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  1. Very surprised there have been no counter offers, not what I was expecting at all, but fair is fair, I’ll DM you
  2. Noted, thank you, I’ll treat it like previous bzpower auction posts, if no activity in 48 hours will consider yours the only offer. Cheers!
  3. I’ve nearly finished a set of Turaga Nuva mocs with 3D printed pieces and adapted 2001 turaga builds (with Bohrok arms etc) looks really satisfying and appropriate so far, I think. All I need now is a brief scenario/story in which, from where Greg left us in the story on Spherus Magna, the Toa Nuva could become Turaga. Is there a purpose they could give their power up for? Is there a way to wrap up their stories, almost like a synopsis without too much detail or focus on less important character’s plotlines, in which Spherus Magna could become a place of peace, and the Toa Nuva could finally settle into the role of elders for the inhabitants? Share your ideas! Obviously wrapping up every plot line Greg left hanging is no “brief” thing, but I’m interested in your ideas of a low-detail pitch that could end up with the Toa Nuva as Turaga EDIT: just in case anyone is confused, by Turaga Nuva, I of course mean Tahu, Gali, Kopaka, Pohatu, Onua and Lewa Nuva becoming Turaga. Heck, even Takanuva if you can get him in there (even though he’s not a Toa Nuva)
  4. This has been on my mind to do for a few weeks, finally got some time to realise them: I know many don't like the Inika much, but I was young enough to enjoy the change of direction without thinking too much when they came out, so I have a soft spot for them, even the new colour schemes they brought. But I wanted to see what they'd look like with their respective original colours, and in Hahli's case a (attempted) translucent mask. What do you think? Toa Jaller # Toa Kongu Toa Hahlii Toa Hewkii Toa Matoro Toa Nuparu
  5. Hi guys, FOR SALE OR TRADE: • 5 Hole Kraahkan Also these others: —————————— WHAT YOU COULD OFFER: One of the following: 1. Offer a price for the Kraakhan, or any combination of the masks you like Or 2. Offer $45/£35 (as by the end of this, i would need at least that in cash) and from there something you would be willing to trade to fairly bring the value up. (Things I’m looking for are any of the McToran with disks - offer however many you feel is fair, or trans-clear, trans-yellow and/or tran-light blue kaukau) Payment will be in whatever way you feel safest. I've done deals with a number of bzpower members via paypal with no issues, but if you want a private ebay buy it now set up, I'm happy to do that too. Whatever works for you. —————————— PLEASE BEAR IN MIND: Firstly, I’m based in the UK, so you’re looking at £5.80ish postage to the US etc, so please bear in mind that will add on top of any price offered • Secondly, please respond to me ideally here, rather than DM. I would rather everyone interested gets to see all the cards on the table. Thank you. Thank you all! Marcus { , • ’ }
  6. Incorrectly posted, see most recent post for correct one
  7. Incorrectly posted, see most recent post for correct one
  8. I think there is quality rather than quantity. I forgot about Bionicle for about 9 years from being a MASSIVE fan. Only recently now, in my mid-to-late twenties, I have started collecting sets from 2001-2004 purely out of nostalgia. I wouldn’t say I play with them, but I display them with a kind of “sigh of contentment”, try to complete small collections (currently making the Toa Nuva as turaga out of 3D printed parts which is a hobby that’s bringing me a lot of joy), logged onto BZP for the first time in 10 years a few months back, and here I am. Bionicle has a hold on people, and it doesn’t seem to be breaking in the big picture. Maybe there aren’t the numbers there used to be, but a lot of those early numbers were kids also playing with He-Man and Digimon and PS2 with the same level of passion as, or with more than the passion of, Bionicle. The ones still here had Bionicle as a real “main thing” growing up, and it kind of “grows up” with you as you get older. That’s what I’ve found anyway. It takes on a different meaning as I get older and I can’t wait to pass it on (if I can) to my son. Is the fan base growing? No, I don’t think so, maybe even shrinking slightly. Do I think the fan base is strong? If you mean what I think you mean, I think yes!
  9. As the title says, do the pearl silver Toa Mata Kanohi have any purpose canon-wise, other than simply looking cool? I know the silver Nuva Kanohi were de-powered, is it the same sort of thing?
  10. So Vakama and Nokama chose to use a badge of office staff from their Matoran life - the mask-masking firestaff and the fishing trident, respectively. However, all the other Toa Metru had their Metru weapons transform into their Turaga Badges of Office. So my question is, what happened to Vakama’s Disk Launcher and Nokama’s Hydro Blades if they didn’t transform with them?
  11. Isn't Vakama's firestaff his old mask-forging tool?Never heard that before. I always thought it was just an object, not any kind of technical device. Is there any info on how/where Turaga get their tools? Yeah, it's the same Firestaff he used as a Matoran: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Firestaff Some Turaga use their transformed Toa Tools (the tools change with them when they become Turaga), and others use some other tool they have an attachment to (like Vakama's Firestaff). It's just personal preference. Source: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Badge_of_Office Okay, but what did Vakama's launcher and (as it clearly states her trident was made by her) Nokama's hydro blades transform into?Biosector 1 re: Nokama’s trident:“As a Matoran living in Ga-Metru, Nokama used a Trident as an implement to point things out to her classes. When she became a Toa Metru, she abandoned her Trident in favor of her Hydro Blades. Later, on the way to finding the island of Mata Nui, Nokama carved a new Trident out of the bones of a Makuta Fish. She uses this as the Trident of Nokama, her Badge of Office as a Turaga. This tool is also known as the Fork Shaped Staff.” I can’t see anything that says the Toa Metru weapons did transform, maybe they can choose to transform them or not. I imagine the Toa Nuva, never having a Matoran life, would choose to transform their weapons, as that’s all they’ve known, I can imagine Kopaka choosing to keep a shield as it was his distinguishing feature Edit: more info: “When Matau became a Turaga, his Aero Slicers transformed into the Kau Kau Staff.” “The Stone Hammer is Turaga Onewa's staff and Badge of Office. It was originally the Proto Pitons,[OGD] from which it transformed when Onewa became a Turaga.” “When Whenua became a Turaga, his Earthshock Drills were transformed into the Drill of Onua.” “When Nuju transformed into a Turaga, his Crystal Spikes transformed into the Ice Pick.” So they can transform actually, and end up quite different from their original form... interesting
  12. Hi, I’m looking to collect all 6 2001 Toa Mata Gold Kanohi. I don’t have any yet, so would be interested to hear what you have to offer. I’m based in UK, so UK or EU trade would be best due to postage, but not completely closed off to US/worldwide offer I’m looking to trade the following for the gold kanohi, and am open to hearing ideas and offers, I have no set rules for this at the moment: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/msw41/Human-style-toa/abe74e78-0f88-4e2d-baf4-f066fefa779e.jpeg • Rare Trans-lime green Miru • 3 x Rare Translucent UK Copper Huna • Rare infected Hau Nuva • Trans-Blue noble Ruru • Green Kakama • Light Blue Mahiki • Glitter Clear Avohkii • 5 Kraata (see photo for colours/stages) • Edit (not pictured): I also have all 6 2001 turaga masks and staffs available Let me know, thanks
  13. Hmm... could be, I do have mild OCD for other stuff. But also it’s like... a nostalgic connection to these characters and while side-shouldered Kopaka looks better it’s just “not Kopaka” if you know what I mean? Time for therapy I guess! Haha
  14. I have this thing where I can’t keep bionicle figures in any build other than exactly what they are originally meant to be. For example, I know that for poseability and better aesthetics, Lewa and Kopaka Mata look better with their shoulders out like Tahu. Or that Onua Nuva’s chainsaws seem to look better on one of the two side parts of the hand rather than the middle bottom part as the instructions say. And even though I can put the shoulders out like Tahu’s or put Onua Nuva’s weapons on the side parts and admire how much better I think it looks, I simply cannot bring myself to keep it or display it like that - it has to be like the original instructions. It’s almost a feeling of betrayal if I do it differently, I’m interested if anyone else gets this, and why you think this happens?
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