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  1. Thanks to the admins who always made the site safe for children. Thanks to the awesome staff’s blog that made me laugh until I cried. That was that one summer when I nearly died. Your entries brought be so much joy in those sleepless nights. Thanks to the -friend- who so kindly fixed my countless failures of image embedding. Thanks to the one who told stories from across the lawn. Thanks for the monthly name change contests, my bro’ and I thought those were the best. And thanks for letting me stay a while in your field and read the words you wrote on your paper flowers. Thanks for giving me a way to put my admittedly cringe-worthy childhood art on display. Thanks to all the games and fun, when in reality I had no energy to play or run. Thanks, BZP, for all the nights you became my babysitter. I can never express my gratitude for you all. So, Instead I tried to draw the possible BZPgram mascot? Mascat? Scan (Pencil, mechanical pencil on 9x12 watercolor paper. Sorry it’s rough, was rushed after seeing this post and my wrist wasn’t having it. XD ) Thanks again!
  2. Happy birthday! Thanks for working so hard to keep BZP awesome! 

    1. Eyru


      Thanks for the kind message, Mushy! 

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s an absolute dream! Treehouse heaven! I cannot even comprehend how you created something so large and intricate. Such craftsmanship! Love it! P.S. Also wanted to add that the peacock MOC in your signature is absolutely scrumptious!
  4. Hooray for trying again, may they flourish! That’s actually really cool that some of the originals came back from the dead!
  5. So similar to the color scheme of my Saxon Algebra book that it scares me a little.
  6. Then recreated some scenes from Tangled. I didn’t have much else planned between two and five in the morning, needed purpose. Taken over six days with laser level tripod contraption and iPhone shutter remote, straining to see the thumbnail of the movie screenshot for pose reference. Then I thought “Took extra rubbish photos, could be low quality stop motion?” (Was going to anonymize, but was convinced not to this time for the sake of the recreations. So here’s the unfiltered goofery of attempting to imitate Rapunzel’s expressions.) Starring Shasta Alien as Pascal Chameleon. ~~~AcTiOn~~~ https://youtu.be/4qPsmBdJAS8 *Begs it to embed* (Wasted 23+hrs learning to use video apps, trashed around five versions of this, the sound is still off, but ‘twas a fun endeavor.) Because growing up sounds like giving up? And maybe there’s no gain in trying to refrain from twinning with an alien friend? Also because the story is a little similar to how my own has been? (Poor health and severe food allergies have been/apparently still are my form of Mother Gothel. I’ve seldom left my home for the past 9 years, which was possible with homeschooling (Aside from briefly thinking I was fully well and trying to restart life, meaning painfully shy church attendance.). But that's quite okay because with art and such I’ve filled the days (and nights)! And I have been blessed with three lovely family humans. And some pet snuggly ducklings! And this precious alien Child!). 2013~~>present. Can't believe he's eight now and has twin sons! *Tangled inspired, new design* 113.5hrs making/drafting, 30 minutes for the design plan. Made over 45 days. This happened thanks to an indescribably kind lady from a local lace outlet. The factory was shutting down, they were discarding the fabric, and she sent me home with a load too heavy to carry. Cost of project: $0. Had the other stuff already. Plan/draft: The making process: Petal tests, as some materials have the undesirable habit of bursting into flames instead of becoming melty. Faux flowers, because you know, why cut the flowers when they’re trying to grow? The gold ones made from kimono scraps had that obstacle, so sewing for them. The rest were from grandma #1’s basement ribbons and taffeta scraps. Centers are beaded knit yo-yos gathered over leather. The under layers: 12hr assembly petticoat featuring lace cut off of my mom’s old prom dress. Blanket Stitching and French seams on the shirt. Elastic belt with ten loops to hold the ten skirt length adjuster ties. The finished dress and belt: First attempt at a 10 gore dress, only had done 6 gores before. Tried some couture techniques. Specifically thread tracing before cutting, which I realized was not a good idea when doing French seams. That took five hours. Hand basted (temp stitched) all the seams together, machine sewed French seams, then hand-prick stitched down every gore, sleeve and neckline. The square neckline is made of elastic casings. Then hand sewed all the ribbon skirt extender ties. The back lacing is made from tubes of lace. The lacing loops are made with steam-a-seam then hand sewn on. The belt is a patterned ribbon fused and hand sewn together with beads from grandmother #2. The sparkle beadthings on the tie are from gutted earrings. ( Inside out photos first): Crowns + necklaces: The crown body is made from ~1/4” wide barn rope with wired ribbon sewn around it. Then sewed flowers on it + the flower ribbon strands. Leaf necklaces using grandma #2’s beads. The cord on the human size one is actually made of braided metallic sewing thread then covered in glue, as I lacked a chain. The baby’s outfit: Fully lined and finished with gold hand prick stitches.The tie is made from kimono scraps and fusible web. Time for the recreations! “[...] and by then it's like 7:15...” Shower curtain, tablecloth, sheet, temporarily stolen clock from my dad, oil lamp from my grandmother. “And so I'll read a book. Or maybe two or three....” The doll was taped to the wall, and the baby precariously attached to a shoulder strap using rubber wire. Chalk markers will not exactly come off of satin paint.... Throwback to repeatedly pencil graffitiing our hallways as a wildchild and telling my dad we could "clean it up with paint"... “I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery...” Just 3M taped a mirror to my paint basket and drew the designs. Baffles me as to why a paint box would have a mirror. “[...] and knit...” Jammed a scarf made four years ago back on the needle. “And cook [....]” The baby was perching thanks to a rubber wire around his neck that was attached to my headband. Froze the pie and shoved it in a cake pan because the other was too wide. "Then after lunch it's puzzles..." Would have been more accurate with Legos. Shower curtain floors. “[...] and baking” The baby is rubber wired to the elbow. These are fake cookies, bad biscuits, much deception. I ran out of sugar. “[...] Ventriloquy...” Tablecloth and rubber wire. “Candle making...” Shower curtain, my mom’s Dutch oven on a pie cutter with battery powered flames, and that box of 72 “emergency” candles. (Thoughts during that photo: I've absolutely lost my mind. Absolutely. It's just gone. This was the sixth scene setup/photo within two hours. Costume overheating. It was 4 am. Tylenol lapse, subsequent collapse.) “Then I'll stretch..” (Not a song accurate recreation...) Untethered perching on the side of a chair stacked on a bench, for the pose that makes no sense. At 4 am. Much safety. #world'sworstbabysitter “Maybe sketch....” (Also low effort, not song-accurate..) Foam core fraud pallete, transformed with a paper lunch bag. “[...] Sew a dress!” Highlighters, mirror with wrapping paper and rubber wires. This is the scene that inspired this project that uncontrollably snowballed. “And I'll reread the books, If I have time to spare...” Halfheartedly arranged sheets, mirror made from CDs, light from watercolor paper, handmade pillows that give the odd illusion of morphing into the dress, wax paper plant, pouf from spray painted, knitted-together tee shirts, and Dulcimer made by my dad. “I'll paint the walls some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere....” The phone was ~2" below ceiling height, attached to the tripod that sat upon a milk crate and basket...And maybe a puzzle box. “And then I'll brush and brush, And brush and brush my hair..” Faking it. Should have put that extra doll wig on the baby. “[...]Tell that to my frying pan!” Wrinkley sheet push pinned to wall, one thrown over the closet door, mirror teetering on paint basket and milk crate for correct height, and most importantly, the iPhone edge making an unsightly reflection appearance. The baby! The satchel is some kind of antique camera from my grandfather. Terribly grateful about my mom’s affinity for cast iron cookware. "Crown” made from crystal lace and elastic. "Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be! Just feel that summer breeze the way it's calling me [...]I could go running. And racing. And dancing. And chasing. and leaping. and bounding. Hair flying. Heart pounding!.." Awake 23 hours~> four hours sleep~> joy over perfect sunrise light~> frolicking, joints subluxation-ing~> barefoot stepping on a pine cone~> too tired to move for three hrs~> not noticing the pine cone spikes until nine hours later~> NO REGRETS. If you can’t yet beat it, why not dance to the beat of it? “And at last I see the light And it's like the fog has lifted” Lantern is a battery candle in an extra ikea lampshade. Just drew the designs with a gold gel pen. Ripped the sticky-back solar string lights off of a shelf and sewed gold ribbon around them. The boat? It’s an inflatable raft covered in a fitted sheet. Getting outdoor photos with a twisted sleep schedule is quite the adventure! I staggered off the couch at eight pm after staying up 24+ then sleeping four hrs and started fervently racing sunset. Thanks, mom, for inflating the raft and braiding the hair with zero warning! “And at last I see the light And it's like the sky is new” You may spot background ducks if you look closely (at least in the video). We were actually on the bank in every photo where the front of the raft isn’t visible. “And it's warm and real and bright And the world has somehow shifted” ISFPinsanity kicked in, tossed it all in the water with the poor child clinging on for dear life. “All at once everything looks different Now that I see you”....Precious Baby Yoda, that is! Such a happy little weirdo! Thanks to my mom for catching the baby as I threw him to shore...And the shutter remote. My bare feet were trudging mud, but miraculously, only the leggings got dirty. But a sizable pine cone did get temporarily lodged in the petticoat. BUT WHERE'S FLYNN? *tears of joy* The end! Thanks for dropping in! ~I like you, just the way you ART~
  7. What a marvelous beast! The color transition is stunning and the toe/foot design is spectacular. Would absolutely buy this if it were a set! So cute.
  8. A great and terrible day. ;_; Arguably the finest headwear collection to grace BZPower.
  9. Thou art most gracious, bzp-broth'r Bambi, I thanketh thee f'r thy friendship. Prosp'rity beest upon thee! C:
  10. I was today years old when I learned that chalk markers will not wash off of satin wall paint. 

    1. Mushy the Mushroom

      Mushy the Mushroom

      Acetone + dish scrubby + Dad getting up in 30 minutes= The intensity level of a game show I never wanted to participate in. :lol:

  11. [Translation: Lacked a quality title.] A little art. 9x12's, Ticonderogas, and mechanical on watercolor paper. Not much blog material this time (mid painting, big project and also just staring at the ceiling). Ninja-inspired outfit made from scraps of unwanted tee shirts (slapdash tired sewing). French seams, mitered corners, six-panel skirt and first try at drafting a twist top. Swordthing from grandmother #2. Apparently she would go to fields and use it to cut hay for her horses. (It’s a hypermobility brace (turns out flexibility can become crippling) and I didn’t make it- just felt ninja enough to leave on. ) Hat drafted for my dad, an avid headwear enthusiast. Maybe it was meant to be, as our surname shuffled can spell the name of a certain hat? Reused a bill/front stiffener from baseball cap. Made from the surviving areas of his new pants that were ruined by bleach on the first day of being worn, lined with the pocket material. (Unfortunately no available siblings to bribe (with baked goods) to be in photoshoots, so making a goof of myself for the sake of pictures yet again. ) My family has acquired a lot of antique stuff we’re not sure what to do with, So yay for props! Toy airplanes from grandfather #3 (adopted parent = many bonus grandparents). Drafted the aviator hat for my dad, made from a leather jacket. For go kart riding. It’s a glorious “Is this madman trying to get us killed because this is a rad way to go(?)” experience to go ~35-40 mph in it without seatbelts. (Overalls +dress made years ago so kindofcheating.) Got her to be in one photo though! Pops+props. Outfit also made from tee shirts a while ago. Iphone attached to short tripod, attached to laser level tripod, precariously chained on top of a swing set and ladder. Delicious(?) drink from the 1996 Olympics + Sign-thermometer-thing from grandmother #2’s barn. Cheating again, outfit was made years ago. ^Became a weird foreshadow of a “CT enterography.” Farewell from these fake flowers. (Also happy ice cream season and merry exactly-six-months-until-Christmas!)
  12. 5/5, Remember seeing your name around a lot!
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