makes many of the sets amazing. I find them being the main draw of the set for me. Thanks for the mini review of sorts. I really hope TLG continues this theme, but I have a bad feeling about it. There have been so many one wave action themes recently. It's a shame because many of them have potential.
  8. Well, the weak spot might not actually be much of a stretch. I have a interest in reptiles and as such I know that a "third eye" type structure is present on many reptiles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parietal_eye. While this does not appear on snakes, lizards and tuataras do possess it. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for LEGO to have mashed a bunch of reptilian traits into the great devourer. He does possess a frill similar to the Frilled Lizard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frilled_Lizard. I would not consider it too outlandish to have that as a weak spot in a fiction theme.
  9. Eh, it's not amazing, but it's okay. I like the use of many colors, but each character doesn't have enough colors for themselves. I personally don't like BIONICLE recreation projects on CUUSOO, because they typically miss the whole point, in my opinion.I have to agree with you there. The main problem with the project in my opinion is the lack of a main team. It seems to have characters going all over the place. I mean there is Orde, Kopaka, and Malum. It does not seem to have a main focus. I will be perfectly honest and say that I am fine with BIONICLE being over. It had a good run and not it's over. I am perfectly fine with that. Everything has to end at some point. The staff posted a blog post on running a good project recently. It's very useful for some people that might want to start their own project. http://legocuusoo.po...uusoo-project-o
  10. I honestly don't see many good designs on CUUSOO. It seems to have a problem with finding quality projects. The discover page gets bogged down in comments in tons of different projects which makes it hard to find good projects. The discover page I think would also benefit from being reworked so that when a project is receiving heavy support it does not show up on the discover page constantly. The staff have said they are addressing the issue of project visability however, so I expect it to be a thing of the past soon. It might get an overhaul for the discover page which would be welcome by me! Take your time with it. You would be surprised what you can come up with if you give yourself time. I took a while making the MOC in my avatar and in my opinion it came out great. Let me know if you post it up!
  11. This was a hard one. Mantax was my first, as I found something cool about him. I put my favorite as Ehlek however. In terms of design, Ehlek was the best. The coolest story-wise had to be mantax though. He was a loner who discovered who betrayed the barraki, which made him really cool for me. I liked the design of all of them personally. They were an amazing range of sets.
  12. Happy Birthday SPIRIT! The forum misses you!
  13. It has done very well in the recent months with all the media coverage. I find that there is a shortage of good MOC critiscism on the site to be honest. It makes it kind of hard to improve projects and MOCs. I would personally submit a model to CUUSOO. The models you build are treated as prototypes and LEGO could always work out the little details if it did hit 10,000. I am expecting the verdict for Shaun of the Dead in about a month. Let's see what happens to it in the review.
  14. That would be a really nice idea. I have always like classic literature. A intersting thing also is the Shaun of the Dead reaching 10,000. I wonder how it's review will fare. It will certainly put LEGO's violence policy to the test.
  15. Hi everyone. Whats everyones opinion on LEGO CUUSOO? LEGO has updated the site alot since the site was created. To avoid plagiarism and spam projects LEGO now moderates every project before it is improved and published. Whenever you support a project a list of related projects comes up. The staff have more time to comment and give advice to projects also. Also just recently the Winchester Shaun of the Dead project reached 10,000 and is currently in review. I would also like to know how many BZPers are on CUUSOO. I would like to see you there! Feel free to show your projects also.
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