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  1. Technically, the last video game I played was Donkey Kong on the MAME emulator, but the last “big” game played wad Tomb Raider 2 on my PS1 Before that I was playing Tomb Raider 1 on my Saturn while listening to Lord of the Rings in audiobook form.
  2. I’ve always wondered what was up with those old prototype masks. Who thought it was a good idea to put pronounced numbers on the exteriors, really spoils the look!
  3. God the Mistika and Phantoka were so hideous, although I actually like the bug Mistika. Not necessarily set related, but I HATE the easily cracking pieces of 2007 onward. They are so poorly designed it boggles my mind how Lego could have allowed them to ship. I mean this genuinely, I don't think I have a single uncracked piece in my collection, and I distinctly remember some of them cracking on first time use. Unacceptable.
  4. Seeing Lego directly acknowledge previous sets in the 2010 Stars line was pretty surreal. I was 9-10 at the time so I had a Goldfish's attention span, and a year felt like a REALLY long time. So even in 2010, the Piraka felt ancient... the Takanuva set Kanohi even used the original 2003 mould I think. 2015 was mind-blowing for a similar reason, seeing Lego pay homage to MNOG, the original Toa, and bringing back functions in what I hold to this day to be the perfect marriage of the old system and the new was amazing.
  5. I actually got Krekka the other day, and I have to say I don't actually like the design much, frankly he seems kind of OVERdesigned.
  6. Nice stuff, I especially like seeing everyone's takes on the little Rahi. It's incredibly frustrating having tiny pixel art instead of proper instructions, though.
  7. All things considered most definitely nostalgia.
  8. What style of music do you think fits Bionicle best? 2000s style techno? Orchestral? Tribal? Rap? Not sure what you'd call it, but like, rock?... (think gravity hurts, cryoshell stuff). Personally I prefer techno, especially MNOG's music and the Power Pack. By the way, does MNOG's music composer have any of the old tracks in high quality still? What a tragic loss it'd be if he didn't. Come to think of it, most Bionicle media has surprisingly good music.
  9. This reminds me of the phase I went through trying to dye lego pieces... never did get it to work since Ritz changed their formula or something.
  10. Chewing the rubbery pieces Throwing away the boxes Keeping the pieces together in one massive box for over a decade, grinding against each other anytime I went building Handling the sets way too roughly, especially the joint pieces (nearly ALL of my childhood joints are cracked, scratched, pitted, you name it) Oh, and one thing in particular. Once when I was a kid, I got some of my brother's Toa Mata chest pieces, and I inserted the little black neck sideways, and held it in with two little pins. Well, once the deed was done it was impossible to undo and I wrecked them trying to get the stalks out. Recreation:
  11. By the way, how was this battle originally supposed to go down in the 2000 story bible?
  12. So what were the Toa Kaita for? Such a big deal was made in 2001 about them in promotion CDs, and it's all the Turaga talked about in MNOG. And besides all that they're important thematically, the Toa's hard-won unity, given form. But then they are immediately trashed by the Manas and torn apart upon entering the Makuta's inner realm. Does anyone else find this a little, I dunno, ANTI-CLIMATIC? I think it'd have been better if the Toa Kaita properly defeated the Manas without "cheating" by destroying those weird control towers. And while it makes sense that the Toa's fusion would be forced apart in the inner lair of the Spirit of Destruction, I think it would have worked better thematically if the Toa remained Kaita during their confrontation with the Makuta, and then consciously make the decision to unfuse after being teleported out of his lair, "victorious". After all, isn't unity what the Toa spent all their time that first year trying to attain? Why then, after uniting literally to the point where they merge into powerful, god-like beings, would they be painted as incompetent and powerless? What are your thoughts?
  13. Jaekoff


    Has he seriously been teasing whatever this is for over a year now? Come on.
  14. Is there really no pattern to the sprite data? I can't imagine having to manually stitch sprites together from that...
  15. And yet you still felt the need to let everybody know in the most snarky and passive-aggressive manner possible?
  16. Can you rip the sprites from the game? I've always wanted to make a Bionicle fan game but all my projects die on the vine because I have no art assets. I've been thinking of just using stop motion at this point.
  17. Creepiest part of Bionicle for me, ever since I was a kid, is right after the Battle of the Kini-Nui in MNOG when you have to go through a completely abandoned Onu-Koro to get to the opened sundial room, the golden mask inside of which now nowhere to be seen. It's creepy for a number of reasons, after Maku wakes you up no one will have a proper conversation with you, if you click on them you just get a sentence or two long text bubble. There's a general feeling of being in the quiet before the storm. Miles below the surface of Mata-Nui, the Toa are about to fight an entity so powerful that merely stepping into his inner realm was enough to dissolve the Toa-Kaita. Stuff like this is why I love 2001, but admittedly without Templar to flesh out and embellish the relatively simple story, Bionicle very well could have just been another forgettable line like Robo Riders/Throwbots.
  18. I used 40 volume cream developer and some saran wrap, works a treat for computer plastic but I had never tried it on lego pieces before. Here's a before and after, for some reason the camera didn't capture how yellow some of the parts really were. But regarding buying up spare parts from online vendors, are you worried the supply might run out some day?
  19. How do you fix up parts that are cracked? I've tried superglue but it doesn't really work at all. In other news, I've been whitening some of my yellowed and faded parts and they've been turning out great.
  20. I'd like to add the Rahkshi as sets I don't really like. Even as a kid I thought they were goofy looking and their little t-rex arms severely limits their poseability. Looking at my collection somehow I've ended up with all 6 in their canisters despite never making a particular effort to get them all. I also think the original Makuta set from 2003 is kind of badly designed, as a kid the front two gunmetal Toa Nuva chest pieces were constantly popping out, and the legs had 0 articulation and barely seemed to hold up the weight of the upper body.
  21. What are your least favorite sets? Honestly I think the year 2004 was really bad set wise. The Toa Metru are sort of more poseable than the original batch of Toa, but I've always found them less fun to play with and to have less MOC potential. I also really hate the Metruan and hold that they are probably among the worst batch of mini-set lines in Bionicle history. They are just so cumbersome and awkward looking, especially from the side. Even the titans which are usually the highlights of any year weren't that great, with Nivawk in particular being flimsy and more clumsily designed than Bionicle sets usually are in my opinion. Nidhiki looks cool, but in the hands he's very limited in what you can do with him and just not a whole lot of fun to build or play with. Krekka and the Vahki are alright though. Overall the sets from 2004 look cool on like, promotional posters, but they're not that fun to play with. (I could also go into how I think 2004 had a particularly underwritten story, but that sounds like a topic for another thread). Thoughts? What are some of YOUR least favorite sets?
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