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  1. Five furious fire foxes fight for freedom from ferocious furies.
  2. I have two cats..a tubby charcoal one with a white spot on his belly and a multicolored girl cat with a tail like a husky because it got ran over before we took her in.
  3. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and The Wolverine back to back.
  4. I really loved this movie. They had a great story and characters who played their parts perfectly. Definitely going to own it when it comes out DVD.
  5. You seem very determined. It is incredible what you were able to accompllish and that you fought through it all and made it safely to your friend's house. Congratulations! I would not have been able to go 50 miles and then help move furniture the next day. Thank you!
  6. Thank you Yukiko for response. I'll try to take some of what you mentioned and use it towards the final draft of the second part of the story. Thank you!
  7. Looking at those eyes Staring back at me I couldn't help thinking We were meant to be You were like an angel Sent from above One I could marry One I used to love Now all that's left Is my memories Rising high in the sky Higher than the trees Without you To take me by the hand
  8. Thank you Nuile for your comments. I agree with the posts you made in regards to my errors in grammar and style. I am glad to have received a thumbs up and high five. That is a first. Thank you!
  9. Thank you for your comments Velox. I will take it all into account in future stories I write. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.
  10. I found this poem to be very profound and I enjoyed your take on 'truth' and admire the length you were able to give to this poem.
  11. Tina: Jay, this is Tina! I need for you to come to the store. Jay: Alright, but only for a minute. I'm right around the corner. Tina: See you in a bit then. They hang up and then Jay runs to the corner of that street and then walks down the sidewalk to the store and then he goes in. Jay: Alright Tina! I'm here! Tina: How was your run? Jay: Awesome! I never knew I could run so fast. Wait! How did you...? Tina: It's a good thing your the only one. Jay: What do you mean? Did you...? Tina: I know what you can do. I've been waiting for it to happen. Jay: How do you know? I just found out. What's wrong with me? Tina: Nothing's wrong with you. It is your destiny as much as it is the girls' destiny. Jay: What? They can run as fast as I can. Tina: No, they're different. You're their help against the Shadow. Jay: Who's the Shadow? Tina: Come, I'll tell you everything. They go into the storage room and then you see Leah at the restaurant. Leah's waiting. She looks at her phone which says meet me at the Hard Rock Café at nine. Waiter: Would you like to order now miss? Leah: No, I think I've waited long enough. Here's for any trouble. I'm sorry! She grabs her sweater, gives the waiter the money, and heads towards the door. Back underground with Jay and Tina… Jay: So they have magical powers and are trying to defeat the Shadow, because he wants to take over the Earth, and it is my job to help protect them. Tina: Yes. Jay: And Whitney controls water, Emma controls the Earth, Felicia controls fire, Amy controls air, and Leah can… Oh, no! Tina: What? What’s wrong? Jay: What time is it? Tina: Oh! Um! It’s almost ten. Jay: Oh no! Leah! I gotta go! Tina: Wait! Jay: I can’t! She’s waiting! Tina: Yes you can! It’ll only take you a minute to get there. Jay: Fine! What is it? Tina: Here is your costume. Jay: What’s the B for? Tina: The Bullet. Jay: Cool name! He sees a letter fall when he opens it completely. He picks it up. Jay: A letter Tina: Don’t open it! Jay: Why? Tina: I can’t tell you that. Just don’t open or mention it to the girls. Jay: Then when do you want me to open it? Tina: When the time is right. And don’t worry, you’ll know when. Now, go save your date. He speeds out the door. Leah leaves the restaurant and hails a cab. She gets in, just as Jay slows down and sees her get in. He normally runs as the taxi drives off. He knocks on the window and runs while Leah rolls the window down. Leah: What? Jay: Look, I’m sorry I’m late. Leah: What took you so long? Jay: I went out for a run and then I st… Leah: Wait! You went out for a run? Jay: Yeah! Leah: Your sister was right. Jay: What do you mean? Leah: Maybe if you weren’t so in love with the thrill you get from speed, you’d know. At least I do. I'm sorry! I don't think we should see each other like this anymore. Leah rolls up the window, the cab speeds up, and Jay stops running. He then begins walking around NY,while Leah gets home and ready for bed. (Go back and forth between them.) Jay also calls Leah on his cell, but she ignores it, so he leaves a message. You see her phone light up. Jay: Hey! It’s me. Look! I’m sorry I was late. I really am. I was with Tina at the store after I ran, and you were right; I am obsessed with going fast. I now know why. It’s because… Phone makes a buzzing sound. Jay: Hang on a sec. He looks at his phone. It says low battery. Jay: Uh! My phone is on low battery, so I’ll hurry. I know why I love speed and it’s because… Phone buzzes again. Jay: Oh no! I know because I’m the Bull… Phone:… Jay: Hello! Leah? Dang it! He shuts his phone. Jay: I’ll make it up to her tomorrow. Next day… Leah walks in the store and up to the girls. Leah: Hey girls! Emma: Hey Leah! Whitney: So how was your night with Jay? Leah: We broke up. Amy: Why? Leah: He was late. Whitney: How late? Leah: An hour. Felicia: Wow! Did he bring you anything to make up for it? Leah: No, and he didn’t even call to apologize. You were right Amy. All your brother cares about to going fast. Amy: I’m sorry! I didn’t want to be. Whitney: Well, I wouldn’t say he didn’t give you something to make up for last night. Leah: What do you mean? Whitney: Amy! Amy: My brother gave me these to give to you since he didn’t have work today. I didn’t know! She pulls a bouquet of roses out from the table behind her. Leah: Keep them Amy. These are for all the times he ignored you to go ride his stupid moped. She hands them to Amy. Leah: Now, let’s get to work. Amy sits the roses down and they get back to work. Nine o’clock. Tina: Ok, it’s time to close and go practice! Amy: Ok mom! Come on guys! Whitney and I want to show you our idea. They go down and Tina turns on the light. They have their outfits on. Whitney: Ok guys! Watch this! Whitney creates a big water cylinder in front of them and then Amy puts cold air on the water and freezes the water into a block cylinder. Felicia: Whoa! Now we can do some ice-sculpturing. Amy: Another time. How about you try and melt it Felicia. Felicia: Alright. She uses her power and melts it completely. When done, their rings begin to glow. Felicia: Cool! Whitney: Now our rings are glowing. Amy: And mine is doing it again. Leah: Guys do you hear that? They are all quiet and hear something speed around them. They then hear movement in the room coming from Bullet. Leah then listens closely and turns around and puts up a force field that knocks the Bullet to the ground. Bullet: Hey! Be careful! Tina: Girls, this is the Bullet. Felicia: This? Bullet: Hey! I’m good! Tina: Behave now. This is the one I was telling you about who will help you to defeat the Shadow. Bullet: I will fight until the end and I promise to protect all of you. He looks at Leah. Emma: Great, another speed freak. Leah: Please! I don’t want to talk about it ever again. He and I are through. Bullet stares at Leah. Bullet: Are you alright? Leah: Yeah! Hi! I’m Leah! Bullet: The Bullet. They shake hands slowly and look into each other’s eyes. Whitney: I’m Whitney! Emma: Emma. Felicia: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Felicia. Amy: And I’m Amy. Tina: Now that we have all been introduced, it’s time to practice. Emma(thought): I’m sorry about my mom you guys. She wants us to be ready. Leah(thought): Don’t worry about it. Felicia(thought): I forgot we could do this. Emma(thought): Tina’s staring at us. Do you think she knows what we’re doing? Tina: I know what you guy are doing? Amy: What are they doing? Emma(thought): We’re speaking to each other with our thoughts. Amy: Oh! Tina: Now I know for sure. You don't need to speak telepathically unless you're in danger. Bullet: Am I able to do that too? Tina: I’m sorry! I only know the same amount of abilities that you possess as I do about Leah. Ok, now let’s get back to practicing. They get ready to practice. Later…You then see them practicing. And then Felicia realizes she can throw fire balls. Felicia: Hey guys! Watch this! She throws some more fireballs out of her palms and then she begins juggling them. Whitney: That’s awesome! Felicia: I’ll try to make a bigger one. Emma: Leah… Felicia makes a huge ball of fire. Emma: You’ve got to see this. Felicia: I’ll take it to her. As she begins to run over to Leah and she turns around, Felicia falls over, and the fireball flies fast towards Leah. When she turns around completely, Bullet grabs her before it hits her. They fall to the floor. The others run over to them. Leah: Thanks! Bullet: You’re welcome! They look at each other for a little bit. Emma: Are you guys alright? Bullet: Yeah! Leah: Yeah! Bullet gets off Leah and helps her up. Felicia: I’m so sorry! Leah: Don’t worry about it! She looks at Bullet and walks away. Amy follows. Amy: What’s wrong Leah? Leah: It was his eyes. Amy: Him? Why? Leah: That is exactly the same way I met your brother. Amy: Oh! Leah: And he looked at me the same way. He has those same deep blue eyes. Amy: Just forget about it. He had his chance with you, but then he lost it. Tina: Ok guys! You can go home now. Emma: Thanks mom! They all leave and then you see the crystal ball again.
  12. I think that was very interesting. I like your choice of words and the idea you placed in your work. Thank you!
  13. straightforward answers are a blessing...dumb nonverbal communication :P

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