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  1. Ohey you're alive! How's life?

  2. I sincerely endorse this idea. Seriously, even the three basic stones can't be bought, and that was in the first games! Plus anything that saves me from having to do Super Training is good as well. ~B~ You could always use the secret base partners that give you random stones. Not great, and you do get a lot of everstones, but its the best right now.
  3. I joined when i was ten, and posted alot to the old minecraft thread and burnmads surver. Good times where had. I remember trying to make one of those really long fanfcs and quitting, heh.
  4. Bit of backstory, I got Smash Bros, and my wii was too dusty to read it. My birthday party was in a few days so i couldnt order a dvd lens cleaner. I tried the youtube tutorials which everyone said worked, by they didnt. I tried blowing into the back of wii, and now my wii wont suck in disks. I'm nervous to put in any disks, incase i never get them back. Please Help.
  5. Sorry about that, XY didn't get patched, so I couldn't use the team I had in my party, because of two items that were on my Pokemon. =/ And there was nothing in my box, and it wouldn't just let me skip those two. xP

  6. On the topic of Pit, I beat Uprising a few days ago! My weapon was the burst blade, which feels right using it. Mind you, I wish it was longer. 25 levels isn't enough.
  7. Once, when I was 5/6 I had a dream that I was in my Reception classroom, then one of the kids, got a kinfe, and cut out a cubiod out their clones head, that ended up being an alien, like the ones in argos adverts.
  8. Guys I need some help with Tomb Raider for PlayStation One. It wont load properly. Spyro, HTBAMillonaire , Demo One work, but TR wont load past the end of the first cutscene. Also, GTA2 wont work. Help?
  9. What pokemon are allowed in Platinums Amity Square? (I got platinum a few days ago off a friend. BD)
  10. Guys, I think theres a pumpkaboo event going on right now for the entirety of October!
  11. It's a lot easier to play all (or most) of these on a PS3 or Vita. I'm currently replaying Legend of Mana, a fantastic little RPG that predates the Final Fantasy series, developed by SquareSoft (Before they became SquareEnix) as well. And yeah, the Spyro series (particularly Spyro: Year of the Dragon) are really good. I'd imagine it's really hard to come by a memory card these days, which might affect your ability to play through any of those games. If I'm not mistaken, the PS2 is also backwards-compatible with games and such. Don't worry, I got a memory card for 50p yesterday. Also, why are PS2 games so common but PS1 games so hard to find? Also, I only have a PS1. :| And I'm guessing Heroes of Mana (DS) is a sequel to Legend of Mana,
  12. Alright thanks guys, now I'll have to look for a PS1 memory card. And yeah, I'll see if they have FFI and FFII at my local carboot. Also, where I bought the controller, the guy was selling a mega drive. Should I save up for it and get it? I mean, I dont think theres enough room on the tv but...
  13. So I finally managed to get a controller+correct tv cables for my PS1, but I haven't got a memory card. What are some good games to get for it? Are there any Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts for PS1? Also, I believe there's FF3 for NDS, is it worth getting? Also, should I bother completing Spyro the Dragon?
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