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  1. I forfeit this game...not because Lucina hasn't been on but because I don't go on BZP much anymore so...
  2. Breezy wasn't all that bad... I think that just a look at the future for Lemonhope. I saw it, but I didn't like it. It got boring. You just worded that absolutely perfect
  3. So. Apparently I'm on Team SHM
  4. I wanted that game. I could have gotten it, but I couldn't find my 3DS packaging for the code before Club Nintendo was shut down >.< I so jelly. The last game I played was Dig or Die. Its an awesome game.
  5. I get this strange feeling that Im gonna get kicked out >.<
  6. So, we've got the LEGO website with all of the Bionicle G2 storyline up to date...but they are very short and do not go into detail. So I'm starting an epic. Chapter I The Legend There were once two brothers, Ekimu and Makuta. These two brothers were legendary mask makers on the island of Okoto. The island Okoto consisted of 6 regions, each having it's own elemental power. There was fire, water, stone, earth, jungle, and ice. The region of Fire is volcanic and fierce. Magma spills from the huge mountain ranges and run south forming broad, burning rivers. The region of earth is black, glasslike and nightmarish while the region of stone is a great barren desert spreading across the northwestern part of Okoto. The region of ice is extremely frigid (obviously) and glaciers and tundra permanently freeze it. The region of water is composed of lakes and thundering rivers that form large deltas. Finally, the region of jungle is a dangerous place full of gigantic trees and savage wildlife. Going back to the two brothers and mask makers, Ekimu's masks were considerably more acclaimed than Makuta's masks, expecially Ekimu's great Mask of Creation. Makuta's greatest mask at the moment was the Mask of Control. However, there was an ancient law that states a mask can only have a single elemental power in it, and because of his jealousy, Makuta broke the law and made The Mask of Ultimate Power. The moment Makuta put the mask on, he became so powerful that he grew very large and the earth quaked. Suddenly, Ekimu, realizing what his brother had done, managed to take off Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power. This created a shockwave, sending both the brothers into an eternal sleep...
  7. Quick question, (I'm pretty new to bionicle), does the G1 Makuta have anything to do with the G2 Mask-maker Makuta?
  8. Lol, how did I not notice that?
  9. Komodo Dragon seems too much like aligator. But a frog tribe would be cool.
  10. Yeah, we just won too fast, didn't we?
  11. Hey, my favorite is but I've never seen anybody else use it. Also, I like
  12. Ive been looking for a G2 video game, and this looks amazing.
  13. Luroka, Burnmad, ToaK, and ShadowVezon. This will be interesting.
  14. Oh, memories. LEGO Star Wars. They don't still sell it, but this was probably my second or third.
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