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  1. I don't feel like there's necessarily any one "correct" answer to this, since the Spear just did whatever the plot required and had no concise or consistent ground rules. Physically, the resulting creatures would probably be even more malformed than Vezon was. Since he was naturally powerless, his unfused selves would be as well. Skakdi canonically don't have the "mental focus" to use masks, but Vezon could despite being even less mentally stable than the rest of his species, so it's a 50/50 on whether the split Vezons could use masks. Mentally, the two resulting beings could divide up in any way. Either one could get his tactical genius, become a forgetful scatterbrain, develop homicidal tendencies, end up a sadist, or perhaps the resulting creatures would indeed just end up even more insane.
  2. IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "Very well," she said, taking up her oar and resuming rowing. "We could do a lap around the island, and loop back to our fort?"
  3. OOC: mobile IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," she replied, smiling at the sight of Jojax's enthusiasm. "The boss sent us out to scout, not make first contact. Let's at least tell her what we've found before we start making house calls."
  4. OOC: mobile IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "I don't think stealth was ever really on the table," T'harrak replied, making a note of Jojax's observations, "There's not exactly much cover out here. As long as they aren't shooting us, it doesn't really matter. It's not like we can hide our own fort and stop anyone else from scouting us out."
  5. IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "Tell me exactly what you're seeing. Every detail, no matter how insignificant," T'harrak said, setting aside her oar and snatching up parchment and charcoal to take notes. "How many of them do you see? Can you tell what kind of skakdi they are? Any weapons? Defences? Buildings? Ships?" @Smudge8 @Sparticus147 @ARROW404
  6. Yeah, going by canon information, they're all big, lean, and wear black armour. However, their species are also able to wear Kanohi, so that can provide some variation between them. Canonically, Roodaka's catcher claw weapon is supposed to be a built-in part of her (rather than a handheld staff like in the movie) but most other Vortixx aren't depicted as having the same tool, so I also imagine there being some differences between them based on what kind of gadgets or gear they might've integrated into themselves.
  7. IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted," she said, after spending several long moments fighting down the urge to facepalm. "Now try pointing it towards the island, instead of at us... and let's hope you don't see a real Tahtorak." @Smudge8
  8. IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay "I made these specifically so we wouldn't have to get too close," T'harrak said, placing her two spyglasses with the rest of the gear on the boat. "Let's just have a look from a safe distance, make a note of anything we see, and let the boss make the decisions when we get back."
  9. IC: T'harrak - Spineless Bay As she rowed, T'harrak worried. Could she trust these skakdi? Did they trust her? Had she pushed them too far with her quips and needling? Hopefully this mission wouldn't end in bloodshed... but if it did, would her companions have her back?
  10. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa "The closest one is... our own island?" At this point, T'harrak was fairly sure she knew what Ahuum was trying to say, but poking fun at his lack of specificity was a great way to relieve the stress being brought on by her lingering fear of being blown out of the water by some other fort's warship. "We're on an island, surrounded by five other islands, and all of those islands have shores."
  11. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa "The shore..." T'harrak repeated, blinking blankly at Ahuum, "...which one?"
  12. IC: T'harrak - On a boat "So, where do we want to start?" T'harrak asked, taking up one of the oars. "Scout out the rest of the bay, down the coast towards Seprili, or downriver towards the lake?"
  13. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa A couple firearms? T'harrak blanched, sitting quietly down in the boat without a further word. A few peashooters weren't going to do much good against a crew of Ga-Skakdi sailors, or a warship packing najin-powder cannons, but she wasn't sure if trying to explain that would be worth the effort. She was starting to understand that Skakdi who specialised in getting up in the enemy's face really didn't give much thought to how dangerous those who preferred to fight at a distance could be. Hopefully this scouting operation could go by without any conflict.
  14. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa "Hardly. I'm talking self-defence, if those neighbours decide to strike out against us," T'harrak replied. "If we come under attack, I'd rather we weren't all relying on my launcher as our only ranged option."
  15. IC: T'harrak - Fort Razorfish;Vaa "Got any firepower on this thing?" T'harrak asked, as she wandered up to Jojax untying the boat. @Smudge8
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