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  1. ENTRY NAME: MR. TRENDY BRO Photo: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/tobduk/contest/dsc02516.jpg Gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=548877 This rad dude lurks out in the Okotu forests, occasionally leaving notes with directions so lost defenders can get even more lost (how evil). his favorite food is pasta, the creepy kind. he seems to give people the gnarly heebie geebies, and gets pretty lonely 'cause none of the other bad guys dudes wanna hang 10 with him. but as he's got his suit and tie, every things gonna be alright
  2. Thank you very much I'll make sure to work on that shake, thanks for the advice Im glad I could induce nostalgia
  3. Welcome gathered friends, Listen to my tale of the Bionicle. I filmed this in roughly 2 hours, my friend contributed some footage and the narration to it. I wanted to make this video to see if it would be possible to capture nostalgia and put it in a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhlnEG42WtA&list=UUVuoMI_L5WvAmondLNp1R0g if this breaks any bzp rules I'll take this down immediately
  4. you make good drawings man what program do you use?

  5. out of curiosity, what is their reasoning behind this? personally I think its almost age discrimination in a way, and in this day and age, TFOLS and AFOLS are a big contribution to the lego community, whereas kids just buy the sets, and TFOLS share to forums and make review videos, start groups ect. so does AFOLS, and its thanks to some of these older fans of lego, that made BZP. (unless you made it when you were 12, in that case i give major props) I say equality for all, no matter what age race or whatever, 13 year olds may buy their sets now, and allot will become lifetime fans, but do not forget those who supported you before you reached your level of prosperity.
  6. i was actually very ready to hear constructive critsism, but im actually surprised that it was recieved so well by the people of bzp, thank you all a million
  7. sorry about that, but you may have inspired an idea foe me, i may consider making a real le-koro flute, seeing as my friend knows the machinations of instruments very well, we may be able to do one
  8. thanks man! I used sticks and clay and paint, and some hemp chord. as for the Matoran its based off another MOC someone made some time ago, its relatively simple, I may have to make an instruction gallery
  9. Hello, I am back, and as Electro as ever. Today I have for you *Le-Koro drum roll*...................................................................................................................................................................................................stuff Yes Ladies and gentleman I have stuff to show you, so enjoy in full view http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/tobduk/MNOG/10338346_682594188444726_3395385485233407555_n.jpg mata nui potato or stone? http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/tobduk/MNOG/10403063_682594288444716_219924161849864595_n.jpg Instrument http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/tobduk/MNOG/1625715_682594211778057_2162656273593523974_n.jpg Onepu using the book of episodes http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/tobduk/MNOG/1781898_682594181778060_8409272551924338934_n.jpg
  10. I'm glad there is support for the live action IDEA, back when I pitched it, not many people were too gung go about it. But regarding to your question, you can see my support for which style to go with (live action) but I have actually tried doing this before and I'll tell you, it's hard to do it by yourself or with 2 extra people, it's gonna cost money if you really want it to be just ok looking. The easier option would be flash animation style like Templar studios does it. I tell you, I would love to watch a new series like that
  11. I think I'm not. You said not to compare it to Bionicle, I said it didn't deserve to be compared to Bionicle. So if anything I was agreeing with you. As for whether anything can come close to Bionicle, the Star Wars saga, Tolkien's stories, various other fantasy novels are all in my opinion equal to or better than Bionicle's story. That had a brilliant premise and was told well for about half the line's life, but it quickly became needlessly complex and difficult to follow, and was often hampered by the fact that it had to promote a handful of sets every year, rather than stand on its own.
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