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  1. Looks wonderful! I am sitting here waiting for a Tuyet. Also, have you thought of doing a different team like making Lesovikk's once you are done with the Mangai?
  2. Oh man, that would be incredible!!!! there could be soot sprites, tree spirits and kappas galore!!!!! and toa ninjas.
  3. So in plans of something, where would i start going about making a one off custom mask that fits metru heads? if anyone know the X shaped peg size/if you are allowed to use that peg design, that would help. Also, if i can make the mask happen, i will deliver pics.
  4. wow. basically every single technique shown was something i've never heard before. it also flows together well, but the joint movement seems slightly limited. also, how did you set up that head? it looks amazing!
  5. Old timers be named Chroniclers, the newcomers must either be the (4chan's newbie nickname) or we call them mctorans. small and feeble.
  6. Well, to print your mask, you need to make a 3D render of it, making it to exact pin size, make sure the eye holes are on mark, and have the size not overly huge. then, you send it to shapeways or whatever place you'd use.
  7. WHOA, this place is still alive?

  8. From another person that watches gundam, that's pretty nice! it is quite disappointing that you cant get V fins though. the ability to transform was good, i can never make transforming lego stuff :/
  9. Granted, but you crash it into a mountain and die. I wish most things were free.
  10. I think everyone knows the game GMod... but I want your opinions. good? bad? stupid? (UNRELATED) I also am advancing in 3D geometric shaping in programs like Maya and blender. if anyone has some 3D mask hexes from anywhere, like the 3D bionicle games, I need them. I plan to make a mask collection to use with a GMod mod called PAC3. (MODCEPTION)
  11. best mask ever is every version of the Miru. Miru mask is best mask.favourite miru? axalara edition. least favourite miru? nuva. enugh said. now i have to go look at mirus.
  12. Silly people describing your Tohungas, don't you remember that tohunga builder in the fan media section?
  13. Yeah, uh, hi. I semi-returned. Anyways, this topic is about keeping your Lego. How long will you keep them? What will you do with them? For me, I've decided to keep my lego for as long as possible. If I keep them to an age where I have children, I will go build a Bionicle(s), give it to my child, and say "Here's one of the coolest toys ever. You can build it, customize it, and make stories with it. Go knock yourself out." UNRELATED: I'm trying to get back on here, but real life keeps slapping me in the face. Yeah...
  14. I was talking about the recon team thing, so question solved.
  15. I was trying to find the two hero builders for hero factory the other day, and they were gone. anybody know how to find them? I don't know where to post so into OT it goes.
  16. Deadpool comes along and successfully corrupts your wish. then kills you for fun. I wish for more non-copied good story ideas.
  17. I'm writing a short story and was wondering if i could give you a small cameo as a police-ish person?

    1. Gatanui


      Haha. XD Sure, why not, but please show me the story before posting it. ;)

  18. out comes a kraata of firey flameness. in goes a lego replica of a gundam.
  19. yep. TPBM doesn't have friends that like bionicle too (outside of the internet)
  20. i have a 2010-11 miru on a glorious stand prominently displayed on the side of the desk.
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