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  1. wow, these are ridiculous prices! i got mine almost 3 years ago on ebay for $4 (+ $3 shipping) and it felt like a lot to me! it still fells, to be honest... anyway, good luck with your search! it's funny, how the market changes - this and misprint KK's went up and copper Komau is quite low and common...
  2. It's probably flat dark gold with bright lighting making it look otherwise. I'll let you all know if it's pearl gold when it arrives cjr205: I doubt that it's Pearl Gold; I'm sure we would know about a rarity like this if it existed. MolnirThunder: You beat me to it! Please do let us know! If it is, I will beyond mad that I discovered the only pearl vahi and didn't get it. don't worry, it's not pearl gold the difference between FDG and PG is quite big... though i understand, one can confuse those two when there is too much lightning (still, the PG is much more "shiny")
  3. Petewa

    Best username ever.

  4. same goes with czech republic i too have a lot of the stuff you want and the shipping isn't high, cause it mostly depends on the weight of the package... so there is another option
  5. Hey guys & dolls! It's your good ol' pal huh! And i have some stuff for ya... Just a few facts (pls read) - These sets are 100% complete except these cases : Pohatu w/o stone, only one green Zamor for Piraka, and those "great" black rubbers, which like to die after some time (and some yellow for Visorak too) - They are used, but clean & w/o broken parts! - Prices are for each piece/set - SOME cans/boxes & instructions available - let me know, what you want & i'll check - I do ship worldwide (buyer pays shipping & PP charges)! The costs depend on weight, but aren't high, so don't worry! I should mention, I'm from the Czech republic. Delivery time shouldn't be longer than 14 days (never happened to be longer and I've sent stuff to various countries). - Cash only (via PayPal) - I have a positive trade record here : Mask Collector, Munty, shadowonua, Ulragunner, Turtex, Miras, Reya, Vraiment, 55555, Kayru (if i forgot someone, pls, post it here!) - THERE WILL BE MORE! Soon(ish) - Let me know via PM, what you want ---------------------------------------------------------- - Oh, and if you have golden Roborider wheel, let me know as well AaaAand, here we go! Masks 5x copper Komau (indeed) ($35) Throwbots/Slizer 1x 8502 City/Turbo ($6) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Roboriders 1x 8512 Onyx ($7) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8514 Power ($7) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Bionicle (epic drum solo ) 2001 McToran (O'Toran for the cool land of Ireland) 1x 1389 Onepu ($4) Turaga 1x 8540 Vakama ($5) 2x 8541 Matau ($5) 2x 8542 Onewa ($5) 1x 8453 Nokama ($5) 2x 8544 Nuju ($5) 1x 8545 Whenua ($5) Toa Mata 1x 8531 Pohatu ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8531 Pohatu (NO stone!) ($7) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8532 Onua ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8533 Gali ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8534 Tahu ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 4x 8535 Lewa ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 6x 8536 Kopaka ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Bad dudes 1x 8548 Nui Jaga ($20) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2002 Bohrok 3x 8562 Gahlok ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 4x 8561 Nuhvok ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8563 Tahnok ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 3x 8565 Kohrak ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8564 Lehvak ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8560 Pahrak ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Toa Nuva 2x 8568 Pohatu Nuva ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8567 Lewa Nuva ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8571 Kopaka Nuva ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2003 Bohrok-Kal 1x 8573 Nuhvok-Kal ($8,5) 1x 8574 Tahnok-Kal ($8,5) 2x 8575 Kohrak-Kal ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8576 Lehvak-Kal ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8577 Pahrak-Kal ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8578 Gahlok-Kal ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Matoran 1x 8585 Hafu ($6) 1x 8586 Macku ($6) Rahkshi 1x 8590 Guurahk ($8,5) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE That guy... 1x 8593 Makuta ($20) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2004 Toa Metru 2x 8602 Nokama ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Vahki 1x 8615 Bordakh ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8617 Zadakh ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8618 Rorzakh ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2005 Toa Hordika 1x 8737 Nokama ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Visorak 1x 8746 Keelerak ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8747 Suukorak ($9) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Rahaga 1x 4877 Norik ($6) 1x 4878 Bomonga ($6) 1x 4879 Iruini ($6) 2006 That golden guy... 1x 8625 Irnakk ($50) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE Another Matoran... 1x 8722 Kazi ($6) 1x 8723 Piruk ($6) I hate spiders, but not really... 1x 8764 Vezon & Fenrakk ($35) Piraka 2x 8903 Zaktan ($10) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 1x 8905 Thok ($10) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2007 Barraki 1x 8916 Takadox ($10) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8917 Kalmah ($10) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2x 8920 Ehlek ($10) The limited one 1x 8939 Lesovikk ($35) 2008 Phantoka 1x 8685 Kopaka ($12) Cool ships 1x 8698 Vultraz ($20) 1x 8942 Jetrax T6 ($40) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE These are Matoran as well? 1x 8947 Radiak ($7) 1x 8948 Gavla ($7) Another limited one 1x 8953 Makuta Icarax ($35) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE 2009 Glatorian 1x 8983 Vorox ($12) Cool slegde 1x 8992 Cendox V1 ($20) INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE And that's all folks! For now... :burnmad:
  6. i did bid on that, but didn't win (my max was somewhere around $350, i guess) x) BUT! there were actually all 6 toa mata prototypes in one auction! plus the white proto hau was on kopaka! but who cares, it wouldn't make me a better person :D peace out, ya'all
  7. yep, i saw a white one as well a year or two ago on ebay
  8. i think they were avalable only in RGB... i saw red ones on ebay some time ago, we all know the blue ones, so there might be a green ones? dunno... but red & blue for sure
  9. for me, the TOK were the only reason why even buy those two of them for a great price? i can live with shoes thrown in some place where the sun don't shine so for all of you (hopefully) considering buying my shoes - there is no TOK there might be a spoon, but no TOK
  10. wow, i forgot i wrote here x) some big ol' alzheimie is visiting me, i guess anyways, if you guys are interested in those... things... drop me a PM i only have one color (blue) and don't know what sizes (i can find out tomorrow or later... or never... whatever) peace & laugh!
  11. those trainers are freakin' ugly! i've 3 pairs... just so bleh
  12. Personally, Throwbots > RoboRiders, they are cool and everything but Throwbots have a special something in the same way Bionicle has its own special something. Is such a shame that the story is so lossely told. Do you have a spare orange "ship"? yep, i do greg, i hope you didn't forget about me and my desire to own that plain black & gold ones it's been some, though
  13. heh, i have a (or maybe the ) complete TB/SL collection (incl. the "ships") ^^ i also have tons of spare disks... and ships... and TB/SL i was lucky to get many "7 pips" in one order... it was a great moment to finally get the last one (dunno which one was that, though x) ...) i also have a near-complete collection of roboriders - all the sets + most of the wheels - i actually have a lot of the golden ones, possibly i'm the only one (or one in very few) to have so much of them 8-) these are the only ones from which i'm still missing a few no one was paying any attention to them, but they're cool in their own way, i'd say...
  14. i could get a sweet rich life for my masks :D
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