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  1. I see this topic has been necro'd but has survived a few days since then so hopefully it will be allowed to remain due to what it is! Sadly I've had little time for anything much since moving and going back to work but I've managed to expand my personal collection of displays to near completion thanks in no small part to our friend Casputzhen! All I'm missing now is Tahu Nuva (which I may never find!) and another which is currently on order. The special Phantoka one currently evades my possession too but I know where it is so will get it one day when I have all the others to go along side it! Thanks to those who have given us some new information on recent display pieces and particaularly for keeping Bricklink updated. Something I'm quite curious about is why we don't seem to have any single display tubes after the 2015 Tahu one. Why do we not have a skull villain tube? And I would certainly expect to see a Uniter of Ice tube from the current wave so it's all a bit odd... Something to keep an eye out for is the possible existence of a Rahkshi display tube, something I always hoped may exist which may have been confirmed by Cas. Sadly we have no pictures or information but if it's out there I want it and it needs adding to the database too so eyes peeled guys and if you hppen to come across one I'd love to get hold of it! Chronologically we're missing 6 tubes right now. Mata, Bohrok, Kal, Rahkshi, Metru and Vahki. If anyone comes across any empty tubes I'm tempted to create some unofficial ones just so I can complete my collection so let me know if you find any empty, cheap or damaged tubes you want to earn a buck on I hope this topic stays open despite it's reanimation, I'll try to pay it more attention from here on out and work on the larger display tubs soon if that's possible.
  2. The Hordika and Visorak ones should still be reserved for me I hope Cas... I'll take the phantoka one as well as I'll have a nearly complete set then! Go ahead and sell the others but I'll take those 3 just as soon as I get paid again
  3. Hey Starset, I can do you all of those combiners without box or instructions if you want! Just give me a shout, and don't hold your breath for the boxed ones. There are some I'm only just getting hold of myself
  4. How many of these pieces are misprints and prototypes? And how many of the gold parts are PLG? Are the Visorak shells standard colour?
  5. Great deal, I spent way more on mine as it's all brick built You have done very well indeed sir!
  6. Hey Sam, I happen to have a few of these if you're interested but I'm only looking to sell, nothing left to trade for! Let me know via pm if I can help you out with anything! Orange Vahi Poisoned Hau Nuva (unsure which without looking) Copper Huna (unsure which) & Komau Protodermic Miru Nuva Got a bunch of other masks too but would need to check to see which so let me know if you're interested in any of that! Cheers, T
  7. This is a beautiful piece Martin, great job! It's no secret I have a real thing for custom display pieces and this is far and away one of the nicest I've ever seen! I've been in love with my own krana display since it's completion but I think yours tops it with the labels and encasing frame. Great job and I'll see what I can do about those last few krana you need but am starting a new job today so am likely to be busy for a little while Good luck finding the other bits you need and enjoy the event!
  8. Hey RattRocker, thought I'd weigh in here with the stuff I have from this list. Off the top of my head I have the following... All 6 Toa Mata canisters with their sliding plastic sleeves intact. Canister for Phantoka Pohatu (needs to have Orange Karda Nui part of canister) (need to check) Toa Mata Nui with instructions (Titan version #8998) Copper Komau Movie Edition Kraahkan (possibly but wouldn't be as cheap as tourmalinex if he offered one) Poisoned Hau Nuvas (any/all variants) (might have all 4 of these) Various Kanohi Nuva Irnakk Nui-Rama, Nui-Jaga, Muaka & Kane-Ra Boxor Rahi Master Builder Set Canisters for: Tahnok, Pahrak, Nuhvok; Zadakh, Nuurakh, Vorzakh; Vamprah (needs to have Blue Karda Nui part of canister) (would need to check) Let me know if there's anything that interests you and I would be happy to help you out with any/all of it! could pack smaller items safely inside mata canisters but shipping would need taking into consideration anyway as I'm in the UK. a courier would probably be reasonable. Good luck with your hunting, T
  9. Indeed! It seems Piruk here is the owner of our mysterious Phantoka dual tube! He's going to provide us a better image for the topic shortly and hopefully at some point cave in to parting with it so I can have it for myself On a topic related note, apologies for not having updated anything here since it's initial inception. I've recently moved house, got married and gone back to work so things are busy here right now Will try to get round to adding the larger display pieces and banners at some point if anyone cares to share images of the ones that they own!
  10. The Dark Blue GREAT Ruru is uncommon, it's not rare... I'm pretty sure I have several of these but I didn't know it commanded any kind of reasonable price. I've sold at least two in recent months and not asked a fraction of what those other guys are asking. So no, I don't think it belongs here. And if anyone wants to give me $20 for one, consider it sold
  11. Hey Martin this looks amazing! Of course it's one of the ones I'm missing from my own collection so I simply have to ask... Is it for sale?!
  12. Hi guys! I realise I'm a few weeks late responding to these messages but better late than never hey?! If the queries still stand, the responses are below! On a more general note, we've just moved house and I'd really like to turn some stock into cash so please let me know if you're looking for anything. I'm not personally looking to buy a great deal right now (unless it happens to also BE a great deal anyway!) so just let me know what you need and I'll get back to you with what I have. If you don't get a response on here (since I didn't get email alerts to these new posts for some reason) then please feel free to pm me, I always get alerts for them! Marcuejo, I actually have a few copper komau in front of me right now and recently lowered the price I'm asking so you can have one for £20 right now (about $31) As for postage I'd have to look into it but I'd suggest not having just that one item as it would cost the same to ship just one mask as to ship 2-3 canister sized sets (without canisters though) As for the canisters you mentioned I just so happen to have all three of them and would happily part with them. I only have one Avak in his tub which is part of a full set of six so I'd rather not split them up BUT I'd also rather not keep it forever sooo... Perhaps I'm flexible?! How about a copper komau and all 3 canisters you need for £40+p&p costs? If that sounds reasonable I can check postage costs for you so please let me know. I have full sets of Hordika and Piraka tubs if memory serves me so let me know if you're looking for any others too! Cas, like always you know my one true weakness! I'd LOVE to trade for your hordika display so please put it aside for me and I'm sure we can work out a deal! I'll send you a PM now as I haven't checked them (or even logged on!) for a long time!!! In other news, I've been let down AGAIN on Sand Tarakava No.10 so it's up for sale one last time! This time I just want someone to make me an offer and take it. Since it's the last one I'd like to see a little more for it so will start by asking £150. Please feel free to make me offers by PM or respond here, I really don't want to hold onto this item anymore or I worry it will be spoiled! Besides, I really need to start thinking about the next special item since xmas is coming!!! As always I have lots of other items available including Toa Mata Nui still in stock. I have a little bit of everything right now and am continuing to add to my selection of Hero Factory stock if there are any collectors out there (some of these sets are actually really cool, no shame in admitting it!) Message me if there's anything you can't find and please let me know if you want to sell a Gadunka as I recently sold one that I apparently didn't have and so now my own collection is without one!!! Thanks guys, hope all is well at BZP and I didn't miss too much fun (or drama ) See you round the forums! T
  13. Thanks for the reopen Windrider, we are as always, in business Thankyou Toa Nekar for the kind words, I still have severall of the movie edition kraahkan in stock right now too so can help you out with that too as and when you're ready for it! A proxy is someone who provides an intermediary service (like a middleman) In this instance I'm willing to buy particular parts or items on behalf of others who can't find them. What with being in Europe this means I can sometimes buy items that aren't available to other (particularly US) members. ebay listings with no worldwide shipping for example or bricklink stores that won't ship out of the EU. I'm also happy to source specific items and sets if a request is made. If you're having trouble finding anything particular simply let me know and maybe I'll have more luck. I'm also able to buy in bulk in order to obtain one specific set which benefits both me and the seeker and I love buying anyway so I do enjoy a good proxy In today's news, I just received my econd 2015 Tahu store display tube. It's my current goal to amass a complete collection of these beauties but since I already have this one in my own collection it's now up for resale! Below is a picture of the tube I will be keeping but the new one is obviously identical! I'm looking for around £50/$80 for this great piece but am open to offers or possible trades (though there's not much left that I need right now!) Let me know either here or by pm if there's anything you want, alternatively contact me via bricklink but not all of my items are listed there yet so any queries feel free to ask!
  14. You know Tahu has the wrong sword right? Looking really good since the update though, I really like shadow Pohatu!
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