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  1. Are you able to ship to Canada? If so, any idea how much it would cost? Shipping is usually the biggest dealbreaker this side of the US.
  2. Impressive amount of sets/collectibles here fifi! A few Questions: 1. Does Voporak come with box / instructions / pieces for all three models? 2. Does the complete set of Kanoka come with the 6 Tohunga disks from '01? 3. Do you have any wild Kraata for sale? Cheers
  3. Especially since the Ca is the most common VMKK... Haha brutal. But, Munty an Bike, if you think about it objectively, all 3 of us are partially responsible for that.
  4. @Nescent: saying it's "very clearly a trans-orange Hau" is a bit presumptuous. It's clearly trans-orange, but where is the iconic open-mouth design of the Hau? What's up with what looks to be ridge of spikes along the forehead? It's obvious that LOGICALLY there's a high likelihood of it being a Hau, what with us having seen these in the hands of the select few. But looking at the blurry image provided, I think there's also a possibility of it being a completely new mask. Unless I'm the only one here who can't see that it's "CLEARLY a Hau". In that case, I'll cede my argument and my skepticism
  5. Bfahome, looks like everyone's too caught up in the hype to think about your question. I'm not seeing any listing of contents for this promo pack, and unless I'm looking at it at completely the wrong angle, I'm not seeing the trans-orange Hau in the picture. It almost looks like a completely different mold....
  6. Well, that's all fine with me. I don't quite agree with the reasoning though... The reason I didn't post until 2minutes later is that I knew we were over the deadline and "theoretically" it wouldn't have made a difference after that. So I was taking my time to post a thought-out response. But hey, all yours Munty. It was up in the air anyway. It was a good match, and I salute you as a fellow collector
  7. Haha either way, no hard feelings. Your call, TLH. Sheesh Tim, that's some commitment haha... get some sleep man!
  8. Yeah, but both your edit and that last post were later than 11:59 Not sure how this works... guess it's up to TLH For the record, I think this needs to be layed out clear. Both Munty and I bid exactly $195 at 11:59 (The deadline). He edited his to $200 at 12:00 but our bids were the sam at the deadline. If we're going over 11:59, I'll say $205 but I don't think we want to go there...
  9. All yours, Chasm. 155 for the vmkk.
  10. $135 for the vmkk $75 for the GPKK
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