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  1. promo-whaa?TPBM loves scary games, like already said Slender, Penumbra, and the like.
  2. whitelist me please IGN name: flamethrower7787I was young when I got my account, and I had an odd obsession with flamethrowers. don't ask about 7787.
  3. It is a good show indeed. Glad others like this.
  4. ^^ No. I want them too. ^^
  5. Either Neo (matrix) or a REALLY violent looking demonic being, from unholy karz.
  6. hey look, a dead person! *pokes*

  7. FRAAAAAAAAAG!!!*takes a mentos from sour mix's head, drops it in a soda and throws the soda into I-think-Lilith's army*BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  8. indeed. his avatar gave it away!lilith, form a seance to tell XIV that I saw through his ruse.
  9. HAIL TO THE MENTOS*shoots XIV, due to him being a SPY. a soda spy.)
  10. does 15 chores for 2 hours, gets five dollars. DISAPPOINT.

    1. JPNML


      not sure. I'm going to do more, and get more money.

    2. FrozenFlash


      Oh well. Some money is better than none.

    3. Dr. Giggles PhD
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  11. your MOCs are amazing. I would buy any of your nuva for at least $100. but I lack the funds. Also, any tips on custom parts?

  12. breadfish...?

    1. Dralcax


      It's like an inverse sandwich for fishermen and sharks.

    2. JPNML


      oh. sounds yummy.

  13. what gundam is your favourite? I like the original.

    1. 25K Now!

      25K Now!

      Dendrobrium Orchis. From 0083.

    2. JPNML


      I also like calamity gundam.

  14. *shoots spirit*... nope. Did someone say SPRITE?*shoots sprite*There, you happy now? Or should I take out Sierra Mist while I'm at it?I wouldn't mind some Sierra Mist. sorry Dew, but I think sierra mist is a little tastier.
  15. granted. the pad is a chinese knockoff.I wish canadian stereotypes werne't so stupid.
  16. I wish i could have a mentos tube. oh well, at least I have sweetarts.I actually tried mountain dew pitch black before. it was good.
  17. OOC: ok Tng, I'll use the PM we use as conversation.good night.
  18. lilith scares me. also, if the theme is assassins, I'm suprised no one picked Ezio or Altair. (from assassin's creed.)
  19. OOC: anyways, TNG, since sunstreak can't become a combiner team, maybe he can meet betadron anyway.
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