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  1. *wibble* now i'm hungry, scared, while laughing because of insanity.
  2. IC: sunstreakSUnstreak heard the commander's voice, and found a minicon, and tugged the minicon into the dropship with him.
  3. OOC: Tng, can you make a minicon to make a combiner team with me?
  4. hello people, I have made an add-on kit for chimoru. behold, the HUMAtoraN kit! Inspired by Kahi's avatar and Neelh's story Walking Her Home.Special thanks to Giggles for giving me willpower to complete this, and seeing a demo.
  5. OOC: can I make a minicon combiner team, with sunstreak? anyone?
  6. Withers.what is truly awesome is the upcoming Withers.P~M's avatar is a Wither face, I believe.also, temples. desert and jungle temples.(I'v conquered both.)emeralds, to me, are lame.by the way, try the seed P.w.nageNot! without the periods.
  7. JPNML

    Quest For A Truth

    typo on the word watching. anyways, looks good. well designed. can't wait for more!
  8. someone did it. SOMEONE FINALLY DID IT. A. MUSTACHE. MIRU. GENIUS.by the way, I MUST-ACHE you a question. (failed pun)what are the green thing on the top of the mask?
  9. YES. Most indefinitely! I would join!
  10. BZPower has gone to the dogs...

  11. It's official BZPower has gone insame. I KNEW IT!! "any day now..." I used to say. AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED! woohoo.
  12. OOC: anyone? is deltus gone? if he is, that would suck.
  13. I doubt the friendship will end bad, since we have IQ's in the same range, and the same sense of humour. plus we are both annoying.And no, we don't fight. (each other)
  14. out comes Hewkii.In goes BZPower and all who use it...

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