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  1. Sorry, I haven't been on in a while, but what is Mat Craft?
  2. ToaN

    BZPC 25: The Aftermath

    Oh! Where did this come from?! I completely missed it!
  3. A merry Christmas to each and all!

  4. ToaN

    BZPc 23 Overview

    Had a lot of fun, and cant wait till tonight! Sorry to everyone in the Steam call for my computer's loud noises. Had no idea it was coming from my end
  5. ToaN

    Tis the Season

    I'm in for both!
  6. ToaN

    One year

    I was first introduced to BZPower through the BS01 wiki, which I had been visiting for a while before I joined this site. Today I have been on this forum for one year. It's been incredible, and even though I haven't been as active lately as I would like, I want to thank all the members and admins for making BZPower a cool place to be! I love what the admins have been doing recently to make BZP an even better place, and I hope that this site will flourish and live for a long while yet!
  7. Got my 1 year Vahi!

    1. Art Vandelay

      Art Vandelay

      Congratulations! Mine will be coming up soon as well.

  8. Happy Halloween everyone!

  9. ToaN

    My Jack-O-Lantern

    Here is my Jack-O-Lantern for this year:
  10. But Meso! Those graphics! They make up for any lack of plot development there could be! 20/10 for BZPC Doodle Comix!!
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