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  1. IC: Whisper - Kumu Temple She turned in a slow circle, steadily taking in her surroundings as she tried to make sense of them. Stannis' voice stirred her from her musings, and she followed as he'd directed, drifting towards the obelisk where Korruhn already awaited.
  2. IC: Marrow – The Wastes Marrow could sense his beautiful branches breaking apart as the Skakdi battered through them, savagely shredding the gorgeous greenery he’d summoned. The feeling of life being lost made him mad. Madder than he’d already been. Mad beyond what his meagre mind could find words for. He understood why he hated them now. Monster though he was, Marrow’s power was creation. But all this Skakdi seemed to know how to do was destroy. Marrow felt the unnatural upward pull decrease, then cease entirely, and released his grip on the trees at his side. The branches that had bound him in place were unmade in an instant, the energy that had created them absorbed back into his form as swiftly as it had been given. He dropped the brief distance back to solid earth, and landed just in time to see the miniscule silvery figure of the Skakdi crash through the canopy above his face. He jerked his head away and stumbled back, the silvery sharpness carving a bloody furrow down the side of his snout and part of his chest, shredding his scales, tearing out a few of his teeth, and snapping off his spikes and spines as it passed. Marrow roared in agony and rage, flailing as an explosive spray of bone, ichor, and keratin fell from his form. He swiped wildly with his left hand towards the falling figure, terrific talons splayed wide in the hopes of striking the Skakdi from the side and slicing it apart in midair. @Sparticus147
  3. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "Our village was attacked by a massive Untethered, about a month ago. After we burned away its remains, this was left behind," she said, returning the sphere to its pouch. "It's never really done anything in all that time, I didn't even realise it was important until that Ostrox guy started talking about the League having some plan for it... so what is it? What does it do?" @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui Her brow furrowed. Acting all-knowing fit what she remembered of the stoic Toa of Stone during her brief encounter with him in Dume's office. Was it just an act, or was there something more to it? It probably didn't matter, she decided. Unless there was another magical door somewhere that also required the Makoki Stones, Stannis was standing in the way of saving everyone, just as Sidra herself once had. "I'll see what I can find out," she promised. "But while I'm still here..." she looked around for a moment to make sure Vulimai, Ostrox, or Knichou weren't lurking anywhere nearby, before withdrawing the Krom Sphere from her belt pouch and holding it out for Nuju to see, "...I've heard you might know something about this." @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "He didn't happen to offer any clues as to where he's going?" She asked, "And what were those suspicions you spoke of?" Even as she asked her questions, she found herself wondering if she perhaps did have the ability to track down the wayward Toa. More than once, the extent and strength of her psionic powers had taken her by surprise. She'd never really had cause to experiment with the range of her abilities, even less so with Wairuha boosting her powers... just how far could she push herself? @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "Okay, so is finding Stannis our priority, or are there still more of the Stones to be found in there?" She asked, gesturing to the portal. "I've worn a few different hats and badges in my time, but tracking has never been my specialty." @Unreliable Narrator
  7. IC: Whisper – Kumu Peninsula “This edifice stands not in the honor of a spirit of records and history, but of conquest and absconding. Things are preserved not for to be used by many but appreciated by one. He is long since defeated and resides here in what is both his sanctum and prison. Will it be dangerous? Absolutely—unquestionably so—but we will be able to find what we seek and more." “Very well,” she replied, turning her attention back to the door. If it could be opened by a question, perhaps there was a reason to Stannis being even more obtuse than usual. Whisper would have no reason to ask the door a question if Stannis had already given her an answer. “Who built you?” @EmperorWhenua _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Xaril – Relic Fields Following Aurax’s departure, Xaril had set up a makeshift command centre for himself inside one of the Vahki Hives, using empty crates for tables and chairs. He’d ordered the Vahki to set up radio equipment and slowly tune through the channels to listen out for any chatter. The League’s arrival in the ruins hadn’t exactly been a stealthy one, and he wanted to be ready for any potential approach or attack from any other camps or settlements nearby. It didn’t take long for a message to come through, crisp and clear, from somewhere relatively close by. "This is Ko-Pou. Over." "This is Tobduk-Koro,” came the reply, more crackly due to distance. “You might have noticed, but the sea level is rising quickly. Akiri Kanohi says we both need to go further inland, to the Aqua Sphere." "Yes, we... did notice. Ko-Pou has been cut off from the mainland, we'll have to evacuate through the Ice Ruin portal to Kini-Koro for the time being. You mention the Aqua Sphere, can it be assumed a reliable method of relocation to it been discovered? Over." Chuckling to himself, Xaril took up a handheld and decided to invite himself to the conversation. “This is Xaril of the League of Six Kingdoms,” he interjected, “Yes, we have radios too. The Aqua Sphere you're so eager to visit is currently under control of Ehlek, who is actively seeking Matoran test subjects for his experiments. So unless your Akiri is especially eager to see their insides turned into outsides, I'd tell them to avoid going anywhere near that place." @Toru Nui@Onaku
  8. IC: Opal - Realm of Nightmares After a few minutes more of trekking through her realm, Opal phased back across the planes. Though she could safely survey the other side from across the veil, she enjoyed the sounds and sensations of the Time Between Time. Everything there was solid and satisfying, and reminded her of... something she'd lost, something that grew more distant with each passing moment. But the second her claws sunk into the sand once more, she was assaulted by an all-too-familiar feeling, an overwhelming and inexplicable compulsion to turn tail and run away. This time the feeling was pushing her in a different direction, back the way she'd come. As if it was now originating from where she was going instead of where she was coming from. A wordless, warbling wail escaped her multi-fanged maw as she turned away from the promise of prey, striking at the sands with claws and tail in fruitless frustration as she fled. She didn't understand. She didn't want to run away. There was near nothing in this world that could frighten her, especially not in an open desert in the dead of night. But she fled all the same, scrambling back through the veil into the comfort of her home dimension. And there she came to a stop, turning her gaze towards the distant, demonic figure sitting atop the volcano. Her mouth was incapable of giving voice to the questions in her heart, but her imploring eyes and turbulent thoughts conveyed them as best she could. Why is this happening? What do I do now? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator Opal is looking to Irnakk for direction, since most active locations are locked behind diamond-equipped Amaja Circles.
  9. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "Look, I don't-" Sidra started to snap, but forced herself to stop. She'd died before. Twice. She knew how it felt, the pain, the desperation, the hopelessness, but unlike Nuju, she'd had the privilege of coming back from it. She wasn't trapped and torn between two worlds the way he was, wanting to help but helpless to change anything. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm sorry for what happened to you, for what happened to all of us. I'm trying to make sense of things, to help make this world better for those of us who are left, but I wasted too much of my life just blindly following orders, and I can't just take things on faith anymore." The mention of Stannis taking one of the Makoki Stones and running off with it was worrying, to say the least, but there was little she could do about it right now. She had no idea where to even begin looking for him, and the locals sure as karz weren't going to help her hunt down one of their own. "So please, help me understand," she pleaded. "If Mata Nui is responsible for breaking the Makoki Stone, does that mean he's the one who trapped Tren Krom? And if we free Tren Krom, will he do what I can't and destroy Mata Nui for good?" @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "I want - I need - to understand Mata Nui's role in all of this," she said, coming to a stop before Nuju. "He told me he his Grand Wish, and there was something in there about six scattered stones. Was he talking about the Makoki Stones?" @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "See you around," Wairuha inclined its head towards Niidak, before the entire mech sank from sight, swallowed up by its own shadow. It emerged back in the bunker it had spent so many centuries sheltered in, adopting the same crouched posture that Sidra had found it in. She disembarked from the cockpit, leaving one of her Nektann behind for her to teleport back to if the mech went walkabout. And then she made a beeline for the broken Great Disk Machine in the heart of the valley, and the wraith-like figure who lurked beside it. "Nuju, we need to talk!" @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Whisper - Kumu Peninsula "Right..." Whisper was swiftly growing irritated by the cryptic game; Stannis evidently knew more about this place than he was offering. But the compulsion to assist her fellow Aspect accomplish their Grand Wish kept her from simply abandoning the effort and going on her way. "So, why are we here?" She asked, directing the question as much at Stannis as to the door itself. @EmperorWhenua
  13. IC: Sidra - Ko-Pou They were still fighting the Nektann? Time really did work strangely on this island. Lacking the patience to disembark from Wairuha and follow the Vortixx, Sidra reached out telepathically to Niidak. I've been trying to explain to you, I can teleport us straight into the valley. Would've saved you a lot of driving. If you want to come with, let me know. Otherwise I'll be on my way. @Daniel the Finlander
  14. OOC: mobile post IC: Whisper - Kumu Peninsula "Charming place," she muttered, taking in the imposing exterior. "Dare I ask what awaits us within?"
  15. IC: Opal – Realm of Nightmares For what felt like forever, Opal skulked across the sand and phased between planes. Like a Takea spying on the shoreline, she surfaced in the Time Between Time every few minutes, but each time she emerged her mind was assailed by that same overwhelming compulsion to flee. She headed straight North as she left the valley behind, towards her birthplace, but Irnakk’s Tooth offered her no refuge. From the moment she stepped through the veil and onto its stony slopes, that same need to flee assaulted her yet again. She didn’t understand. None of it made sense. But still she obeyed, diving through dimensions back into the comfort of her home realm, her terrifying form traversing the terrain of torture and torment. When she next emerged in the Time Between Time she found herself stumbling into a river, one she couldn’t recall seeing during her earlier emergence from Irnakk’s Tooth. Still harried by the inexplicable need to leave, she slid into the water, flattening her form and tucking her legs beneath her to immerse herself as much as possible. Her belly scraped the bottom and her head never sunk below the surface, forcing her to give up on the attempt to swim across, and just waded through the murky water. The combination of the frigid breeze of the desert night and the cool chill of the water was strangely soothing, stirring loose fragmented recollections of exploring the surface and swimming in the sea in the dead of night long ago, in a life now lost to her. Opal lingered in the water, hoping if she stayed it might bring the memories of what she’d once been back into focus, but they were already fading, falling away into the murk of the waves washing over her. And as they faded, so too did that irritating need to flee. By the time she clawed her way up onto the opposite shore of the river, it was gone entirely. She was finally free. She continued on her track North, and soon spotted the shadow of a small structure silhouetted against the pallid sand. A structure meant Builders were nearby, and Builders were prey. The thrill of the hunt surging through her, Opal retreated to the Realm of Nightmares and pushed on, keen eyes peering through the veil in search of any further signs of life. OOC: Opal is passing the Stone Suva, and continuing North towards Tobduk-Koro.
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