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  1. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Mossy Badger So this wasn't much better than a hunch on the Twi'lek's part either. Perfect. The Pantoran's voice didn't change inflection as she spoke, still that same professionalism tinted with urgency. "Very well. Let's hope this keeps working out then, as we'll need a speeder. The Badger should be mostly okay if it's empty, they'll come after us first. E3 will stay with it in the event we need to get away quickly," she continued, then rubbed her eyes. "I need a few more things from my room, then we should be landing. Let's hope both of you can do what you say. We just need to avoid suspicion for as long as possible." "Bweeeeoooo," the droid affirmed as he rattled off into the passageways of the ship, the captain following after him far more quietly, retreating into her quarters, and only exiting a few minutes before the landing. The landing itself passed without incident, the Badger's paperwork evidently solid enough to reserve a dock temporarily, and while the motley crew gathered a few looks as they exited no one came to arrest them. Not yet, anyway.
  2. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Mossy Badger ####. The wave was sickening, perhaps not as much as it should have been. Kaal found herself grateful for her physiology, though perhaps... Had she really lost so much? Were these others so much stronger? Her expression didn't change, but for a moment before she talked her eyes flicked up to the ceiling of the Badger, almost seeming to plead with the rivets and plates of the hull before returning to the others. When she spoke she responded to the last thing Tallik had said to her, a tone of urgency marring her usual professionalism. "Good. Our relationship will become a more personal one. I assume you intend on following that--" she pointed at the blinking chip with an accusing finger. "No matter what advice a woman you barely know gives you." Tallik's eyes narrowed. "My closest friend sacrificed himself to the Inquisitorius so I could escape with this thing," he said quietly. "I owe it to him to follow through on that." There was a long moment of silence as the Pantoran woman considered, her red eyes not leaving the Twi'lek, before the R2 unit sitting quietly in the corner released a small, quiet "weeeeoooh", his focus firmly on his 'owner'. "I know," she said, almost under her breath, then looked the Twi'lek up and down once as her mental attention returned to him. "Very well, I will not waste my breath on arguments for abandoning the call before it is too late. While we are not currently hunted, that will change. Gather your things. We will need to hit the ground at a non-suspicious but brisk pace. I will have E3 take care of the ship. Deviation at this point will lead to losing time rather than gaining it." She stuck her thumbs in her belt loops. "And like it or not, it is 'we' now, as we are all complicit. I think all would prefer if I was not captured and tortured for information, and considering my profession, I think I will remain of use to you."
  3. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Mossy Badger Kaal smiled faintly at the Wookie's offer and nodded her gratitude. Despite her frequent presence in the common areas of the Badger, the "Pantoran" had been remarkably quiet for the journey, her azure lips rarely parting to say much other than brief, polite statements for the sake of coordination and cordial pleasantries. Rather, her strange, crimson eyes were intent and interested when others were speaking, her preference obviously for listening. The same could not be said for her droid companion. E3 chattered along while doing ship maintenance, while helping Kaal pilot the craft, and while watching Sue fix the caf machine. In fact, the droid's preference for surprisingly in tune warbles lended an almost singsong quality to his blathering, giving the distinct impression the stubborn cylinder of rusting metal and electrics was whistling while he worked. He even tried to speak to passengers in the halls, to as good effect as he could manage. --- As they neared Dantooine and began their final descent, Kaal padded back into the common area, clipping her holster back on her belt and checking over her blaster before sliding it in. Her crimson eyes moved over the pack she held in her hands. "Beeeeoooo," E3 said, an almost smug tone to his sound as he looked from Tallik to Kaal. Her gaze flicked up to the droid, narrowing, then moved over to the others, the unnerving, barely there rings of her irises and pupils the only indicators as to where she was looking. "I presume once you're landed safely, this is where our business relationship ends," she said quietly. "Lest your intentions actually require a service of mine, I do not believe you will need me to run to ground."
  4. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Stray Tach The Chiss smiled faintly, sweeping the credits up and slipping them into her pocket. "I know the name you go by. Didn't know if you had some new name you wanted me to use considering the situation." And, you know. If there wasn't time for manners what was the galaxy coming to? "Suppose waiting for the ship is a better idea," she acknowledged. In fairness, this kind of transport wasn't exactly her area of expertise. Normally she would be asking them to come along with her. Asking with her blaster. And some durasteel cuffs. Or a crowbar and plastic ties, in one instance. She stood and stretched, her back popping a time or two, then adjusted her belt holster to sling low around her hips, where it should be. She beckoned for the two of them to follow her, then started to walk off toward the ship docks. A few minutes later they arrived at Dock 17-B, where the Badger was already warmed up. A few spacers Kaal knew had problems with their droid having the level of authorization to fly and perform maintenance that E3 had, especially with no restraining bolt, but as far as she was concerned... The crusty jerk of a droid couldn't get that far with it, he knew the consequences, and he was more trustworthy than almost anyone she'd ever met. Always knew where you stood with him, at the very least. The Badger itself was a reflection of her captain--she looked like a mostly ordinary YT-2400, admittedly an older and fairly battered one. An experienced eye could tell she still flew well, though. On the other hand, the same experienced eye would be downright disturbed at the weapons that took up a few of her 13 gun emplacements. 2400s had a huge hull for their class and significant power generation, and the Badger was no different--but those guns definitely didn't look like they were of Correllian make, and the emplacements had heavy alterations to allow the strange, thick cylindrical weapons to be fitted properly. The astromech was already rolling down the walkway onto the ship. "You go ahead and handle the power reassignment, E3?" "Eeeee. Oooo." Her crimson eyes narrowed. "Just make it easy to reverse. We don't need the internal fields generated, and I'd prefer to have some more power to work with. In the event of any difficulties." "Bwaaaaaaab," E3 responded, rattling angrily before trundling off again into the depths of the ship. Kaal nodded to the other two, leading them into the ship and to some relatively well outfitted cabins. They were nice enough, if a little spartan and infrequently used. "These are yours. Feel free to settle in, we'll set out for Dantooine soon enough. I'll come get you when we're eating, but otherwise feel free to relax or hang around in the common room. I'll be around. Need anything else from me?"
  5. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Stray Tach The Chiss looked back at her evenly for a few moments, then shrugged. "That's acceptable if you're willing to help around the ship. Nothing major, but E3 is notoriously bad at mixing drinks." She smiled faintly, tapping the droid on the head. Don't argue with a Wookie unless you have some way of defraying the situation. Choohoo had taught her that much. "Bwab. Bwab bwweeeeeeooo." He trundled off, access panels rattling as he hit the threshold and left into the access passageway. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, looking over the Twi'lek a moment, then returning her gaze to the Wookie. "You've not told me names, though I care for that little more than having something to refer to you. Mmm. The eyes are not contagious. Just something I have to deal with. We can follow E3 when you're ready."
  6. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Stray Tach Jorena raised one dark eyebrow, looking over the two of them again. So one needed to go somewhere, the other just wanted to get out. Not such a unified front. Still, if their money was good, that really didn't matter much to her. Hopefully the rat ####### that called itself her brain-stem was guiding her toward coin rather than destiny. She'd asked for the former, and no one had time for the latter. Still, the certainty with which the Twi'lek stated his desire to go to Dantooine was... troubling. Very troubling. Her eyes flicked across to E3. The astromech rattled a bit and looked back at her with his visual sensor. "To that backwater? Suppose it's as good a place as any to run to ground, if this place isn't good enough," she said. "2000 credits seem fair, all told? That's a private cabin for both of you, few questions, quick departure. We can leave when you're ready. The Badger's no blockade runner, but we'll get there fast enough." Dantooine wasn't a very long trip, but it was still a few days. That, combined with leaving fast and whatever trouble was chasing them upped the price. Her crimson gaze fell on the suitcases a moment, then returned to Sue's face. "Seems you're in a bit of a rush as is. If you've got the credits I'll have E3 go ahead and prep her."
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  8. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Stray Tach Jorena's crimson eyes opened again, looking over the Wookie and the fairly shabbily disguised Twi'lek. Not that she had any idea who he was, mind, but a good disguise was usually a bit less obvious than... that. To be fair, however, there were a lot of reasons one went disguised in the underbelly of Taris, and she wasn't one to judge. Not when she might be one of ten Chiss on the planet. The Wookie was one of the bartenders here, she seemed to remember, a relatively stable job in a place like this. One could only wonder why she'd be leaving that kind of comparative stability, least of in the company of a bounty hunter. And she seemed to be intent to do so quickly, as well, judging from the presence of her luggage. Probably something to do with that hole in the wall. Maybe she wanted to go on vacation, she thought sardonically. Naboo was great this time of year. "Mmm," she said verbosely after a few moments, reaching out and tapping the disk once to turn it off, palming it before patting the astromech on the head, putting gentle pressure to get him to move away from obstructing the booth. "We'll go with yes." She looked down at the droid a moment, her eyes and his blinking indicator light exchanging a glance before he rattled to the side with a faint "bweeeeoooo" of protest at being made to move so Tallik could sit. Far more polite than he usually was. Then again, E3 tended to be a lot less disruptive when credits might be about to exchange hands. The Chiss turned her attention back to the Wookie, scratching at an azure cheek with a nail as she sat back in her seat. Her metabolism tended to give her an advantage whenever alcohol was involved, but the Wookie almost certainly had her beat on that front regardless. And hopefully she wouldn't need to leverage much in the negotiations, these people must be really desperate if they'd come to this bar and asked her of all people for passage. "I'm Captain Jorena Kaal, of the Mossy Badger. This is R2-E3. Pleasure to meet you both." It was pointless to ask why they needed her services, of course, that much was obvious. Might as well skip to the point. She lowered her voice. "How many, where to, and how careful?"
  9. IC: Jorena Kaal, The Stray Tach "Bwab bwab bwab bwweeeeeeeooooo bwab." Jorena rubbed her face, looking over at the astromech sitting next to the table, its servo arm pointing at the hole in the ceiling as it rocked back and forth angrily. Its cobalt paint job was chipped, she noted idly, her crimson eyes tracing over E3's dented and batted dome with their usual inexpression, and there was a hole in one of its containment slats. "Mm. It does seem to have gone downhill. But no, we're not leaving." The arm rattled back into its sheathe. "Bwaeeeoooo?" Jorena didn't bother answering questions E3 already knew the response to. She had a hunch. That was all she ever had these days, the faint inkling of a need to be somewhere for some reason. She looked at her faint reflection in the back of an azure nail, scarlet looking back at her, mocking her. Those eyes could see so much more so long ago... Could see clearer, see what she was interested in. Not these random sparks that tried to pull her around to wherever they wanted her, for whatever stupid reason. But she still listened to them, except when it got too dangerous to do so. She and E3 hadn't had employment for a bit, so she'd sat on her bed a while and focused really hard on trying to find a job. It wasn't her preferred method--too much usage of that talent and eventually someone might come for her--but the remnants of the skill that had given her such an esteemed position as a little girl were certainly helpful now. Speaking of people coming for her, word had it there had been Inquisitors around here. Still, no one that would be interested in her, not these days. "Dooo," E3 cooed quietly, settling in next to her seat. She patted the astromech on the dome, flicking a small holographic disk onto the table before sitting back and letting her eyes go half-lidded. Just a Pantoran with a of an eye condition, waiting for someone who probably wouldn't come. SHIP FOR HIRE, the sign read. Non-serious applicants will be spaced. It had been a gag gift from some old colleagues of hers sometime past. Served its purpose well enough now.
  10. Name: Jorena Kaal Age: 39 Gender/Species: Female pantoran with an eye condition. Female Chiss. Appearance: Skills: A natural acrobat and agile combatant, gifted with a few decades of experience with blasters and combat maneuverability. The remnants of her Force sensitivity enhance her agility further. Kaal’s gained a reputation for difficult target extraction from hard-to-navigate locales. Force Abilities: A typical force sensitive Chiss, Kaal was an ozyly-esehembo, one of the girls identified at an early age of having the Second and Third Sight, marking her as a telepath and precognitive respectively. While she guided their starships as a child, these abilities have faded with age--at this point, she’s only subject to the occasional vision, and her telepathy sounds very fuzzy unless she strains herself. Her most useful talent is the last remnant of her precognition applied to her blaster aim and movement abilities, allowing her to fire more accurately and move more deftly across difficult or moving surfaces. Equipment: A well-taken care of DL-44 heavy blaster pistol with an extra power cell where the scope should be. Climbing spikes, extendable from both her gloves and boots with the proper gesture, carbon rope and durasteel-shackles. Assorted exploratory gear in the Badger. Technically speaking, R2-E3 is ‘equipment’, though E3 would deny it if pressed. Personality: Quiet and thoughtful, Kaal seems one who has been burdened with responsibility from a young age. Most of her communication with E3 is unspoken, the two of them sharing a glance before each goes off to their respective duties, E3 noisily complaining about how much work he has to do along the way while Kaal just quietly takes care of her chores. Almost all the sound aboard the Badger is due to the astromech, not its mistress. She does attempt to talk to prisoners, once captured, though few ever want to return the conversation unless the boredom finally takes them, but her words are always carefully chosen and concisely said. Though easy to make smile or even laugh if met under friendly conditions, her humor is far less than straightforward. History: Kaal left the Ascendancy as soon as she came of age, her usefulness expired. She first became active as a bounty hunter around 15 years ago, quickly gaining a reputation for “hunches” as to where her quarries were hiding, seemingly predicting where they were going to go before they’d decided to. As time has gone on that talent seems to have faded, but it’s been compensated for by experience and a growing proficiency in tracking. At some point she acquired R2-E3 and the Badger, expanding her operation to prisoner transfer and contract transportation. Operating out of Taris has its perks--no one really wants to pick through that place to find you--but it’s certainly no Coruscant. Ship: A modified YT-2400 light freighter. The Mossy Badger has been extensively recrafted to allow for Kaal’s particular brand of bounty hunting as opposed to transportation of freight, with the cargo capacity mostly replaced with a few holding cells that are… reasonably comfortable, all things considered. The YT-2400’s incredible power generation system is mostly used to drive containment and stasis fields as opposed to the more common hyperdrive modifications, though some of that power is diverted to the shield generators and dorsal and ventral cannons. You know, in case someone wants the prisoners back. The Badger is also capable of being flown by only an astromech and a single pilot, though doing so while using its gunnery options is far less than optimal. Affiliation: A bounty hunter. Highest bidder. Rank: N/A Position: Captain of the Badger. Admittedly, the only other member of the Badger’s crew is a very modified R2 unit. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. approved by grav I am not a Chiss
  11. OOC: Just adding some detail to Highlander actions. Po-Koronian crossbows obtained in dealings with Po, authorized by Silvan. IC/NPC: Ihu-Koronian Highlanders, a few moments past The battle was going far more in the Highlander's favor this time rather than last. The Legacy were scattered and disorganized, and the gate belonged to them. It also helped that they weren't trying to capture or stop the flow of people leaving the village--unless they had seen violence, the Highlanders couldn't very well distinguish fleeing Legacy from fleeing refugees. They were keeping the gate open, and looking for an opportunity-- Air support. Doesn't get better than that. The lieutenant grinned and waved for the Ta-Koronians to hold the gate, leaving a few of the Skakdi with them. The remainder of the Ihu-Koronians roared as they charged forward, expanding their advantage into the city. They needed to be ready in the event the Maru showed, and a wider field of vision--while harder to hold--could only benefit them. It was proving easier than expected, in honesty, perhaps he had underestimated what kind of disarray they'd be in. Strangely, however, they all seemed to be running toward the Ihu Koronians or the village warehouse, away from the citadel. "I don' like this, Lieu," the hulking Ice Skakdi to his left grumbled out, his impressive mouth turned into an equally impressive frown. He had a massive Po-Koronian crossbow gripped in his hands, already winding it again. "They're runnin' scared, which probably means we should be rushin' off too. Maybe they let somethin' loose they shouldn't." "Or maybe..." The Po-Toa paused, then smiled and slapped his companion on the back when the first shouts of "Maru!" came from their front lines. They might actually win this battle after all. "You worry too much, Sergeant. Gather your squad. Highlanders, rally!" They rushed forward, meeting up with the Maru and ILF. Integrating with them was easy and welcome--most of the Highlanders treated the Maru with something approaching awe and deference, and they were happy to fight alongside their Pala-Koronian brothers and sisters. The battle was hard fought, with the flanking Highlanders encountering most of the pockets of resistance--but they had momentum, and the living embodiments of Mata-Nui's will standing beside them. They would not be denied. The barrier presented its own issues. They had no supernova to blow it up with, and the launchers above were hailing fire down. The lieutenant grit his teeth. "Sergeant, can you--" A chorus of THWIP-THUDs echoed around him, the Skakdi and the rest of his squad kneeling in the snow to reload and rewind, their barrage of fire wilting the crew of one of the launchers. It wasn't going to be enough, not to breach them--he prepared the order to charge-- ... Oh, right. They had something far better than a supernova. They had Sulov Maru. The Ihu-Koronians poured through the gap, admittedly with some hesitation to ensure that whatever Maru tier sorcery and teamwork had just happened with the raincloud and Reordin's mask wasn't going to happen to them. They secured the barrier after a skirmish, waiting for the Maru's lead to progress.
  12. IC: One Seeking Redemption: Ihu-Koro He watched the Aggressors see to their friends, feeling a slight pang for people he hadn't seen in some time. Business he'd left unfinished. The last shards of who he was that stood between him and beginning to rebuild. And he knew what he had to do. Erith stood, shaking his head and walking off, the plated Toa leaving Ihu behind him. Sparks of his past flickered through his mind as he left, the limping pain in his left leg a constant reminder of what he'd done in the interim. One year past. “This was always how it had to end, Kai.” The Bo-Toa groaned from his position on the ground, his senses fading in and out. One of his hands found purchase on the stone floor, attempting to push his form up, shaking from the effort. He didn’t know where his machete had gotten off to, it had skittered across the surface and vanished beyond his narrowing vision. Rekhan stomped on his back, then his hand, fresh, shooting pain spreading through his chest and arm. “Stay down. This is what destiny decrees. You came alone, without your team. You left your charges to face me. You have no virtue, Toa.” The Fe-Toa drew his foot back and activated his Pakari, kicking Kaithas in the side. There was a sickening crunch--he hoped it was the wooden plates that covered his steel armor, not his ribs or his back--and he was launched across the ancient hall, clattering into the wall and coughing blood. Karzahni. Maybe it was his ribs. He pushed himself up against the wall, lying broken against the cold stone surface. Dull pain spread through his chest, through his arm. His leg felt shattered, he didn’t have the heart to look at it right now. Fading yellow eyes looked up at the other Toa--he’d staggered Rekhan, sure, but he was still in far better shape. He gritted his teeth as the midnight black ironshaper walked toward him, willing the wood of his armor to bind tighter around his leg, push the bone back into place-- He screamed. Panted. Looked up again, after managing to wince away the stars in his vision, only to be faced with Rekhan activating his Pakari and grabbing him by the chestplate, picking him up off the ground. “Let’s recap, Maasi. You failed to protect Matoran.” He was slammed into the wall, another bloody cough coming. “You caused an entire village to fall to evil.” Another slam. “You fled captivity and justice. Then you fled your second chance. You have nothing. You are nothing. You have deserted unity and duty, and in turn destiny has forsaken you. It is my obligation to purge you.” Kai’s wooden armor cracked in the other Toa’s grip as Rekhan hurled him, hitting the ground and bouncing with another crunch as more of his plates were destroyed. He gasped, writhing and trying to move out of the way as Rekhan pulled out his quarterstaff, twirling it above his head and bringing it down, aiming to break his opponent’s back-- It was over. He couldn’t move, couldn’t muster the willpower to activate his Kualsi and escape. No. There was impossible pain. No, it couldn’t end like this. He was alone. There was no one to protect. He could die, and no one would suffer for it. For the first time, no one could fault him his failure. And yet. In the stillness. In the silence of incoming death. Some small part of him screamed in defiance of destiny. He poured everything he was into the wood of his armor. The image of a Matoran wracked with pain as she was disintegrated by lightning. The Daedra casting him out as a villain. Tarnok’s reprimand. The months spent rotting in prison. He spent it all. He was no Toa. He had no courage. He was desperate and afraid. He deserved this, deserved his death. There was a deafening crack and moan of fiber on fiber as the Pakari enhanced blow struck down on the last remaining splinters that protected him from paralysis. But his armor still held. Roots sprang forth from the wood, yanking him away from the second blow, tumbling him across the floor. He saw sparks, but he managed to haul himself to his feet, rooting himself into the ground and reinforcing the plates on his legs to remain standing, to avoid staggering back to the floor. He dug the tips of his fingers into his palms, panting with the exertion. He swallowed hard, Rekhan’s head only tilted to the side in mild curiosity. The Fe-Toa had a faint smirk on his face. “I have failed, brother. You’re right. Failed at everything that counted. Except one.” He willed his power into his right hand, his wooden sword reforming slowly. “I have no honor. Have no Toa code. But I reject destiny too. I will not die here, virtueless and alone. I will get back up again, like I always have.” Rekhan’s smirk vanished, a snarl taking residence on his ebony face as his quarterstaff swung again--Kai gripped his wooden blade in both hands, holding it firm against the swing of his opponent. It cracked with the impact, shatter lines spreading through the wood as their weapons met again. He pushed harder. Vines sprouted from his armor--binding his body, pushing into his flesh. The pain brought clarity. The bindings brought motion. His shattered bones and fatigued muscles were useless. His mask was there, but it felt powerless. All he had left was that defiant scream, and the elemental power it sustained. He was something less than Kaithas, something less than a being. But he was still standing. His will puppeteered him, the armor he wore pulling his broken body into action. He shambled forward, roots attaching to and detaching from the ground as he advanced. His blade swung, wide and awkward--Rekhan parried it easily, chunks of wood and detritus flying away--he let go, the blade flying from his grip, his yellow eyes glowing with animal fury as he reached out to the splinters. Wood sprouted from them, roots lancing out, grasping for the Fe-Toa. Rekhan stepped back, forming a shield in his free hand and throwing it forward, catching the roots--he spun around behind it, another Pakari enhanced strike coming for the Bo-Toa’s side. It landed with a crunch, more pain shooting through Kai’s ruined torso. He grit his teeth, pushed again, and in that sinking instant--grappled the Fe-Toa’s staff with the splinters of wood at his side, lunged forward. Thorns sprouted from his fists, poison dripping from them as he finally landed a solid uppercut on the other Toa. Rekhan growled, Kai tackling him to the ground and getting his hands around his throat. Rekhan shoved him to the side, but he’d already rooted in--he raised his fist again, slamming it down into the other Toa’s mask, vines already sprouting up from the ground to bind him. Rekhan tore himself free, stabbed a shard of iron into Kai’s left hip, stabbed another into his right shoulder. The Bo-Toa could feel his muscles stiffening, locking--but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t using them anyway. The Fe-Toa rolled over on top of him, brought a knife down to stab him in the chest--his blood spurted out--then grabbed him around the neck. A collar of iron started to form, choking him. His hand lanced out, grabbing Rekhan’s mask, desperately trying to push him away. Vines started to sprout from the palm, wrapping around his face. His narrowing gaze focused on his hand, forcing hemlock thorns out of the vines. They wrapped around Rekhan’s mask, seeking for some fleshy part of the other Toa. He couldn’t breathe, his vision was closing in. They found it. Stabbed in, released their venom. The pressure stopped. The collar remained. He gurgled, grabbing at it, writhing, trying to pull it off. The iron hadn’t formed all the way, yet, he was able to force some wood growth between the gap and start wedging it apart-- Kai gasped as he could breathe, sitting up quickly, looking for Rekhan. The Fe-Toa had succumbed. His words were gone, the smirk as well--he was lying on the ground, twitching and spasming as the poison coursed through him. His arms moved without intent, without control--iron grew and bent around him, in twisted, warped forms. Kai forced what remained of his elemental energy into a wooden dagger, pulling himself over to the convulsing Toa with his left hand--then stabbed, finally putting his brother out of his misery. He collapsed, in the final silence. *** He remembered why he didn't believe anymore. But if that storm was any indication... Someone would need to do something. Perhaps he was too flawed to do it. But he had to try. He owed them that much. Owed him that much. OOC: And that's a wrap on Kai for the time being and Rekhan forever, putting my first character ever into a worse spot than he's ever been and killing off my first villain. You all are my oldest friends, and I'll always appreciate you. I'll have an ihu post up soon. Nick
  13. IC/NPC: Ihu-Koronian Highlanders Murrae Ismae, combat medic for the Ihu-Koro guard force, was never paid enough for the level of strain the unorthodox soldiers put her under. True, injuries--whether self or conflict inflicted--had decreased overall since the Ta-Koro Guard had sent a detachment to train the ragtag collection of mercenaries and militia into actual soldiers, but that had been more than adequately compensated for by the influx of refugees. There had been a bit of a lull, but judging by the crashed Kahu in the center of town.... That was about to change again. Murrae grabbed her kit, sprinting to the side of the Le-Toa, beginning the process of checking her over. Blow to the face--likely a concussion, she'd need rest for that. A cut to the arm, however, Murrae could do more with. She drew a scalpel, cutting away the iron it had been sealed with before stitching it up, activating her mask of healing to seal up the bleeding--both external, and possibly internal. *** Meanwhile, Tamara was faced with a decision. Last time they had attempted to aid Ko-Koro, they'd suffered nearly one quarter in casualties. They'd had to nurse their wounds as they escorted what refugees they could back up the mountain, through the cold and ice. And yet... She turned to the Po-Toa next to her, one of the few veterans remaining from their founding. "Lieutenant, gather the Highlanders. Take the Guards too. We have an opportunity I doubt we'll see again. Ride for Ko. Do what needs to be done." *** They were fortunate that the Ta-Koronans were such quick studies. The Highlanders skied down the mountain at breakneck pace, their charges traveling along behind them--the walls of Ko-Koro were visible now, sprays of snow rising up as the small guard force halted. "Highlanders!" The Lieutenant said, turning to face the rest of them after watching the situation for a few moments. "We charge the gate. Once it's held, we can start focusing fire on the Legacy harassing the Gukko for--" There was a blinding flash, and the gate ceased to be. The Lieutenant paused for a few seconds, then shook his head and grinned. "There's our opportunity, men. CHARGE!" They advanced quickly, the more disciplined Ta-Koro Guards presenting a front while the Highlanders--many of whom were Vortixx or Skakdi--offered supporting fire from the flanks. They suffered little resistance until they got to the gate, the Kalta's explosion providing a more than adequate distraction for their approach. By the time the Legacy members holding the gate got the stars and flashes out of their eyes, the Highlanders already had momentum. They exploded into the village, weapons at the ready--a stone blast from the Lieutenant and two of the Skakdi combining their powers into a flow of lightning and water leveling two Legacy members closest to the gate. "Force them out of cover if you can, but keep your distance," the Lieutenant barked. "Let's give them something to think about before they take shots at our air support. When we see the Maru, we rally to them--they are our heroes, our symbols. They are not allowed to fall. Keep them alive and this gate open at all costs before worrying about taking the city. If it comes to it, we retreat again--but not like last time, not in disarray. We are Ihu-Koro. We will keep our brothers safe." The Highlanders shouted their assent, and dove into battle.
  14. IC: A Pilgrim Erith took a breath as he stepped through the exterior gates to Ihu-Koro, the winds of Ko-Wahi finally ceasing their never-ending battering of his disheveled form. A few pairs of eyes followed him as he entered and he sighed deeply. Perhaps he should have repaired his armor after all, looked less like the walking zombie he felt. He clenched his fist at his side and willed the suit of wooden armor he wore to stitch itself back together. To their credit, the blackened and dried timber plates tried. But it was too dead, too cauterized, and he was too out of practice with bulk usage of his Toa energy to force it over the edge. Besides, he'd need the remaining power he had. For some use or another. He adjusted his tabard to cover the worst parts of his armor, trying to look as presentable as he could given how tattered even it had become. In a few short seconds, though, his concerns were forgotten. Something fell from the sky, a shape screaming with motion that resolved into a Kahu, landing somewhat gracefully on the edge of the village square. The eyes watching him were no longer interested--and for a moment he took a breath, relieved to escape notice for just a moment-- Karzahni, he was supposed to be taking an active role! Grinding his teeth, he ran forward. His hand clutched at the katana on his back, then he shook his head and kept sprinting until he got to the wounded Le-Toa's side. He dropped to one knee, checking her pulse, before-- "MEDIC!" he shouted, looking around. NPC: The Ihu-Koronans had a much more measured but less trusting response. Only after a few moments--when it was clear that the stranger who had fallen from the sky on the back of Kahu was no Ko-Koro agent here to kill them all--did they run off to retrieve a healer and the Ahka. It would take a few moments, at the least.
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