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  1. zzz

    1. ToaTImeLord


      Wake up. This is not nap time.

  2. Yo Lielac, if you ever pop by for nostalgia reasons again, just gonna say it's been a while.

  3. I have 1337 notifications. I am far too amused by this.

    1. Cambion


      *opens notifications* [hacker voice] i'm in


  5. Pfffff, please. People are always critical. It's what some fans do, day in and day out, to show that they care. (I'm part of that group. Sometimes we get overenthusiastic.) 'Sides, we're allowed to be disappointed if we are. We're also allowed to be, and sometimes/often are, wrong. Alllllllll kinds of wrong. And liable to fall prey to the Marmite Effect.
  6. Yeah Lego never really discloses that kind of information for some reason and I really wish they did. Maybe someone can ask Greg one day, too bad he can't be on this site. -NotS He's contactable on the Lego Message Boards, I believe. I'm putting my money on fan interest though. Huh, shame. I wasn't around when the rule was created that Greg couldn't be on this site anymore. Why was that? -NotS If I recall correctly from my pre-account lurking days, it was something to do with him not being allowed to talk to people under the age of 13 for... I think COPPA reasons? Legal isssues, anyway. And BZPower has preteens and under on it who aren't even lying about their age.
  7. Lielac

    Toa Kotu

    ... Suuuuure, let's go with that! Goddess Kotu, y/y?
  8. Lielac

    Toa Kotu

    ehehehe that water's even worse than the one I drew for the first version. I may have spent less than a minute on it, and that maaaaay have been a giant mistake. As for the mask, yyyeah. Very Nokama. As for silver armor, well, Takanuva aped the Nuva-style armor and he was shiny gold, so I'm kinda going off of that sort of thing. Thanks for posting!
  9. That's a waste of marketing time, effort and potential. No sane person who has any qualifications for marketing would decide it was a good idea to build up suspense for an announcement of an announcement that everyone would have to wait 4 days + 1 month for. I have no experience with these things, so I'll bow to your likely greater knowledge. It does feel like it'd be fanning the flames of anticipation, though, making sure people don't get bored. Although, if it ends up falling flat at the end... it's a risk either way, probably.
  10. Oh, now they're just doing it on purpose. Excuse me, I need to go outside and screech at the top of my lungs because HYPE TRAIN
  11. I'm thinking that if the NYCC panel was always going to be Bionicle, then this reveal on Friday will be saying "Yes, yes, it is coming back, you're all very clever cybersleuths, have some teaser images and we'll go into detail at our NYCC panel."
  12. That's what I've been thinking. Tell us that yes, yes Bionicle is coming back, give us a couple more official images to make wild guesses about, and then at NYCC they'd go into greater detail about, y'know, everything else. Like whether it's a reboot or a continuation, maybe a basic sketch of what the initial story will be like, telling us if any of our favorite characters will return.
  13. Aw, man, no, you've got it all wrong. If Gali was still the heart of the team, wouldn't she be in the center instead of Pohatu? No, Pohatu's the real team center now. I think Gali's over there because she and Lewa are trying to convince Tahu that nobody thinks any less of him! Of course, Lewa keeps making "The Toa Nuva -- and Tahu" cracks, so I can see why he's not buying it, but it's the thought that counts. (oh mata nui now I need art. I can see it now; Tahu huffily glowering at not those jerks, while Lewa's invading Tahu's personal space with an arm flung over Tahu's shoulders, and Gali's facepalming but also trying to explain to Tahu that no, really, Lewa's just a giant incompetent dork who makes bad jokes, we really do still love you! And Pohatu is torn between trying to get those three to focus, keeping Kopaka from getting sick of all this nonsense and freezing Tahu until his head gets back on straight, and keeping the ol' future-versus-past Ko-Onu rivalry from flaring up between Onua and Kopaka when those two decide they might as well debate what they're going to do about the spiders. ... this might need to become a comic hELP I CAN'T DRAW WELL ENOUGH FOR THAT)
  14. ok time to go to sleep i am officially crashing

  15. Heh. I noticed that a few days ago and thought it was an amusing coincidence.
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